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  1. Why do they always go for the goldfish?? Fish stores carry loads of other fish suitable for smaller tanks such as this! krazy.gif

    I kind of blame Elmo. His fish Dorthy is kept in a bowl, no filtration, no air stone and she looks to be a common. My brother has mentioned to me that Dorthy looks different in every episode. I think we all know why. :(

  2. Nobody is patronizing anybody here Martha.

    HP swabs are not harmful at all, if only done once in the affected area. More than once will begin to kill the good cells, so you only do the swab once. HP swabs are routinely recommended by many experienced members here for things like open scrapes or cuts that you want to keep very clean so they don't become infections.

    No one is talking about an hp swap. They are recommending an hp bath.

    I didn't think Alex meant to be putting Martha down at all you guys. As I saw it, he was just explaining why he trusts Amy's advice, that's all. To be fair, Martha didn't really explain why she wouldn't use HP, she just said that she wouldn't. I think all Alex is saying is that it would be helpful to know why Martha thinks that way about HP. Our understanding at this point is that such a diluted amount of HP (1 part HP to 10 parts water for a mere 10 seconds) is not really that harsh at all. In fact, Ken (Dandy Orandas) gives his fish an HP dip any time he transfers them from one tank to another. And he even uses a stronger concentration; 1 part HP to 8 parts water. Now I'm not saying he's a god or can do no wrong (in truth, I don't even like the guy much), but surely he has seen thousands of goldfish and knows a lot about how to handle them properly.

    The way you and Alex keep throwing Ken's name around I wonder if he knows the extent of what is being said. If he in fact does this for his fish then he is like every other fish seller who only wants a beautiful product to sell.

    You want my facts it's simple. Use of hp baths and pp baths shorten the fish's life by at least half. hp and pp are HARSH on the gills.

    I normally ignore the both of you but it is getting to the point where ignoring your comments puts other peoples pets in jeopardy.

    I don't want to argue on this thread with the two of you. The ONLY thing I care about is getting the OP help with their fish. If either of you want to talk to me about this privately you may do so.

  3. Just wondered what you guys think would be the best food to feed baby Orandas or Ranchus? I was thinking that feeding them pellets, maybe Hikari Oranda would be a good start. I was thinking of Bloodworm, would Brine Shrimp be good or are they too small? (I've never Shrimp.) Some veg also. Please descuss

    What do you mean by baby oranda or ranchu. Do you mean fry or just a small sized fish?

  4. Wow thanks for sharing! It is neat to get to see the whole body of a Koi for once instead of just their back. blush.gif Yes I know they should be in a pond since they can get as large as a small dog, but I found this pretty interesting and this is my first time ever seeing Koi in tanks like this. interesting.gif

    And that pond by the buffet table... what is going on there? huh.gif It's so odd with the large tank structure in the middle.

  5. Ashley..

    i have suspicions that prime reacts this way to excessive hardness in the water.. if i recall, Martha had the same problem about a year ago (around the time she was giving baytril injection to one of her fish..)

    can you post params for KH and GH? provided that you are still experiencing the foam issue so that i can investigate further?

    I have trouble with bubbles if I use kordon+ dechlorinator. I prefer prime, and that is my main dechlor now but back then I was using the kordon+ and had tons of bubbles but not like poor Ashley's bubble fiasco. I have two bubblers and it is the round disk that causes me the bubble trouble even still.

    edit I have very soft water, and a low kH but it is rich in minerals so I have a good pH just not stable so I use coral rocks.

    Bubbles build up in jacuzzis because of excess bacteria. Could it be the same with aquariums?

    Very interesting!

    I'm not home right now, thanks for the replies everyone :)

    I checked on everyone before I left and everyone is happy and swimming around like normal. Eating and pooing like normal fish should. I don't believe I have a kh or gh test but I can stop and see if I can find some.

    So far no more foam. I didn't add any more Prime since we have well water. I did rinse the bubble disk before I put it in, no vinegar water or anything.

    Hey I'll send u my kit. Texting u in 3... 2... 1...

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