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  1. I have a set of those. It's different from yours. I had a few displayed on top of my tanks. Now only one is by the lamp in my room. They do cost a bit but that's why I asked for them as a gift! :D

    You probably have the 2nd series. I ordered that one too.

    No secret figures though :(

  2. I have a couple sets of these and absolutely love them. The are accurate down to the finest detail.

    Cool, do you have any of the 'secret' rare ones? Theres no good close ups of those on the net.

    I am still missing orange wakin and orange telescope.

    I hope they come out with a third set.

  3. Personally, I prefer the Shubunkin. The colors are really nice.

    I like the single tail too, really nice pattern on it.

    That celestial look like someone just touched his junk. He looks shocked. Cool collectables.

    Hahahaha cannot unsee the expressiin of a violated celestial lol

    That celestial look like someone just touched his junk. He looks shocked. Cool collectibles.


    This is a fantastic collection. Thank you for sharing! :)

    Thanks. They are kind of expensive but i like them enough to pick them up.

    U'll take some pics of the 2nd edition set when they come in.

  4. Those are really cool! That'll be a sweet collection for sure.

    I agree. I have to look for a shelf or maybe an acrulic case to display them. The tails and wens are somewhat clear so i think they'll look good if lit from the bottom.

    I want theeeeeem. The celestial's a bit scary, lol. I like the ryukin best :D

    Lol i agree, i dont care too much for the celestial.

    Wow some of those are quite realistic!

    Exactly! Thats what made me want them, and theyre small so they dont take up too much space.

  5. For those who don't know, Gashapon is the japanese word for capsule toys, the little .25 machine toys we see at all the grocery stores etc...

    The thing is, in Japan the capsule toy market is HUGE! There are thousands of high quality collectible sets of toys, from anime characters, to disney, to robots, to miniatures, to animals, it's all covered. It's really not comparable to what we see in the states sadly.

    Well, I had decided I wanted to start collecting some goldfish stuff and started looking for a wooden sculptures on ebay.

    I ended up stumbling upon this set of gashapon goldfish collectibles made by a company called Yujin. They are made of pvc plastic.

    Has anyone seen these before or own any? I went ebay crazy at work today lol My first set of 7 should arrive from northern california around tuesday.

    The second batch of 12 should arrive from Taipei sometime in the next couple weeks, as well as one piece from Hong Kong.

    In the mean time, here are some pics of the little 3" figures. I can't wait to get them and figure out how I will display them.
















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