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  2. I think someone needs the koko stick
  3. if fish teeth are all that'll get you to pop open some bubbly I'm coming over!
  4. Please don't buy turtles. You need to get your water figured out first. I did post a response in your other thread so hopefully we can all help you get to the bottom of this. About the turtles, if you want a turtle only get one. I'm not sure what pet store you were at so I have no idea in what type they are selling but your size tank is not big enough for more than one turtle. I have a 55 gal tank and I only have one male turtle. Turtles are harder than fish but they still require the utmost care when it comes to water quality. I don't want you to get discouraged about fish keeping because of this incident. Chin up!
  5. Perhaps we can try and sort these issues out for you? I'm really very sorry about your fish. The gravel you have now, just take it all out. I'm assuming you are still dealing with the cycle bump?? Rinse out your filters if you think any of that debris from the gravel got inside with dechlorinated water. This cloud from the gravel, is it always there or only when you are siphoning out the water? Do you mix up the gravel while you are siphoning out the water? I want to ask about your water changes. Do you make sure they are temperature matched, pH matched and dechlorinated? The buffers Ashlee mentioned should help you in keeping a consistent pH. Water changes can shock fish if they temp and pH are off. It seems something may be off when you were performing them if the fish would literally die after each w/c. The pH dropping could be behind your fish's death since it dropped so drastically. edit I forgot to ask you if you could also test your tap water for pH. Now are you using all three of these with each w/c; tetra aqua safe, amquel plus, and nova aqua? If you are using all three that's a bit overkill on the dechlorinator. You only need one, and only add the proper amount recommended on the label of the bottle. One more question for you about your fish-less cycle. Did you use pure ammonia? It would have no additives and if you shake the bottle the liquid would remain "still" and not look like soapy bubbles.
  6. This has always been my favorite Koko's tank! I'm excited to see what you come up with for the Tacky Tiki Tank 2.0!
  7. You could always disinfect the plants in a mild bleach solution and then put them in a bath of dechlorinated water if you still have concerns.
  8. Pure ammonia is hard to find. Normally it contains a soapy like agent. To test the bottle of ammonia at the store you should (1) read the ingredients and (2) shake the bottle. If there are soapy bubbles then this is not pure ammonia.
  9. great looking kids you've got there! I just loooooooooove ranchus so much and these ladies are so cute!!
  10. I really agree with all the comments! She's an amazing and beautiful fish! What a joy it must have been to watch her change.
  11. I think Chrissy is doing something similar but with a clicker?
  12. very cute me either! although I am still pretty upset about his wife being murdered!!
  13. Have you added anything like crushed coral or coral rocks that could be what you're finding? The gravel that you have, if it is losing color and falling apart sounds bad. If you are going to remove it only do it a little at a time. It is true that some of the bb's will be in your gravel so what you should do first is buy more bio media to put into your filter so that when you are removing the gravel any of the bb's that get knocked off and are floating around will have a new home to settle on. I'm a total bare bottom person myself, so I don't really have any ideas to pass along about what you could do for a new substrate. However I do like your idea of putting some of the old gravel into some media bags to keep your cycle going. I would also do regular testing just to make sure you won't get surprised by a possible bump.
  14. My impressions of Pork Chop before food while eating and after eating
  15. Why do they always go for the goldfish?? Fish stores carry loads of other fish suitable for smaller tanks such as this! I kind of blame Elmo. His fish Dorthy is kept in a bowl, no filtration, no air stone and she looks to be a common. My brother has mentioned to me that Dorthy looks different in every episode. I think we all know why.
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