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  1. just tried to feed another mm but he spit it out. I think he wants to eat, but is having trouble.

    also I noticed that his gills are VERY pale. What do I do???? can I prazi while having epsom in the tank??????

    just took some more pics will upload in a few to show the dropsy progression.

    UGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just took pics and OMG WTH the red spot has now exploded into a huge mess of bleeding(?) under the skin!!!!!!!! posting pics now!


  2. I'm glad the oranda is starting to eat a bit. Dealing with an overcrowded tank, being bullied by other fish, having ich, and as someone said not being used to food other than flakes are very stressful things for fish.

    I really hate that wm sells fish b/c they never ever take care of them. It's animal cruelty. And this is the main reason why many store names gets filtered out, it's because so many of us have complained about them and then the topics get too heated.

    keep us updated on the oranda's progress. :)

  3. so the dropsy is starting to spread up his body now and has moved to his abdomen. This morning I emptied the tank and filter to remove the salt water and have him at 1/4 tsp epsom per 10gals. (20gal tank, all params @ zero)

    he's not really eating. My Mom thinks he ate the one pellet she gave him around noon and I do see some little poos in his basket.

    My question is where do we go from here?

  4. :welcome

    It's really important for yourself and us to know the water parameters. You can take a cup of tank water, and tap water to a pet store like Petsm@rt or Petc0 and they will usually test it for free. get the pH, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. If you see an API Freshwater Master Test Kit at the store I recommend picking one up so you can test the water at home. They are pricey but very well worth the cost.

    When getting your water tested ask them to use the drop test and not the strip tests. Then write down the readings which will be in ppm (parts per million).

    The bottled water is not the best idea for fish, so once you've gotten the readings on your tap water and if they are good I would recommend using that rather then the bottled. When you do your water changes they must be dechlorinated, temperature and pH matched. Not doing this will cause stress for the fish.

    Fluctuations in pH are not good for fish either as I see your pH is higher in the tank. This means you may need to let the water sit out in a bucket with an airstone until it rises to the tank's pH. Even though this is still with the bottled water readings the same rules still apply when using tap water.

    High nitrates can cause floatiness as well as overfeeding. SBD is not actually a disease, it's a symptom so finding out what the cause of it is our first step.

    I recommend doing a larger water change as your regimen right now is too low. Water parameters needed asap. Try the fasting and then feed the cooked, deshelled peas.

    edit it seems I'm typing too slow as much of what I had said has already been covered. :)

  5. ok more pics, I'm sure photobucket is about to overload w/ all my snapshots. his rear has some redness now, much more defined than before. perhaps stuff is being pushed out of his body from the mm's and salt? idk just an uneducated guess. I'm hoping it's nothing more sinister!! if so then I'm not going out of town 2morrow, the museum will always be there. I think his rear might be swollen so something is happening I'm just not sure as to what. He's a good boy, he doesn't mind Momma holding him for pictures. I also don't want to stress him too much in case he's the kind to hold his emotions on the inside...lol, I'm really good at placing human behaviors and emotions on animals so please excuse the crazy sounding theories I come up with. And I've not added in as much water so the hob can create more of a splash. let me know how those darn bubbles look now. salt might be over 0.2% though since the tank is not all the way full.--is that ok?






    (fyi fish don't like 2b pointed head down. He was like "Mom wth?!"


    (they also don't like to be upside down, but I had to do it in order to get the shot b/c I don't have an underwater camera...or scuba gear)

    got the tank light off, room light is about to go off but I'll stay online a little longer to see what the verdict is. :)

  6. swollen? oh my and I thought they looked good. :doh11: he opens up the gill plates MUCH wider now then before. before I could never look in - he kept them so tight.

    salt should stay at 0.2% then for his gills?

    this hob filter I've got on doesn't have as much of a splash as the canister makes. I'll see if I can hook up the canister 2night. I've still been letting it dry out since I bleached it like crazy.

    when I do his w/c in a few I'll just use the prime as it shouldn't bubble up like the nova aqua+. the prime calls for so little (one cap treats I think 50gals?), but the nova aqua+ says 4 tsp for 20gals.

  7. oops, 4got about the temp question. Well I took out his heater b/c the temp was so stable. should I put it back in anyway?

    and looking at those pictures now I'm certain you guys are going 2 think I have soap in the tank but I swear I don't! :mytank1:

  8. his rear is the same. the rest of the scales on the body are flat.

    I had been feeding him too much honestly, he was getting around 5 pellets multiple times a day. today I've only fed him once and he got about 5 pellets. I know overfeeding is bad, but I was like "omg he needs medicine!!" so I was just pumping him full with as many as he would eat...and he definitely loves to eat.

    I'm thinking of bringing the salt down to 0.1%? that way if I need to switch out w/ epsom it will be an easier transition (or is that not necessary?).

    I want to keep him in the basket still, I'm going out of town 2morrow to the Native American Museum in DC and I'm afraid of leaving him in the tank with the filter intake and currents from the bubblers.

    no worries on the bubbles, the pics from last night were just close up!


    ^ Here's a side shot of the tank! ew...I should have wiped that off!!!


    ^ view from the top. is it unusual to have such a collection of bubbles on the surface like that? It almost looks like soap suds but there is no soap in the tank. I'm thinking it's from too much air coming from the air pump and the nova aqua+ b/c it has some kind of aloe additive.



    ^ bubbles bubbles bubbles

    updated photos of Howie:



  9. more pics :photo:






    now I'm worried thinking he's starting to get bloated and maybe dropsy, butt end first?? :huh:

    but it is nighttime and I'm really good at freaking myself out over nothing...I need 2 just stay calm. but there's no zen emote?! we need a peaceful emote or I'll start doing this :krazy: !!!!!!!

    I know I said I'd post pics of his healing hole but it's much harder to photograph then one would imagine. If only I could get him to to hold out his fin...

  10. things are going so well that I need to start worrying about something else. I'm afraid he's gaining weight too quickly now. some of the scales in the rear are poking out. here are some photos, let me know what you think.


    his but was wiggling, that's why one side looks larger then the other but you can see the scales poking out. and it's only these scales in the rear, on his rear-end. :teehee


    I'm thinking maybe I need to do another photo-shoot here as the neon green basket is doing something weird to my eyes when I try and look at his beautiful coloring.

    I had been feeding him as many mm's as he would eat, do you think it's time I slowed it down?

  11. oooo my bad. well I think it comes down to personal preference really. I myself don't like and don't use hob filters. between the two the canister has more room for bio media then the hob. I like the canister mainly b/c I don't have any of the problems that I had when I used to use hob's. ...maybe I should stop typing and let some others who know about the penguin 305 give their opinion. :doh11::goodluck

  12. oh no salt is good for the rip on his fin as well as for helping him breathe with the nitrites. :) I was just curious as to what percentage you were at. :) how are the nitrite and nitrate levels now?

    have you managed to fast and feed unsalted peas? if you don't have any peas a quickly steamed broccoli floret is another good option. :)

    one thing I'm curious of is the ingredients to the new life spectrum vs hikari lionhead vs progold. the fish may have a food allergy (for example wheat or corn) or he may not be able to digest processed foods. many members with floaty fish have opted to make gel food for their fish instead of buying the pellets. just something to think about and cross off the list of things that cause floatiness.

  13. is the tank salted?

    I've been doing some forum searching on furan and found some interesting posts from Trinket. I don't want to overstep here but do you plan on feeding any medicated food to Romeo? I'll post the links, just something you can read it's not advice or anything. but I thought I's share since you said his tail is really bad and has white fuzzy stuff going on as well.




    keeping you and Romeo in my thoughts! :heart

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