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  1. They remind me of puffer fish lol i would love to see those develooed into a new breed, I really like how they look.
  2. Foster is my favorite must be really nice seeing that huge tail swimming around.
  3. Heres to hoping they live long, and grow large. Comets and commons are great goldfish.
  4. Cute babies Is this the whole batch or only some of the fry?
  5. Really nice betta Amanda, i love those opaque red bettas, one of my favorite colors.
  6. Ive got my fingers crossed for you Hidr! One of my lfs has a few large blues, so its possible Hope will keep the color.
  7. What a cool little guy, that oversized tail with the white tips, he's awesome. My Kanji looks like his older cousin haha he's startign to get white tips on his tail too.
  8. Shell your water is just pristine! I'm sure the gang love life with you. noms, bubble walls, and clean water, life is good
  9. well if you had only 'looked' we would've all pushed you to go back and get him anyways congrats on the new kid
  10. haha derp brigade! awesome I guess my group are goners just like Fang's. What bird of prey wouldn't dive in a heart beat to grab at some chubby chu's waddling along
  11. Your SPEC looks awesome so far! The texture of the rock is crazy, looks like tiny crystals. I have a SPEC too and I swapped out the stock LED fixture for a wavepoint 6" 8w white LED fixture. It's very bright and still grows plants perfectly without much dosing ferts.
  12. used a turkey baster to remove the water, and an aquarium safe sponge on a stick to wipe the inside of the filter.
  13. Oh my mistake I thought you hadn't added the seeded media yet. It seemed strange to me that a brand new filter and clean aquarium with nothing in it could create a bacterial bloom. The bacteria bloom when there is an vast food source (unchecked ammonia in an uncycled aquarium). So if everything were new, and you had not added seeded media or dosed amonia, I wouldnt' expect to see a bacterial bloom.
  14. When you cleaned it, tou only used water correct? Did you rinse the penguin cartridge? Its strange to see cloudy water in a tank with nothing in it.
  15. I really like the redo. Any plans to tie anunias or ferns to the wood?
  16. Haha thats what i was thinking. I like calicos that have cartoon eyes like that.
  17. Your tank and your fish are gorgeous Tithra! Do you add any fertilizers to the gravel for the sword plants?
  18. I say you did the right thing. The little calico would not grow well if constantly being harassed by big comets. You should try to QT all new fish in a separate tank or container. There are great articles on the forym to give you details, but even when they look healthy, new fish may carry disease.
  19. Ill let this ranchu go to you but im on back up Lol i realize now kokos is actually a dangerous place to share my fish! Those babies would look good I like his color too, seems unique for a calico.
  20. haha oh noes! I will release the ball pythons! lol I hope you don't like snakes.
  21. Thanks mate. Ive always felt a bit fortunate living in southern california and being into fish keeping. We have a lot of great shops, and great deals too. I paid $127 for all three fish which is a pretty good price for 4-5" ranchu. The old man said they are from japan, i believe him since his koi are top quality. I'd believe him too looking at those fish, they look very good quality and at $127 thats a bargain price, you could pay at least double that for them anywhere. Looks like I'm moving to southern California then! The more the merrier lol I don't feel that goldfish keeping is represented enough in SoCal. I've yet to find a group of people locally that has setup some kind of club. But I have Koko's so what more could I ask for Thank you Amethyst. So far he's been the only calico ranchu similarly colored that I've seen. Some of the other ranchus at Morning Sun were floaty, and like all fish stores I've been to, there were a few sick fish Thank you Koko. He is a mans man, and has some kind of swagger going on. This morning when I turned on the light, he was chasing around Cassiopeia in a spawning style I hope they don't spawn in the QT tank!
  22. They look beautiful, each unique from the other even though they're all calicos. What is a dilute calico? I'm not familiar. The first one, I would recommend the name Ciel ("sea-el"), it's French for 'Sky'. I love her beautiful sky blue color. I wish you and your new group of fish the best.
  23. hahaha that shot of Pippin is hilarious where he is spreading his fins out trying to block the view of Merry as much as possible. What a troll lol
  24. Congrats on the new tank! Have fun picking out the ranchus and moors to add in there
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