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  2. haha elvis sounds like a character just like these lil guys:Congrats:
  3. im really really really really jealous of the black ranchu... i think that the wen growth is fine maybe jsut a lil something in the wen from the tank
  4. wow i love love LOVE the telescope... lavender ris very sweet lookin in goldfish
  5. happy heallthy definatley and nearly twice the size...
  6. haha very cute lil buggers,,, the ranchu has a very nice tuck
  7. my black moor that i recently got as a get well gift looks very nice, but his one eye concerns me. The bottom one six of his eye mayb lens is red with what looks like blood. He eats very well swims well holds good conversations . Yes my and all the levels are normal. I do my water changes and im jsut worried that this maybe something that i dont wanna let go undetected. I have researched everything but a diagnosis has not been reached. Thanx for all your help. Pictures to come soon. :krazy::cry1:( im jsut a lil worried if you cant tell.
  8. they are such AMAZING fish they must LOVE LOVE LOVE all the greens to
  9. cool bristle nose they hav very full heads
  10. getting bigger every time i see them
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