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  1. I hope to put some turtles around it too with a small sand area.

    what species of turtles? I'm assuming aquatic? anyway, sand is a bad choice - if the turtle eats it there is a high chance of impaction. maybe try medium size to large size river rocks.

  2. I should have done a search of the forum be4 posting b/c those links answer every question I have about this subject (now I have NEW questions). But it was nice to get a good response so thank you to everyone who posted.

    1) since I haven't been doing water changes regularily will that growth inhibitor hormone permenately effect my fish?

    2) do I need to add more salt after a water change? or do I not need any salt now? I had put in some salt to help w/ the cycling of the tank months ago.

  3. I have some feeder fish (rosie reds) for my turtle, however, my turtle has kept a few alive and now they are HUGE. there is one "bully" who seems to run the show and chases the others tails. then the turtle ate him and a new chief emerged. same thing happens and a new bully appears. now my danios are doing the same thing. I have 4. I one will chase one fish and the other fish will chase the last fish. why is that? are they territorial and should I keep them apart? I don't want my fish to be stressed (although a turtle probably does that already) and I don't want them to get nipped (if that's possible). they all live together in a 55 gal tank, so there's more then enough room for the fish.

  4. Otocinclus are really great UNFORTUNATELY mine didn't last long thanks to my turtle. :( However, if I get another I'm going to keep the Otto in a seperate tank until he gets bigger. My otto wasn't interested in the algae waffers, although, I only had him for a few hours and he latched onto the algae covered rocks. Good luck w/ yours! :)

  5. pH is between 7.2 and 7.6 but not as dark as 7.6 so very close to 7.2

    ammonia is at 0ppm (lol, it says it on the card. I didn't notice that be4)

    nitrite is at 0ppm

    nitrate is a little difficult to tell, it seems to be between 0 and 5.0ppm

    and do not use the same sypon that you use for the turtle

    I'm not trying to be combative, I'm just wondering why? Is it a transfer of bacteria or something? Could I steralize one of the syphons I don't use for the turtle in boiling water and keep it for fish use only if I need it?? I'm really sorry to have all these questions!!

  6. :wacko: oh no! I can't believe I didn't ask this sooner. I'm still a newbie at this...I should have asked more questions. I thought you only did water changes after a tank cycles...

    btw I have a bare bottom tank and my filter picks up the waste on the bottom so I don't use a siphon, although I have one for my turtle tank I use a lot. I haven't seen Gabriel "flip". Do you mean he flips over or rolls over or something? I have liquid drop test in test tubes. It has a color chart and I usually go by that, how do I know the ppms?

  7. I haven't done a water change on my tank since it cycled. I check the water maybe once a month for ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, ph, and somthing else (I forget). And when the water level is low I add new water, w/ declorinator of course. But, my ? is should I perform water changes? If so, OOPS! and how much?? thank you! :)

  8. cool statue! geeze, how did you get your fish (first pic) to stay still for a photo?! I take @ least 20 shots of Gabriel at once and he's either turning around or moves out of frame! lol

    By taking in total 10 to 20 pics of which are a few amazing, some not bad and most just plain blurry. I cheat though, I ask my bf to take pics as he is very good at it :D

    You should check out this treat as it gives confidence that other people also often get very bad pics :yeah:


    thanks 4 the link, I just added a few shots of my own! :)

  9. thanks quasi:)

    I just moved my comment over to a wooden airstone thread (I thought I'd get more attention there). anyway, I went to your link on that thread and that contraption looks easy! lol so I think when I go to town on saturday I'll pick one up (some ppl on here say their fish likes to play in the bubbles & Gabriel is in a tank by himself and I don't want him to get bored!)

  10. so I've got a newbie question & I've looked all over the forum and couldn't find an answer. what is an air stone? I think it adds oxygen to the water? why do you need one? I think when the water falls from the filter it creates enough oxygen. how do you set one up?? ok, you may laugh, but I bought a pack of air stones @ the store and dropped on in the water & it didn't do anything. so I read the back, duh, and it said something about being attached to a hose. is there a pump or something that you need to buy aswell?

  11. my package arrived 2 days ago w/ my new filter! :thumbs:

    I've heard alot about eheim canister filters so I picked this internal one. http://www.nnnn.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2753165

    I'm so excited, it's really cool and working great! I know it needs to cycle since it's new, but I don't want to go through that again :tantrum so I left the old filter running as well. Will that make any difference or will my ammonia and nitrate levels rise anyway?

  12. I've had Gabriel for a couple months and for the past 3 or 4 weeks he just doesn't want to swim. He hides a lot, too. like behind a tree or under this rock thing I have in there. he'll eat when it's feeding time. but I think I've ruined his mental state. see, I keep rosie reds in there with him and remove a few at a time for my turtle and I think the net swooshing around in there has really upset him. will he recover and swim around like he once was? or is it too late and he's gonna hide forever? I've decided to take out all the rosie's and now I'm thinking of getting him a companion fish. small, something way active he might hang out with. all my levels are great and my tank is done cycling. the only thing is the ph is like 2 points too high. I just feel horrible I've scared this sweet little guy. :unsure::(

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