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  1. you could remove the fish by putting it into another container w/ tank water and remove all the gravel at once but it might be better to remove only a small amount of gravel at each water change b/c the beneficial bacteria do like to stay in the gravel as well as your filter. if you are confident that you have a rock solid cycle and that removing the gravel will not effect it, definitely take the fish out while removing the gravel b/c lots of things like gases and waste will be swirling around while you're taking out the gravel and you don't want to expose the fish to it.

  2. So, selective breeding of potentialy harmful traits is ok but fin trimming isn't? Interesting where people draw the line.

    that's comparing apples with oranges. when you are breeding fish you aren't physically manipulating their bodies like you would by trimming their fins. I think it's also quite sad that we compromise the health of a fish for it's aesthetics. just look at tikus, they are such a mess internally but are also very popular. domesticated animals have always been breed for our sakes either to make them faster, stronger, fatter, or more attractive. it's like all the various dog breeds out there, we want them to fit a certain standard. large dogs have major problems with hip displasia but people continue to own them because they like that breed. tail trimming goes along with cropping ears in my book. it's unnecessary pain we're inflicting on them and it's not the same as spawning even though both have their hazards.

  3. ah, yea I imagine they don't have aquarium supplies on base. :) How is the calico doing, still good?

    about the water bottles, did you remove the labels? I think one member who uses this trick to cool their tank also dechlorinates the water inside of the bottle just in case. I'm sure that the lid is tight but it's just an extra precaution.

  4. thanks the salt can be bought at the grocery store or home depot in a 50 lb. bag, i've been trying to get my camera back from my brother maybe one day soon

    FYI,I have a 170g,and would go broke using aquarium salt :exactly I use Morton Solar Salt,and get it at Home Depot.I believe it comes in a blue bag-40lbs.


  5. I'm not familiar with this particular brand but canisters either have a self priming function, or need to be manually primed. they also have a specific distance needed from the water level. perhaps the sink was not high enough for the pump to draw out the water. do you have an extra tank or a rubbermaid container you can practice on instead? did the manual come w/ this filter to let you know if it needs to have the intake tube filled with water before priming? how long did you let the filter run while you heard the noise?--usually that is just air and will stop after 30 seconds or so.

  6. buying new equipment may have helped, but I would have used that money on a test kit instead. not knowing your ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and pH levels is more worrisome to me than having an older filter.

    I don't want to harass you about this or anything, but the two commons need more space then 20gals. usually that is just the starting size for one.

  7. oh yes, also as you may have seen mentioned around here already is that the test strips aren't very precise at water readings. If you get a chance to pick up or order a drop test kit I recommend the API Freshwater Master Test Kit. :thumb: I have a link on my about me page to one you can order online which is cheaper then buying in store.

  8. do you think you could take some pictures? if this is ich you'll want to use salt and raise your heat w/ a submersible heater. for 300 gals it will be a lot of salt, I'm not sure where you can get a bulk amount of aquarium salt, perhaps a shop that sells pond supplies? the salt link that Iheartfishes posted or the one in my link will help you with the dosing. :) also there happens 2b quite a few ich threads on the board atm so you can check them out too. :)

  9. oh boy this makes me sad. :cry1 poor little Bandit, such a fighter though. I'm sorry I don't have anything good to say, I kinda just went through this too BUT Bandit seems 2b in FAR BETTER condition then my poor Howie. If there's any way I can help let me know, I'm not sure what route you are going w/ him but I do have some med food (mm's) if you should happen 2 need it?--sorry I can't remember if he is or isn't on med food. oh but keep the meals light maybe, I did a bad thing and feed too much and I think made things worse. anyway, I'm sending love and hugs your way. :heart:hug

  10. I agree w/ Koko. One thing I've learned is that the bigger the ghp the stronger the current. so even though it seems strange to have 2 or 3 filters on your tank your fish will be happier and less stressed.

  11. neat its got like 3 points on each side? Doesnt look like it was trimmed that way I mean it doesnt look damaged in anyway. Are both sides nice an even like that? Very pretty fish!

    Oh Lord,please tell me people trim gf tails :please

    D: you like the idea of trimming tails...or did you leave out a "don't"?

  12. I think I'd go w/ Sakura's suggestion, the tail will grow back to the size it used to be in most cases. Just think of other fins you have seen recover from fin rot or biting, they grow back to about the same way they were before.

    maybe if you had clearer pictures someone else with confidence could confirm or deny your claim.

  13. you don't need to replace the filters b/c of the ich. use salt and heat to kill them. the heat speeds up their life cycle while the salt kills them. check the link in my sig about salt if you need help but Caitie has explained it well.

    your pH is too low and even though it's always been that way it needs to be fixed. pH should be raised slowly, check the link in my sig about pH help.

    please make sure your water changes are dechlorinated, pH and temp matched. once you've gotten a good steady pH in your tank you'll have to work out a plan to get the new tap water at a higher pH, but that is neither here no there since we are at the beginning.

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