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  1. I did read koko's article, but I must be mental b/c it seems so confusing. I'm using the test tubes right now for tests on my turtle tank; and I've never thought about testing the tap water! :wa I'll do that just as soon as I get my other results.

    the strangest thing is that in my turt tank the pH is super low at 6.4. :noway that's super abnormal and only happened after I started doing more frequent wc in that tank. what should I do to raise it since the stores are closed now????

    I am going to order the buff it up stuff from goldfishconnect. I think I will also buy some medicated food for that fateful day when I'll need it asap.

    api (the water testing makers) have a pH up and pH down product; has anyone used it w/ good results??

  2. it's an ehiem internal power ball. it's for a 30 gal, but I use it on my 10 gal b/c I've been waiting for a 20 gal which I got as an early bday present yesterday.

    I guess this topic is a little strange...lol, but as mentioned above all I tend to see here are threads about weird looking poop and that their fish is this, that, and the other. so I just wanted to get a good idea of "good" poops so I know what the "bad" poops look like.

    thank you! :)

  3. I've never seen Gabriel poop. I'm sure he does, but I've never seen it. He has such a lovely tail that gets in the way. I'd like to monitor his poop to make sure he isn't constipated or over fed so when do they normally poop? right after they eat or what? also, my filter is awesome and it keeps the bottom crystal clear so I never see any poops on the bottom either.

    the rosie reds in my turtle tank def. over eat and I see long trails of poop from them. (when my turt is eating his food the fish go after the smaller particles and they are also fed some of the goldie flakes) I think I'm overfeeding the fish in the turt tank, but I'm afriad the little danios don't get any food b/c the rosie reds are so large. BUT I've started to babble & my question is about Gabriel, my goldie and his poopie.

  4. THANK YOU :bighug

    I got my parents to go today and get me an early birthday present in the form of a 20 gal long for $20!!!!! :wish:

    :bump: ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! :pianobanana:panana:redbanana::greenbanana::nana:tbanana:carrot::locked:


    Gabriel thanks you too & can't wait 2 move into his new home!! :fishtank I just need to find a stand...craigslist here I come! lol

    (oh no, I need to remove some emotes be4 it will let me post, lol!

  5. I wasn't able to find a drop test version of the kh and gh so I bought a strip test that includes nitrate, nitrite, and pH. the n, n, and pH results weren't correct at all...so I'm wondering if the kh and gh results are right...

    anyway, I took 2 tests. the 1st was be4 the water change: kh - 40, gh - 0 . after the water change: kh - 0-40, gh 30.

    I must say that I DON'T understand what these numbers mean :wacko: and I've only heard about these tests after a few posts and such on here.

    Can anybody help me & let me know what 2 do next??

  6. I haven't tried many foods for Gabriel other then store bought goldie flakes (I want the sinkable pellets when the other food runs out), daphnia frozen cubes, freeze dried blood worms (very small) and freeze dried tubifex worm cubes. I've also deshelled a few small peas for him aswell. He has been fed the block of food for when I've left for a few days.

    I wasn't sure if he was too small for other foods I've read ppl feed their goldies. (pic in my siggy) I'd like to give him a varied diet and also give him the BEST diet possible. I'm open to suggestions and I'd really like to know if he is too small for fresh veggies and such.

    Thanks :)

  7. I think my question was valid and it was innapropriate for you to refer to me as a fairy. If you were joking it was not evident considering we are on the internet and not in person so I can't see your expression or hear the tone of your voice.

    Ppl dump all sorts of things down the drain all the time but it doesn't make it right.

    I'd really appreciate the other member who said that they'd contact the company to see the proper way to dump the solutions. It may mention it in the directions but mine got wet and all the pages are stuck together...lol It's a good thing that on the back of the cards there are the directions. :)

  8. so I've been looking around at pictures of ryukins at diff. sites and OMG I really had no idea how big these guys get!! Honestly, my purchase of Gabriel was spur of the moment and not what I recommend to anyone new to the world of goldfish. There were many many things I did not know about goldfish until being sent to this site from asking questions on a turtle forum (they have a section where ppl can discuss their other pets).

    so here's a pic of a ryukin: Ryukin.LT.Calico.01A.JPG now is my Gabriel going to get that large?!

    if so my next tank should prolly be larger then a 20 gal right?? In my siggy you can see how big he is now, which is not very large @ all. thanks

  9. so you need to check your levels so you fill up your test tubes w/ tank water. you get your bottles like amonia, ph, nitrate, nitrite and squeeze in some drops from whatever test you want to do. after it has set for the 5 recommended mins you match the color of the test tube w/ the card. so now you have your readings and you need to dispose of the solution in the test tube. where does that go? I've started to pour it into a plastic sandwhich bag full of paper towels. I was just wondering what everyone else does since the bottles of chemicals can't be poured down the sink and I was making a huge mistake by dumping it in the yard. thanks guys! :)

  10. I was wondering how everyone else disposes of the solutions from the ph, amonia, nitrate, nitrite tests? I know the amonia test has a corrosive agent in the second bottle and warns not to put down the sink. I have not disposed of my solutions down any drain, although I have poured it out in the yard BUT I think that's a really bad idea b/c it can get into ponds, lakes, and the water system.

    (I did a search for test kits, but there was 26 pages... I also check in the FAQ's but I didn't see it. If anyone has some suggestions maybe this thread could go in the FAQ's??)

  11. A little turtle pond with a couple koi I found. Says he has little small sand area for them to reproduce I believe

    Aquatic turtles dig nests for their eggs in dirt, not sand.

    if you watched and listened to the video you would know that the pond designer made a sand pit b/c sea turtles lay eggs in sand thinking that his aquatic turtles would do they same. However, he continues to say that he has found eggs out in the yard in the dirt. And he has found some eggs in the sand, but the dirt is the BEST option.

    I know some ppl mix koi and turtles together, I suppose it's up to you. But as mentioned, there is a chance of passing bacteria from the fish to the turlte or visa versa which can be harmful to either species. If you really want a turtle pond, or turtle info go to a turtle forum where ppl who have made turtle ponds can give you advice. try turtletimes or redearslider (if you have a res).

    I had been asking goldfish questions on my turtle forum when I was directed to here @ Koko's so I'm just suggesting for you to do the same. :)

  12. Not sure about turtles but I grow duck weed in my tropical planted tanks and when I thin it out I give it to my goldfish. They LOVE the stuff. They pretty much get some weekly.

    ooh! I forgot about duckweed!! :) That's a good idea.

  13. They aren't really plant eaters, either, so it wouldn't supplement their diet either.

    I don't understand why you'd say that. :hmm My turtle loves to shred and eat aquatic plants as well as lettuce (not iceberg). I'm sure we have different turtles, but the forum I go to (turtletimes.com) a lot of turtle owners feed their turts plants. Some ppl have success w/ a planted turtle tank, although I haven't been that lucky. Anything you put in the tank, if you have an aquatic turtle, will become turtle food.

    I suggest, chrissy_bee, that you find a turtle forum and there you can find a list of edible plants and other usefull information. Some enrichment items could be fish, although some do worry about them carrying parasites so it's your discretion. As long as there is enough water (10 gals per inch) and a basking dock of some sort w/ a UVB/UVA/Heat lamp the turtle should be fine. Turtles don't need company since they are solitary creatures.

    edit: I didn't mention what type of plants, anachris is a good one. So are some pond plants like water lettuce or water hyicinth.

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