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  1. Best stuff u can use ..... don't let the smell fool you
  2. Rubbish Not rubbish. And there is no need to talk like that. David is a well respected member and breeder.I would much rather have 3,000 bio-balls then a handful of microporous. What if you dropped the handful In tap water? Uh oh, no more cycle. But if you had 3,000 bio balls. Oops only a few, not a big deal; I have thousands that are cycled! It IS rubbish ... what you would rather have is irrelevent The facts remain the facts ....
  3. Who says a handful ?.... I have about 40 liters of Matrix and Substrat in my filter ..... you would need literaly a semi tralier load of bioballs to even come close to the surface area in my filter. Under 2500 gph flow it could (theoreticaly) handle about 16500ppm ammonia ..... which is about 1000 large comet goldfish. 40 liters of bioballs under the same flow could only handle about 240-270 ppm. I'm just telling you the facts ... as they are. Modern sintered glass ceramic media absolutely destroys bioballs for biological efficiency .... it just costs a lot more.
  4. Thats normal for prime ... but its also normal for Seachem Australia too .... Matty doesn't exactly run his business on normal peoples time.
  5. Today at Bunnings ..... they had these huge 220 liter black plastic heavy duty tubs/bins for $44.95 Biggest ones I've seen .... absolutely perfect for a patio pond/ tank
  6. or you could just ..... do it ! http://www.oase-livingwater.com/en_EN/water-garden/products/filters/uvc-clarifiers/bitron-eco.html?tx_zsproducts_pi1[product]=8984&cHash=6a0438ad8c804c7ec1e357cdb9d8e53d
  7. What makes these superior to any other biomedia, Taksan? Surface area .... Substrat pro for example ... One small handful of it has more surface area then 3000 bioballs
  8. It's sadly falling apart under the pressure of the tank bowing... I'm Getting new timbers tomorrow and some corner brackets to hopefully strengthen it. New filter arrived today and has been assembled but it's no use switching it over until I can get the surrounding repaired.
  9. Wow so basically in order to kill 75% of the list you need 3.8w per 100l of flow. That's massive ....
  10. Old blagdon finally packed up today .... Literaly the uv unit just broke off the lid when I tried to open it to clean pads. Also noticed my nice timber surround is errrrrr .... Falling apart around the edges. Stay tuned .... Major pond renovation coming up. Still got all the fish even the old one who will turn 30 next year.
  11. http://www.aquaristikshop.com/cgi-bin/neu/webshop.pl?f=NR&c=207502&t=temartic_e&userid=CeXIhm62ABq8tifLsfwt6sx02hD0ewdqv73
  12. I just boxed up a standard 345g laguna tub ... ended up looking ok I think '
  13. It's great things are back to normal.Remember to leave your old filters running alongside the fx5 for at least 6 weeks in order to prevent a cycle occuring.
  14. It doesn't have to be Matrix it can be Eheim Substrat Pro, Substrat, BioMech or JBL Micro Mech etc but it needs to be at least 400m3 in surface area like all those are in order to provide enough space for bacteria in a FX5 which has a very small bio capacity to flowrate ratio. I only suggest Matrix because its the cheapest and its excellent.
  15. Reading this whole thread I strongly suspect that a lot of your issues had to do with anerobic conditions existing in your undergravel filter causing major chemical problems and allowing the infections the opportunity to take hold. Now you have removed the undergravel and instigated a better water change regime conditions should continue to improve. One you have a FX5 (as long as you install proper biomedia such as Seachem Matrix in the baskets) and continue your more frequent water changes a recurrence is unlikely.
  16. The 2078e has a (silly and useless in my opinion) electronic pump control that constantly diagnoses the pumps flow rate. It a prefilter was used the stupid pump will think its blocked. The 2075 (the same as a 2078e but without the silly computer pump) is a much easier to use filter. but on the plus side for you ...the 2252 (powerline XL) is the finest internal filter in the world so it shoudl handle anything you can throw at it.
  17. The ceramic biomedia I never change just rinse in tank water once per year. The pads I change once every three months (fine) Rinse the course pads in tank water once every 3 months and change the course pads once per year. I've been running 20+ Eheim cannisters for over 20 years without a issue using this maintenence regime.
  18. I'm in shock ...absolutely drooling over the perfect 100 point Sarasa Comets let alone the fancies !
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