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  1. They are tropical fish, so the water should be kept around 75 to 80F. The offspring will grow faster at warmer temps, but you always have to keep up with water changes too. I and some other members of my family have raised live bearers including guppies, mollies, and platys in pure freshwater with no problems. On a side note, I had the most success with raising platy fry by keeping a large clump of java moss in the tank where the fry can hide and grow. Feed them flake food crushed to powder, and they grow pretty quick. I don't know if salt helps them grow.
  2. Thanks mate. Ive always felt a bit fortunate living in southern california and being into fish keeping. We have a lot of great shops, and great deals too. I paid $127 for all three fish which is a pretty good price for 4-5" ranchu. The old man said they are from japan, i believe him since his koi are top quality.
  3. Thank you cap. I went out looking for a red/white chu but when I saw Titan, i had to bring him home. The old man who works there was really cool, very helpful and likes to talk fish. Thank you Rai. Thanks. It was a fun day if goldfish browsing. You can get goldfish.
  4. I will get some when i get home. Theyre in a 30g qt for the next week or two. Thank you
  5. I went to a couple new spots to look for goldfish, and wasnt disappointed Heres what followed me home... Cassiopeia Titan: Roar! Flare: she has mostly clear orange scales, with stripes of shiny scales.
  6. Surface movement looks good. Their breathing and swimming looks good.
  7. They noth look stunning Mr. B. Yara is so unique, like a blue mixed with calico
  8. 3 years of TLC produces beautiful fish. Youve done great by him. I wonder how he knocked off some scales.
  9. She has beautiful fins and color. Any ideas for name yet?
  10. Shes beautiful already, such a tiny ranchu, i hope you enjoy every minute of watching her grow.
  11. Very nice duo, Egor is awesome! I love red based calicos.
  12. Gorgeous setup! I like the idea of using that 3d foam background outside the tank so it doesn't take up space.
  13. Thank you Prin, I wanted a Zen look, but sometimes the red gives me more of a royal impression. i dunno, guess it depends on my mood lol Thank you haha I really want to shoot pictures of happy fish like what I see on the forum, the dramatic effect wasn't intentional lol You're right, all of the anubias have a new left all at the same time wow! I've had anubias in the past and they either got covered in algae or just didn't grow at all. That was in dedicated planted tanks though. These seem to be growing pretty fast, I guess they love the goldfish fertilizer and 50% wc's every other day. Sounds like you know that 'looking' is never just looking lol I revisited a place today called Golden Sun. Last time I went their fancies were all sick and had infections. Their koi weren't much better, but seemed to be more watched over. Well the place was closed, but you can see some of the tanks past a chainlink fence and they have healthy looking fancies. I'm planning to stop by tomorrow since the guy who runs the place seems to never honor his closing time of 6pm lol I'll take pics and share tomorrow night. This other place I went to has an awesome red base calico ranchu for $50. I'm planning on picking her up tomorrow. Thank you Kozu! I'll admit this is the only tank I've ever setup with a picture in mind before starting. All my other setups sort of evolved over time, but this one was a clear vision. I was inspired by the red Torii decoration sold at petco Hi Shell! Good to see you Even though I haven't been keeping goldfish for a few years since the sad day I lost Pearl and the others, I have seen your video updates on youtube. Your fish look great and I model my goldfish tank after the clean healthy looking tanks you have. Thanks for the kind words, I hope to see you around too. Thank you Jojo (that's my family nickname lol )
  14. Thats a sweet price! You probably have room for more media in the baskets, but the more you add the more youre GPH will be reduced. You could probably get away with the ac and the fluval to save energy costs. What kind of media is in the ac? If you can transfer any to the fluval, that will reduce the shock to your bio filter.
  15. I really wanted a cool surface bubble pic but they just don't last long before they pop And while I was trying different settings, Doom decided to swim over and find out why I wasn't trying to take pictures of him
  16. I agree, just needs a white chin and belly
  17. I wish you the best and hope your ranchu recovers quickly. I wonder how it could ever get something like this?
  18. Welcome kaibigan! I love your calico oranda! I have been looking for one as nice looking as Chee-to. Do you have any pictures of him from the side?
  19. I like the back story haha glad you finally brought it home. So many inappropriate jokes I'll just = X
  20. Very beautiful fins, the beauty of goldfish in my eye has always been flowy fins. I love the name Kimchee lol makes me a bit hungry for korean bbq
  21. Hi Amy, thank you, and I dont mind sharing my 'go to' places I got Doom from tongs in fountain valley, Grace from CK, and the others from hacienda aquatics in la puente.
  22. They are hit and miss. Some fish are in great health, others next to death. Thurough qt is a must. They should be getting in some new fish soon, they just sold out if the 2.99 telescopes and ranchu/lionheads
  23. Hi Hzleys87, yeah I did post them a few years ago when I had them. It was a rough loss. I have never seen a ryu or chu like them. The tank is usually bright like in the full yank shot. I get that dark effect from using overhead flash when shooting with my Nikon. I cant wait for my goldfish to get big and have beautiful large fins. Their poses are beautiful when you can freeze their gracefulness in an image.
  24. That's true, I look forward to completing it though so I can just sit back, have a drink and relax with the fish I used matte finish krylon I believe. I don't know if the gloss would show or not, but I wanted the soft look and the matte worked out good. Thank you I was really happy when I first finished it few years ago, it came out exactly how I wanted. Thank you Koko. I have to admit, the plants are new except the ferns, so we'll see if I can grow anubias lol Thank you tithra! Thank you Jaime. I will share more in the future, hopefully when they've gotten more size on them
  25. First one looks like Anubias coffefolia, the 2nd one is Anubias nana. The third plant is a sword plant still in 'emersed' form meaning the farm grew it above water. Over time the leaves will melt away and new leaves will grow with a different shape.
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