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  1. No one is talking about an hp swap. They are recommending an hp bath. The way you and Alex keep throwing Ken's name around I wonder if he knows the extent of what is being said. If he in fact does this for his fish then he is like every other fish seller who only wants a beautiful product to sell. You want my facts it's simple. Use of hp baths and pp baths shorten the fish's life by at least half. hp and pp are HARSH on the gills. I normally ignore the both of you but it is getting to the point where ignoring your comments puts other peoples pets in jeopardy. I don't want to argue on this thread with the two of you. The ONLY thing I care about is getting the OP help with their fish. If either of you want to talk to me about this privately you may do so.
  2. Everyone's opinion means something Alex. However I don't think that someone should feel like they should be quiet just because they disagree with a treatment suggested. Don't patronize me.
  3. What do you mean by baby oranda or ranchu. Do you mean fry or just a small sized fish?
  4. I'm not sure the hp route is the way to go. It's not something that should be taken lightly. I personally would never do it - it's just too risky imho.
  5. I hate to say it but the photos need to be clearer for the most accurate assessment.
  6. HP = hydrogen peroxide found at any drug store, supermarket, etc
  7. Notice how the wen is smooth in this photo but rough, ashy, and a bit segmented in the following photo This is the concern I believe. The change in the wen's uniform appearance.
  8. I think it would be helpful for him if you were to wipe the bottom of the tank with at least every w/c to keep it mostly clean. With a fish sitting on the bottom like that it puts them at risk for bad bacteria to get on them. Sorry my wording feels a bit awkward, Trinket has a way of making is sound clear and informative while I'm struggling.
  9. Wow thanks for sharing! It is neat to get to see the whole body of a Koi for once instead of just their back. Yes I know they should be in a pond since they can get as large as a small dog, but I found this pretty interesting and this is my first time ever seeing Koi in tanks like this. And that pond by the buffet table... what is going on there? It's so odd with the large tank structure in the middle.
  10. omg what is that plant?? I want one too! And your camera hogs are cutie pies!!
  11. Filter floss is woven smaller then a sponge so it keeps debris from ruining your motor. I have a canister filter so bottom is bio media, middle is sponge, and top is filter floss.
  12. omg that poor fishie looked so sad in the last photo I'm so happy that she has a friend that is willing to go the extra mile to help her out so congrats to you for being awesome! Hopefully the other fish will be able to thrive with your help and care!
  13. I have trouble with bubbles if I use kordon+ dechlorinator. I prefer prime, and that is my main dechlor now but back then I was using the kordon+ and had tons of bubbles but not like poor Ashley's bubble fiasco. I have two bubblers and it is the round disk that causes me the bubble trouble even still. edit I have very soft water, and a low kH but it is rich in minerals so I have a good pH just not stable so I use coral rocks. Very interesting! Hey I'll send u my kit. Texting u in 3... 2... 1...
  14. It will be hard for her to do a w/c because she buys city water instead of using the well water. So idk if she's got any city water atm.
  15. biomax and ceramic rings do the same thing. They are "homes" for your beneficial bacteria and are both considered biological media.
  16. You need lots of biological media!! Then some sponges and filter floss. That's it!
  17. OMG It looks like the tub when I give my Niece bubble baths! Can you post info on the disk?? Possibly a link from pet co? And have you used any other dechlorinators before the prime?
  18. I've tried water lettuce in the past for my turtle. To my chagrin he demolished them in less then a week. It was an expensive food source for him so I stopped buying them but now that I've seen your post I may try it on my gf tank. Oh and what type do you have? The flower is gorgeous!
  19. I use this but mine is a pale blue color and it works great for me. edit I just wanted to clarify that I use the same bubble wand as the OP & tithra are talking about
  20. A woman from my Church uses those but told me the bags are no longer sold in stores and that she had to buy them online for a lot of $ so she gave away the extra vacuums that came with the order. I'm not an expert on this product, and I don't feel like arguing with anyone; I am only passing along the information presented to me about this product.
  21. He is super cute but I agree that a qt should have a proper filter. These are not fry, they are super poopers and need a filter that can handle such. So far your params are good b/c of the frequency and size of w/cs but that will get tiresome, I promise, and soon you might want to skip a day and if that happens BAM poor water quality. So save some pennies and get a filter for the tank and then you won't have to break your back every morning and night to provide good water for them.
  22. Isn't it too high? If the fish are thriving I wouldn't mess with it. It can get complicated and stressful for the fish if you try to lower it and try to keep it consistent.
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