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  1. I've tried water lettuce in the past for my turtle. To my chagrin he demolished them in less then a week. doh11.gif It was an expensive food source for him so I stopped buying them but now that I've seen your post I may try it on my gf tank. Oh and what type do you have? The flower is gorgeous!

  2. A woman from my Church uses those but told me the bags are no longer sold in stores and that she had to buy them online for a lot of $ so she gave away the extra vacuums that came with the order. I'm not an expert on this product, and I don't feel like arguing with anyone; I am only passing along the information presented to me about this product.

  3. He is super cute but I agree that a qt should have a proper filter. These are not fry, they are super poopers and need a filter that can handle such. So far your params are good b/c of the frequency and size of w/cs but that will get tiresome, I promise, and soon you might want to skip a day and if that happens BAM poor water quality. So save some pennies and get a filter for the tank and then you won't have to break your back every morning and night to provide good water for them. banana.gif

  4. Seems you're heading in the right direction but I'm curious as to why you would want to lower your pH?

    Isn't it too high?

    If the fish are thriving I wouldn't mess with it. It can get complicated and stressful for the fish if you try to lower it and try to keep it consistent.

  5. Sadly she passed away overnight. I bought a butterfly bush to plant over her grave so she will always be surrounded by friends. Thank you guys so much for your help. I didn't think that she'd last a week when I got her, and I had one and a half wonderful years with her. She is missed very much.

    oh I'm sorry! Terrible feeling, I know, but you also tried very had to help Squishface and I hope that will bring you some comfort. k055.gif

    I took it very hard when my two boys passed. They are buried around some ornamental plants under a pine tree in the front yard. </3

  6. I paid $50 for shipping on a $60 fish.

    And I've seen the bids for this showroom, and I don't think the people who only bid $10 or less will get the fish for that price b/c I won the bid for less than $60 but Ken said he needed at least $60 for the fish so I agreed on the price. Now it could be that I'm just bad at auctioning and that's why I was talked up in price but either way I just wanted to put in my two cents from my experience.

  7. And it is illegal in many states, including mine. I would just keep the water as pristine as possible, triple up the water changes and look for any signs of illness. Good food, good water should be your mantra right now.

    Doesn't California have warnings on just about everything letting you know that they've found it can cause cancer? Almost everything is illegal there. Except for some medicinal items as long as you have a prescription! Whistle.gif

  8. I'm sorry you've lost your fish. It's never easy. cry3.gif

    I agree with Chrissy about having a fear of losing the others to the same thing. But you've gotten really great advice about not treating with meds or dips if there is no reason to.

    edit Also, if you're in NY are there no P'smarts?? I'm south of you in VA and that is where I can buy the Jungle med food. I can't believe you couldn't find it!! ohmy.gif

    I don't think this is a good idea at all. If you feed them medicated food when they are not sick, and then they get sick they may have a bug that will be resistant to the meds. The same reasons docs don't give you antibiotics all the time, superbugs!


    If your other fish aren't showing any symptoms there is no reason to do anything other than regular water changes :)


    I say no to prophylactic abs. Not for fish ever. JMO.

    There is no need to use PP either :) You say you salted and prazied you fish in QT.

    You can keep meds in a cool dark non humid place. It is really preferable to the fridge where meds can get moist if opened.


    I lost a lot of fish this year and know what it's like to fear that you will lose what you have left :(

    My precaution was to sterilize my tank. Very annoying because you have to cycle it again, but it got rid of anything bad that might have been in there. I didn't treat the fish anything, just the tank and filter.

    Like the others have said, I really wouldn't feed medicated food as a precaution. It will stress the fish's system for no definite reason.


  9. welcometo.jpg

    Unfortunately I agree that the fish jumped out because of bad water. :(

    However, the links provided above will greatly assist you in getting the water into shape.

    I have some questions for you too.

    1. How many liters is the bowl?
    2. Size of fish (not including tail).
    3. What type of filter do you have? You mentioned a 'pump'. What brand and Gallons per Hour?
    4. What kind of dechlorinator do you use?
    5. Have you added aquarium salt or any medications?
    6. Are there any other fish in there?
    7. Do you have access to a water testing kit? Preferable the drop and not strip. The results needed should be in parts per million (ppm). The major test results needed at this time would be (1)pH, (2) ammonia, (3) nitrAte, and (4) nitrite.

    Hope to hear back from you soon! fish.gif

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