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  1. fill with dechlorinated tap water and set out for an hour or so to remove any bleach left over. Then I'd place it in a sunny window, or outside in direct sunlight until dry. As long as the smell is gone you're good to go. always use water treated w/ declorinator to neutralize the bleach.

  2. dipsticks/test strips won't give you the accuracy that drop kits will. I use API, but I think there's a diff brand the UK members use so I'd have 2 ask.

    can you take a picture of the "white fluff"? it's hard to say what it is as one person's white fluff is different from someone else's white fluff. Ich isn't going 2b fluffy, it'll look like the fish is covered in granulated sugar. Usually starting on the fins first.

  3. your tank pH is 7.6, tap is 6. This means you should be raising the tap to 7.6 before doing water changes. fluctuations in pH are stressful in fish and can be extremely problematic in some cases. In your case your pH is getting higher, not lower, this is better then the opposite. I'll pm someone who I think can help you work on this problem.

    do you think you'd be able to seal the bamboo ornament?

    also, Koko mentioned your filter doesn't have enough gph, were you planning on upgrading/adding to it? Your cycle should become more steady once you change your maintenance routine, but you still need to get more water flowing per hour for that size of a tank.

  4. I'm not sure why there is water running down the tank. idont.gif

    how do you have yours placed?

    At the Tank's back wall,I think maybe Sakura hit the nail on the head My bubble bar is the big type and it makes big bubbles(not tiny ones) and I Think if i pull it forward some it might help,but thanks anyway for your input Martha :)

    well we posted at the same time, Sakura and I, so I thought maybe deleting my post as hers was more informative but then I remembered I can't do that, lol

  5. I'm not sure about doing a qt right now if you are going 2b treating all with prazi. Since they all need it, they can all share the same tank for the treatment.

    I would set up the qt now though, that way if things w/ Sprocket change or when a Mod comes in and sees something you will be ready.

    His behavior, to me, looks like he is gulping and the force is pushing him backwards. He immediately went to the top and gulped air. He may be having difficulties w/ his gills. So the prazi will definitely be the way to go at this point.

    How long have you had your cycle btw?

  6. never replace your biological media, the bio stars. that is where the bb's live. this is where the cycling is becoming a problem b/c they are being removed from the tank.

    carbon should just be pitched out. even though you replace half every two weeks, the other half can leak whatever toxins it originally removed back into the tank.

    polishing pads, are these specific like "water softener" or are they just like a sponge/filter floss? If it's the latter they don't need to be removed until they are almost falling apart. Like mentioned above, either use old tank water or dechlorinated tap water and squeeze and rinse them out.

    how deep is your gravel? I think about 1/2 to 1 inch is the max as any lower where oxygen cannot penetrate bad bacteria (anaerobic) will build up and become harmful. if you have to remove gravel just do a little at a time w/ each water change as some of the beneficial bacteria do colonize in gravel.

    could you describe your hollow ornament? the problem w/ these are they will trap gases and also become breeding grounds for bad bacteria. when they are removed from the tank these nasties will then be exposed to your fish. when removing it for cleaning I recommend taking out your fish so that it will not be exposed to whatever toxins, and waste that come out.

  7. They where inseparable, always bumping and sitting together.

    It would be really great if you can get your water tested w/ a drop test kit, not strips, and post back the results in ppm's (parts per million) of the Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, and pH.

    Fish should not bottom sit. This means something is wrong. Are the fins clamped to the body at all? The cloudy eye can mean the fish was in poor water conditions--for example a tank that does not get enough water changes so waste builds up in the tank.

    With your 25% water changes make sure they are always dechlorinated, temperature and pH matched.

    And if this tank is not cycled you will need to perform a greater quantity and more often. Erinaceus has given you so much help and such great advice so far. Please check the links he provided.

    After the other fish died did you do a good tank cleaning? Did you take out the ornaments (if you have them) and wash and scrub them really well in hot water? Did you remove the gravel (if you have it) and clean that really well like in boiling water?

    The fish does not need medicine at this point in my opinion, and it's only my opinion not law. I feel that pristine water will help it, and the ammonia burns you are seeing is evident that the water is improving as the black coloring are signs of healing.

    oh and I forgot to add, :welcome !

  8. that pond looks like such a great place to live! :)

    but one question...what color is this guy/gal? ...it seems, uh, unfamiliar to me. I can't see the eyes, so idk if it's an albino, or maybe a lavender that lost it's color or a shade I've not seen before. :idont


  9. AM I being totally blind? He just looks red to me.

    I think reading what the OP said will answer your question.

    It's not the best picture but there he is! He's half red and half blue/indigo but the lighting was terrible.


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