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  1. Seems you're heading in the right direction but I'm curious as to why you would want to lower your pH?
  2. I should do that (email) because I could tell from the Manager's expression @ wall-e world that he really couldn't give a flip about what I was saying. and, Koko we need this emote!!
  3. oh I'm sorry! Terrible feeling, I know, but you also tried very had to help Squishface and I hope that will bring you some comfort. I took it very hard when my two boys passed. They are buried around some ornamental plants under a pine tree in the front yard. </3
  4. where's Sarah?? she'd get a kick outta this! Do it and post picks nao!!
  5. I really hate wall-e world for that and a few other reasons.
  6. Glad you mentioned it Koko b/c I was thinking that too.
  7. I purchased my python from drsfosterandsmith.com but if you're saying the company is kaput I'm freaking out b/c I don't have any replacement parts if anything were to wear out!!
  8. Ashlee you shouldn't have told me that!! OMG must resist cute fishy temptations!
  9. @Squared, I believe that shipping chart is only for the products they sell in the shop.
  10. I paid $50 for shipping on a $60 fish. And I've seen the bids for this showroom, and I don't think the people who only bid $10 or less will get the fish for that price b/c I won the bid for less than $60 but Ken said he needed at least $60 for the fish so I agreed on the price. Now it could be that I'm just bad at auctioning and that's why I was talked up in price but either way I just wanted to put in my two cents from my experience.
  11. Doesn't California have warnings on just about everything letting you know that they've found it can cause cancer? Almost everything is illegal there. Except for some medicinal items as long as you have a prescription!
  12. PP won't be found in any pet store or a store's pet area. It's an industrial chemical. I purchased some at Sears in their appliances department (fridges, washers, a/c units, etc)
  13. I'm sorry you've lost your fish. It's never easy. I agree with Chrissy about having a fear of losing the others to the same thing. But you've gotten really great advice about not treating with meds or dips if there is no reason to. edit Also, if you're in NY are there no P'smarts?? I'm south of you in VA and that is where I can buy the Jungle med food. I can't believe you couldn't find it!!
  14. Unfortunately I agree that the fish jumped out because of bad water. However, the links provided above will greatly assist you in getting the water into shape. I have some questions for you too. How many liters is the bowl? Size of fish (not including tail). What type of filter do you have? You mentioned a 'pump'. What brand and Gallons per Hour? What kind of dechlorinator do you use? Have you added aquarium salt or any medications? Are there any other fish in there? Do you have access to a water testing kit? Preferable the drop and not strip. The results needed should be in parts per million (ppm). The major test results needed at this time would be (1)pH, (2) ammonia, (3) nitrAte, and (4) nitrite. Hope to hear back from you soon!
  15. I was thinking you'd like to check out an older thread from one of our members who had a fish with the same type of bump. LINK There wasn't any follow up on the last page as the bump didn't pop or anything but there's a bunch of good tidbits in the thread you can check out.
  16. Do you need a youtube login to flag and report? I don't have one
  17. It's probably a good thing that I can't remember my login info at gfc...
  18. My advice, listen to the Mods. I know that other members input can be valuable and just as important but if a Mod is going in another direction with treatment I would follow them. This is an open forum, but we have Mods for a reason. I really hope that all of the comments (correct or jumping the gun) come from a place of kindness and wanting to help each other in a time of need and not just to sound smart or 'right'. I also think the search function can be an important tool; you can look up similar posts, and even past posts from members that can shed light on the type of experience the member (actually) has. so I'm reading over your link and find out that you don't want to get pp on your skin... I have had stained fingers in the past from disinfecting my equipment!! And I didn't get any medical treatment for it! Maybe the exposure is why I'm so forgetful?? but back to the important matter, I definitely know how that feels. Hang in there, we're rooting for you and Squishface!
  19. oooo~ you have such a green thumb! I have yet to keep any aquatic plants alive.
  20. what are the models of the filters and the respective gallons per hour?
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