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  1. They don't really care if the fish dies, because hopefully it'll kick the bucket AFTER the 48 hour garantee is up and therefore you will have to buy another one.

    that's the feeling I get whenever I go into the store.

    Because I'd say that out of all my fish customers, 5% are interested in learning the correct knowledge, 5% think they know everything already and are rude and condescending to me, and 90% are annoyed and angry about finding out how much effort maintaining aquariums requires.

    I don't mean to giggle, but that's how all customers I've ever delt with at any job I've had act.

    I've brought extra filters, air pumps, and medicines from my own collection. I've done hours of research on my own time.

    But honestly, sometimes it feels like I'm fighting a losing battle, because management can swoop down at any time and say "stop this; do this" and I have to do it.

    oh boy, that sounds super stressful and dissapointing when you really want to do the right thing. I'm sorry they don't listen to you! You should get Koko to call your manager and give them the what for. lol

  2. well, I only had a small victory. he ate some peas and a few medicated pellets, but overall he did not consume very much compared to his regular appitite. b/c he has eaten some I have turned his filter back on. I am going to do a second dosage of meds 2morrow morning aswell as another feeding. I will not be able to feed or medicated him again until late thursday afternoon. incase I don't make it back home on thursday I can get my mother to administer his meds but I don't think she'll be able to feed him b/c it's very difficult. I have to sort of hold him and help him find the food. he is becoming more and more active as the night progresses but he is still unable to swim around or sit right side up.

  3. the only improvement I see is his breathing is more regular. at first I didn't realize his breathing was irregular, like fast. but as I look at him now he looks "normal". he still looks like a pinecone and his poor fins and tail are so battered. some looking like they are shedding. he is now laying on his side. I am keeping him in the net which is being held in place by duct tape so he is "hanging" in the middle of the tank. I read on the dropsy page that the water pressure can be too much if the tank is full and he's sitting on the bottom.

  4. I feel the same way. :( poor little guys. they deserve the be treated with love and respect too!!

    but I think it's probably a hard job, especially if it's a corporate pet store and not a small lfs. almost every time I go into a certain pet store I have to wait and wait and wait until someone finally comes over to the fish section. I don't think the managers or whoever thinks an employee should be spending so much of their time w/ the fish. They should be sweeping or something (I say that b/c that's what one of my former bosses always said to us :wacko: ).

    how anyone can really ever look at a tank of sick fish and NOT care, or do anything. You know?

    if I see a sick fish I do try and find someone in that department and I interrogate them, well, no, I ask them if the fish is being treated. And normally they say that "the entire system is treated when getting new fish". And I think, what about the fish that are already sick?! :hmm

  5. I just administered his first dose. I was able to get a few 250 tablets from my vet (and he didn't charge me!). So I sliced it into 5 pieces like a pie and added one slice to some hot water from the stove and shook it around for a bit.

    He is such a strong boy to hold on since the 26th w/out medicine! I've got my fingers crossed!! :goodluck

  6. :glare: oh I am just kicking myself now. I had mentioned to my dad 2day about talking to our vet about the meds but we decided to check the pet stores first. and now I'm scared that 2morrow will be too late!

    just to make sure I do this right, how long is "prolonged immersion"? like the whole day and next day start fresh or only have him in it for a couple of hours?

  7. well ive been busy last few months because of school and well.. the fish were too much for me, so i gave my friend my goldfish

    I'm not intending to be rude, but if taking care of one fish was too much for you why are you planning to get two more?

    why not just pitch in and help your friend who has fish? :twocents

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