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  1. here's the update for 2day:

    I called 3 stores in my area and not one of them carries metronidazole or metro +. I did order some metronidazole online but they told me I probably won't get it this week b/c of the new year. :tantrum

    Gabriel is still on the bottom of the tank upside down. I do a pretty large wc at night and replace the epsom salt. I do not keep his filter on all the time, mainly b/c it draws him in and he can't get away. He seems to be hanging on, he's a TOUGH lil guy!!

    I really hope that the meds arrive this week. Also, my mom is going to contact a scientist 2morrow who works with the Maryland/Virginia Fisheries Department. I also tried 2 contact some veternarians around my area but none have called me back. :(

  2. he isn't eating the jungle medicated food. I was looking on the homepage of koko's and looked under dropsy. it offers a variety of medication and I can go to the store 2morrow and pick up some maracyn-two, but it comes in powder not tablets. should I get the 8 pack or 24?

    Maracyn Two

    Background: active ingredient Minocycline, B-complex vitamins. A broad-spectrum antibiotic for internal or external gram negative bacterial infections. Effective treatment of fin and tail rot, popeye, gill disease, dropsy, bleeding or red streaks, secondary and internal infections. Effective even when fish won't eat.

    Dosage: For freshwater, use 2 tablets per 10 gallons first day and 1 tablet per 10 gallons thereafter. For saltwater, use 1 tablet per 10 gallons first day and 1 tablet per 20 gallons thereafter.

    Precautions: As with Maracyn, remove the carbon in the filter for optimal medication effect. Supposedly doesn't harm the beneficial bacteria, and can safely be used in combination with Maracyn, in which case the water parameters need to be watched.

    I shouldn't have been so complacent about the pH and just bought the buff it up a couple of months ago when I was having problems w/ the pH. but I'll wait to beat myself up totally until he recovers from this. I have not added more melafix after the water change 2day but I did add epsom salt.

    I'm worried about this aswell:

    Normally when you see this stage of it the goldfish will most likely not live for much longer
    I really hope that's not the case.

    edit I just saw the rest of your post about the maracyn, so 4get what I wrote above about it. I'll check the websites be4 I go to the store 2morrow considering I live 45 mins away. thank you so much for your response. :)

    edit 2 neither pets mart or pet co carry the first thing you prescribed. where can I look for it??

  3. I just noticed when you posted your tank water parameters that you posted your gh/kh and it has me a bit worried:

    30 gh tank

    0 kh tank

    30 gh tap

    80 kh tap

    Zero kh in the tank I am wondering if that is right. If it is, that could lead to ph crash really easily. I would get some better tests for gh/kh and check it out, you may need to buffer your water with crushed coral or a commercial buffer.

    I don't feel comfortable w/ the test strip results, but they were the only thing all 3 stores carried for KH and GH. I am unable to get any coral or buffer 2night. I have been thinking about getting some buff it up from goldfish connection, but I don't know if I have the funds for that at this time. I'll see what I can do about buying drop tests for the KH and GH, I wish those tests came in the master test kit from api!! every1 here must think I'm nutts for posting so much; I'm just really worried about my baby!

  4. btw, I do not have a heater in his tank. does he need one since he is sick?

    I'm searching the net and koko's for possible diagnosis and I don't know what to think. I know that last night I was offered the bacteria diagnosis. but since he isn't improving I'm going mad and wondering if it's dropsy or a fungus or whatever.

    I wish there was a fish doctor I could go to!!

  5. I don't know if I should make a new post or continue on here.

    so here's the UPDATE

    he ate some peas last night.

    I got the medicated food today and tried to feed it to him but he'd spit it back out whole.

    he's still upside down and is on the bottom.

    I added some epsom salt and melafix.

    I've turned off his filter and his bubble thing is on.

    occasionally he'll jet around the tank, but mostly he stays in the corner, upside down and very unhappy.

    I'm VERY worried!

    what else can I do for him?? I want him to get better!!!! :cry

  6. ok, well I think I've got it safe. I've used some window screen and duct taped it to the tank and used an ornament to keep it upright.

    he's actually having a hard time eating upside down and so I put him in the net and put the peas in there. but I had to help him a little b/c they kept going under his body.

    he's also got fresh water and filter pads.

  7. Is he a pearlscale? I'm sorry, but I don't know what that means. I'm a newbie at fish husbandry.

    How long has he been upside down (days?weeks?) Today

    Your water looks fine.

    Are there any marks on your fish like red spots or streaks in the tail? not that I can see

    Is he still eating well? normally he's a piggy, I haven't fed him today. I don't know if he can eat upside down??

    Is his mouth open or can you see if his gills are moving very fast? he's puckering his mouth normally and his gills are normal unless he sits and stops swimming and then they move a little faster than normal.

    Has he pooped recently and if so what was it like? Stringy? White? Food colored? I haven't monitored his pooping lately, but they've been normal, like brown colored.

    looking at the pic I just posted I haven't seen those spots under his fins be4, but then again I've never seen him upside down be4.

  8. [*]Test Results for the Following:

    0 ppm Ammonia Level? with drops

    0 ppm Nitrite Level? with drops

    0-5.0 ppm Nitrate level? with drops

    7.2-7.6 ppm Ph Level, Tank with drops

    30 GH, tank with strip

    0 KH, tank with strip

    7.6 ppm Ph Level, Tap with drops

    0-30 GH, Tap with strip

    40-80 KH, Tap with strip

  9. I am trying as fast as I can but I need to keep him away from the filter and I am waiting for the water results now. His scales do not show those symptoms. I did push gently on his belly and it is firm. He tries to turn over but is unable to. He is very active and is trying to swim and such. I'll be back with those results. I don't want to leave him alone for long.

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