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  1. Even using household bleach I use my dechlor as a final wash/rinse. I have a link with Carol mentioning using dechlor after using bleach too HsiHou, could she have been mistaken??
  2. since the new site upgrade I came across this thread again and WOW ZOMG AMBER YOU ROCK! I love your brain! Thanks for sharing!!
  3. I had to boil it b/c the first half was with the rest of my aquarium salt and the last half was the new c&p salt.
  4. Alright so I've added more water to the pot and the salt that was on the surface has now been dissolved. I'm still waiting for some feedback before using it though. Thanks.
  5. Couldn't get out of town to the pet store so I stopped by my local grocery store and picked up (Morton's) Canning & Pickling Salt. Issues I'm having so far is that after I've boiled my water, added in the salt, and after the salt has dissolved these "salt crystals" appear on the surface of the water. What is that?? Is it normal?? I've never encountered this with the API Aquarium Salt before so this is strange for me and I don't want to use it. (I used a scale to measure out the new salt as it's a finer grain than the API so the amount is correct and I'm not over/under salting.)
  6. I'm so sorry about all of this. I do remember everything you went through last year so it's even disappointing for me to read that things keep happening to poor Usher. I just wish you and he the best!!
  7. He's probably just mad that he hasn't been added to your signature yet.
  8. I'd have to agree that the tank doesn't seem very basic to me, it's awesome!
  9. I'm sorry I didn't list any buffers for you. The only one I can think of off the top of my head right now would be Buff it Up from GoldfishConnection.com. You can also try crushed coral which would go into your filter.
  10. Your pH drops after it's in the tank so a buffer will help stabilize it. I will refer you to a link that can explain it to you better than I ever could. Link!! You've also got ammonia coming right out of the tap which is not good, but I think it's something that can be worked with. I'm unfamiliar with how to deal with this type of situation though. I'm thinking using Prime or maybe Amquel + but I really don't know. However someone who DOES know will most likely pop in and give you some help!
  11. I'm thinking a full w/c would be good if he doesn't have any signs of dropsy then the meds can do more harm then good. I actually can really relate to your feeling. And I've been there trying everything I could think of to try and save my fish. But I've made mistakes in the past by over treating and/or treating with the wrong thing so I just want to pass along that experience to you. I would turn the filter back on most definitely. I understand he is having trouble with the current, so what you can do is put him in a container that floats inside the tank. Here is an example of my fish in a mesh basket. And this would be an example of the container. I would also try and lower the water level just a bit so that the filter creates some splash if you couldn't get the air pump. Is there a heater in your tank or are you just in a part of the US that's really going through a heat wave? Higher temps means it's more of a struggle for a fish to breathe. How many days now has Stub not been eating? Are your river rocks still in a pile to hold down the plants?
  12. I am also unlucky at finding pure ammonia. I have resorted to other means of doing a fish-less cycle.
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