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  1. found emperor 400s for $54.39 at drs. foster and smith. been looking to rebuild my tanks and this was the cheapest that i have found. also i found this rebate form there so it will knock the price to $44.39. just trying to help http://www.fosterandsmithaquatics.com/Media/PDF/25879-EmperorRebate0211-0212.pdf
  2. dont forget that you can always take paper to kinkos and get it laminated, gets pricy the bigger it is, but worth it if its something that you want
  3. glad to hear that everything is going well so far. you preped in advance, so the outcome will be much better for ya. looking forward to the rest of the posting once you are settled.
  4. just wanna let everyone know about the sale. its at the place where the pets go, 8/24-8/31. its on 20 and 29 gal rectangle tanks, but theres other stuff for 10% off too. oh, and 5/$5 on community fish!
  5. im not even going to say a thing i will let all of you...... http://www.geekologie.com/2007/09/new_bowl..._to_walk_yo.php
  6. try looking up cascade power filters, if its a hob and see if its the one. they are a bluish/purpleish filter
  7. i have seen those on ebay all the time. jsut type in goldfish and it will bring up the phone book on anything there is with that in the auction. think i have seen just about all of um, well, no tosakin lol
  8. cool deal, glad that you are ready to go.i almost forgot to tell you. dont feed the fish for a couple days before the move. dont worry they will be ok. feed them a little pit of peas as the final meal to clean them out and that way there wont be as much ammonia in the bags and the unsightly waste hanging out with them. you are still gonna need the ammonia remover so do use that as they expel ammonia when they exhale. un, i will keep thinking lol
  9. as long as there is surface water movement it should help. and another thing, add another airstone or what ever you want to use to add more o2 in the water. try dropping the level of water in the tank also so that the water has farther to fall and agitates the water more if you have a hang on back filter
  10. that temp on a temporary time limit is not going to do that much damage to the fish. they can withstand temps higher than that. but i would try to position a fan so that i maybe doesnt blow from side to side and upset the other tank and cage. like directly down on it or something. i have used frozen bottles of water and still do. it is not recommended because it can shock the fish with a drastic change in temperature. but if you place it in for like 5 or 10 min, pull it out, let the water get stable for like 10 min and check the temp reading. keep doing it till it gets down a lil bit. putting the bottle in is really only a temp solution to your dilema. i only use it on really hot days that we arent running the ac or if there is power blackouts. see if you can get your hands on a computer fan, the type that goes into the tower and get that rigged up ontop of the tank. going to be cheaper than getting aquarium fans.
  11. good thing that you are ordering the net. depending on how long its gonna take to get it in, you can check out hardware stores or garden centers. they will carry bird block(netting in different sizes and grade of material) or construction fencing/netting. i dont know how big the pond is but im trying to think of other things that you can use. oh, how bout an air horn? you know those compressed air in a can that people take to sporting events that are really annoying? just make sur ethe dog is inside lol. i will post up somemore if i think of anything else. i hope that your feathered friend doesnt come back, especially with his family.
  12. cool deal. at least you know they will get better treatment than luggage. any other questions, just fire away....thats what we are all here for, to gain and pass on knowledge. good luck with the move
  13. take it to any auto parts store, they can check it for free. they just hook it to the machine and look up the code that flashes. hey lynda, do you ever go to orange county. there was a great shop in anaheim that i used to get my goldies from when i was lived there. oh, and ive been in oklahoma for 2 yrs now, i miss the traffic, the ghetto birds, and so many other things. born and raised oc but worked all over the state (especially dwntn)till i came here. i gotta get back there soon
  14. good deal. post it back on here when you find out so others that are traveling by plane might be able to use the info.
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