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  1. I tried, I argued with her for an hour. She wouldn't budge. I don't know what else to do but to euthanize him. I finished the water change, and she just used the fantails swimming around actively to prove her point further.
  2. He has been removed from the tank, and I've begun a 100% water change. I'm not sure what to do with him. He's got to go- because if I don't do it, she'll do it while I'm at school tomorrow. I'd rather do it in a more humane way than flush him, as she has suggested. He's sitting in the traveling jug, waiting. I'm really sorry everyone wasted their time and it's come down to this. I really appreciated all the kind words and advice.
  3. Hi-d, I had to edit it. ..You might want to read the new version. I'm not sure what to do now.
  4. I'd like to get the maracyn, and called the place where I got the melafix, and they carry it. I talked to my mom and she said just to kill him. There was a lot of "only cost $3, already spent $20, not worht more, there are other fish out there."
  5. >.< She told that I had to kill him tonight, but I told her to give me 7 days to let the medication to work. She has agreed to that.
  6. I have a long airstone going and the filter without the carbon going. Yes, it progressed very fast. I posted monday and I was only noticing pink marks around the lips, and it is thursday and he has multiple strips hanging from his mouth. The medigold shipment comes in tuesday. At the rate that the mouthrot has been spreading, I think it might be too late as well. I am going to add the daily salt dose now, which will be the three days ot bring it up to 0.3%. The oranda's are their normal selves. I have not fed yet today, I wasn't sure if I should feed peas (to build up the oranda's immune) or flakes. My mom is telling me to stop wasting my time and throw him out, because "he only cost me $3, and the medicine has already cost $20." I jsut want him to get better because he is a sweet fish and deserves to live.
  7. Alright. I removed the oranda from the tank for the pictures, and pictures didn't really demonstrate how bad it has become, so I took a video. I held him near the surface, and moved him around a little to show how he looks, and it isn't good. Viewer beware.
  8. I took the carbon out of the filters when I put the melafix in. I plan on buying medigold when it comes in on tuesday- but should I buy prazi also? The ich spots that i've noticed are on the fins. It's just weird, because sometimes when I look, they'll be there, and other time they won't, so I'm not sure whats going on. The mouthrot has become more severe. The oranda is completely bottom sitting, and his mouth gapes open. When I came home, I thought he was dead because he was sitting onthe bottom of the tank, no movement, with his mouth open. I watched, and after a few minutes, he moved a little. I will take pictures in a bit so you can see what I am talking about. When I first noticed the mouth rot, I wasn't even sure if it was mouth rot, because it was just red, and I thought maybe it could be part of his redcap. It is now quite obvious that it is mouthrot. His lips protrude, and look cottony. He doesn't look good. On a side note, I've realized I've always referred to my fish by their species, and not their names. The oranda who died was Wizard. The oranda with mouthrot is Unicorn. One of the fantails is Zebra and the other is Kung-fu.
  9. I'm not sure what flukes are. I've only noticed the very obvious mouth rot, and the spots that could be ich are there, but when I check later, they will be gone. The medications I wrote on the page were prazi, medigold, romet-b and melafix. He made the decision to advise melafix and not prazi. :/ And he said he wouldn't have any medigold until next tuesday. I wasn't there, and my mom didn't say much about it, other than he said all the readings were normal.
  10. As I've said, his writing is very hard to read. It could be a 0. His 0's are very weird. I can scan the paper and see what you guys think- but he said none of the readings were dangerous, so it might be a 0. It looks like the others now that I'm looking at it. I think it goes ammona 0, nitrite 0, nitrate 0, and the ph level is a very clearly written 8.0.
  11. Added salt before school, and fed 2 peas. Everyone ate. Went to driving school, gave my mom the list. She came back with melafix- which I just added to the tank. Oranda has been mostly bottom sitting, occasionally swimming. Fantails are both active. The guy who helped my mom said the water tested normal, and without much difference between them. (tank and tap) ammonia 0 nitrite 8 nitrate 0 ph level 8.0 .. His writing is a bit hard to read.
  12. They are all still in the 20 gallon. And much improved with the water/salt treatment. They've all become very active, and swim up whenever I am near. I did feed them when I noticed this change, but not much. The first few minutes they were eating/spitting out their flakes, but eventually they ate. I have drivers school again tomorrow night, (it controls my life) but I am sending my mom to the lfs that hi-d suggested might have prazi. I have written out a letter, that she should give to whoever is helping her. It is very clear on what is going on, and what the fish need atm, and what I have done so far (added salt/ water changes etc) and goes on to tell them what sort of things I'd like for them to test the water samples I'm sending her with. How would you suggest I transfer the water? I was thinking freezer bags, or glass jars. But I don't want to do it wrong and botch the tests. How much do test kits cost?
  13. Water changed, salt added, filter back in. What is the salt supposed to look like when it is added? It seemed sort of off white shimmery when first added. I did it in small doses. I am really going to push my mom to get prazi instead of the stuff the petstore provided. The lfs worker told her daughter to tell me to just flush the sick oranda, and concentrate on keeping my fantails healthy. I don't want to do that. It is a really sweet oranda- very friendly/affectionate. Should I be continuing to feed?
  14. Checked on them before I went to school, minimal activity. It is now after school and I am going ahead with a 95% waterchange and salt. Their activity is very limited to bottom sitting/occasional swimming. They do not come to the side of the tank. I didn't feed them this morning, I wasn't sure if I was allowed. I usually feed mornings, afternoons, and right before I go to bed. They have missed 2 of their normal feedings. I cleaned the waste this morning before school and the tank is still bare. I can count a few 7 spots of white on the oranda's fins, and a few on his wen. Ich too? Is there anything more I can still do right now, with my limitations?
  15. I don't know, maybe I'm just over analyzing their behavior. They seem slightly lethargic, but is it a reaction to the meds, or just my mom roughing up their tank? Maybe this is normal behavior I never picked up on before, but it isn't like them to not swim up to the side of the tank when they know someone is watching. It is 11:44 pm right now. I should already be in bed, but I've been waiting for someone to tell me what to do. I would like to do the suggested 90-95% water change, but my mom just yelled at me, and when I tried to explain what I was doing, she said she would not let me, that the medication said it only needed water changes tomorrow after 24 hours. I don't know what to do. They will have to make it through the night under the conditions they're under now. I don't want them to die, but it seems as though the chance of that is high. I forgot to mention this earlier, but when I did my 50% water change earlier, the oranda got air bubbles all over his body. Like a new tank, that has just had water added to it. I was looking at him, and I wondering how I could not have seen all the ick, when I realized what it was. It doesn't happen to my fantails- is this part of the parasites affecting him?
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