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  1. ..in which case it could be too strong of a current for goldies I have two xp3 canister filters and a koralia 2 on my tank, somehow the current is still gentle (I use spray bars to diffuse the output of the filters) and I still have to clean up the bottom of the tank.
  2. haha it is fun! especially when they are still small enough to fit in your hand like Apollo, he's so cute when he can't stabilize himself (because of no dorsal fin) so he just spun while eating lol Thank you, I think maybe they enjoyed it too, they swam very eagerly to get the food, and it didn't take long for them to lose the fear of my hand. Let me know how it goes for you pigz1 I was feeding them 'Algae Grazers' pellets made by HBH. They looove those things, the primary ingredient is spirulina, and it has a fresh smell to it.
  3. I've been thinking of a 'B' name too lol I used to have an orange oranda like this one before, i called it 'Brother Milo'. I think I will recycle that name because I like it.
  4. Do the females have protruding nubs even at small sizes/young age? I feed Hikari lionhead and saki hikari purple, peas, and spiraling pellets.
  5. Yeah probably lol and your two are soooo tiny and uber cuties, I especially like Hiro
  6. lol! nothing wrong with having your own seat cushion, makes almost any chair comfy maybe lol How could you be scared of a goldfish? haha they bump into you and feel like jello or something I dunno Check out the second video I posted, it's better, I love the way Apollo my white and blue ranchu does a few 'spins' while in my hand lol He's kinda like an over excited puppy
  7. It's actually a butt-shaped tomato. lol It's the icon for the Fat Bottomed Girl's club. ohh lol this board is fun Here's the second video, I posted the wrong link in the first post:
  8. grr, okay think I fixed it try now Is that a red butt?
  9. I tried it for the first time last night, only Apollo was brave enough to try. I thought I would be waiting a long time before I would get them to eat from my hands. Tonight was a lot more successful though! I just held the spirulina pellets between my fingers and Apollo made all the others brave and after a few minutes they all started chowing down and lost the fear of my hand. Sorry for the low quality, I used my phone to record the clips. I got two clips from different angles, enjoy
  10. oh man pippin is sooooo cool looking love the color combo!
  11. thanks for the pics I think you had most of the board members cheering for you lol he looks great!~
  12. I'm a big Hikari fan, so I feed Hikari Lionhead and Saki-Hikar (purple bag), and HBH Algae Grazers (primary ingredient is spirulina, smelsl great!) with de-shelled peas on the weekends. I'll give them fruits infrequently, mainly high protein foods though since my fish are young.
  13. Here ya goes: Mrs. Mohr's tank It's beautiful
  14. Exactly, it looks sharp but isn't' lol
  15. I have this plant in my tank and never had any problems, not even with the bubble eye when I still had her
  16. I like the white/yellow color combo My Apollo doesn't have any growth on his/her face either but maybe with age
  17. I really hope to see good pics of this fish in QT by tomorrow night lol Seriously, that's a nice oranda
  18. Beautiful orandas you've bred~! I hope to breed goldfish some day myself to improve the quality of fish that is available to americans.
  19. Thank you Shell, I finally replied to your message on my profile page lol Thank you, I was hoping some other goldfish keepers would be around here, do you know of any local clubs or shows for goldfish? There is one store you have to visit, it's called 'CK Aquarium' in San Gabriel. They have an outdoor area with rows of tanks with goldfish of different sizes, and koi. It's where I got all my golds except Apollo and Ronin. There was one time I went and most of their stock had ich, but all the other times I've gone, the fish are healthy, and the owner is a very nice lady. Also 'Hacienda Aquatics' has nice goldfish from time to time, but mainly they are good for plecos collectors.
  20. Um, I don't see anything protruding from the vent, but they are still small fish, does that matter? Also, I was hoping Elisina would keep some of her black pigment and it seems that instead of losing it, the pigment is getting more intense. Is that normal? I don't think I've read about melanophores switching on instead of turning off.
  21. I missed a few goldfish in the last thread so I focused on getting pictures of them today. Check em' out This is the orange oranda, no name, any suggestions? He's kinda pudgy, biggest belly in the tank definitely, and a small wen. I like his/her tail This ryukin is also nameless, he/she is a runt, I picked him/her out because it was very cute how small it was with a tail double it's size. It's grown since I've had it, but still has that 'hasing grown into it's tail' look This is Shinobi, her white chin and lip make her look like shes got a 'kissy' face: Just for kicks, check out this before and after on Elisina:
  22. I rock a cybershot like perlscale perfect, a DSC-P41 (4.1 mgpx) It has a half broken battery cover, and the LCD screen occasionally goes beserk and I have to smack the camera to sort it out and be able to take pics again. I refuse to buy another camera until I have money saved for a Nikon DSLR, maybe the D90 or 80. I recently took my girl to Disneyland and we had our picture taken in front of the big christmas tree. The disney guy holding my camera gave me this odd look (my lcd screen was going beserk) and I told him to just smack it, he refused, so I walked over, grabbed it from him, gave it a good right hand, and gave it back to the disney employee. My girl laughed at me, I just shrugged it off lol The point is, a cyber shot is a great inexpensive point and shoot.
  23. wow I love the way they swim, suuuper cute! thanks for sharing the video
  24. You want me to post pics of my Cash? He fattened a lot now. No more dang spinal cord visibility.lol Okay okay, I'll get some new pics if I will remember later to put the camera battery to the charger. Yeah, I don't see albino golds very often, I want one! It's been kinda slow past couple days in the photo lounge, I think I'm going to go through old threads looking at pics.
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