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  1. If i recall correctly, they were less than $20 for two. That shot is awesome pony, are you on instagram?
  2. Lol of course you should! Are you in norcal or socal? I can recommend a few good goldfish spots in socal.
  3. Sweet! Glad their fish are healthy. Best of luck to you with the spawning.
  4. Did anyone here snag a fish from last weeks auction? I found my dream fish, a red cap oranda with wide tailfin. Looking forward to see whats posted tomorrow.
  5. Eastern Nishikigoi in Westminster. Specialize in fancies and koi Butterflys/moors/telescopes: Gorgeous crowned pearlscales. Need to go back and pick out a few :
  6. I really really like your tank. Im thinking about using sand in my next setup. Any issues or tips?
  7. Cool you're lucky let me know if you find nice red/white butterflys or chus
  8. I wish my girlfriend would buy me fish lol. Those little rainbow fish are cool, i thought about adding bitterling to my tank but they wouldnt be noticeable around the chubby goldfish.
  9. All your fish have great color. Im really liking that cave with the fish fossil. Looks like it could almost be a common goldfish skeleton lol
  10. Im glad some survived. All three are awesome, really digging the bright orange one.
  11. WOW! Thank you all for the very nice comments and complements on my new ranchus, I enjoy browsing pictures of everyones fish, so I'm glad I can share mine with you. Thank you! I do treasure the new spot, along with the other fish stores that carry decent goldfish. They are few and far. Hello Hyde, welcome, and thank you. I don't post frequently, but I am going to try to be a regular poster. The atmosphere is very friendly and fun here on kokos from what I've seen. Cant think of a better way to share our love of these fish. These little ranchu are about 4" body size. These are not the Chus you're looking for. *waves hand in front of him* The trade off to good fish stores, and decent access to imported goldfish, is a ridiculously high cost of living. Definitely Sakura! My guess is that they will fade and keep the shiny scales. I would be completely thrilled if they darkened the black pigment like Tora, another tiger ranchu I saw on the forum. Theyre in a grey sterilite tub for qt at the moment. Hopefully all goes well and ill post in tank shots in a few weeks. I'll try for some overhead shots this weekend. Thank you fishtankbabe. Its a koi specialist shop called Eastern Nishikigoi, in westminster. They had some awesome pearlscales, butterflies, calico ryukin, and decent sized ranchu. Best part is discount when you buy two. Some fish were sick, ive come to expect that everywhere though. Wow, I feel honored to have opened that change in perception. I hope you find a ranchu soon to call your own. I like all types of goldfish but my girlfriends favorite is the ranchu. Lol from all the subtle and not so subtle mentions of theft I've seen n the board, my mantra is now 'lock the doors! The goldfish people are coming!'
  12. Beautiful fish adnan. Red caps are my favorites too. But i do love all colors and patterns of goldfish.
  13. They are all awesome! Love the white face.
  14. Found a new goldfish shop I've never been to, and spotted these two little ranchu. Really excited to see how they turn out. Im feeding them saki hikari, hikari lionhead, and omega one veggie pellets (spirulina).
  15. Thats a cool before and after shot. I placed a bid on that ranchu but luckily got outbid. Went to an lfs, and found two little tiger ranchus lol
  16. your pics are gorgeous. Did you make the background?
  17. Beautiful fish, good luck on waiting out your demekin's color change lol 1)dorsal, 2-3) two eyes, 4)mouth, 5-6)pectorals, 7-8)paired pelvic fins, 9-10)paired anal fins, 11-12)paired caudal fins, all colored black. I had to think about it for a sec too shell, and the closest I get to blonde are the greys my dad gifted me at 27yrs old lol
  18. The white one is exactly like one of the japanese figures i recently got from ebay
  19. Lucky!! I have been keeping an eye out for an all white bubble eye.
  20. I really love the shape and placement of the dorsal fins on the ranchus! I wish I could keep one like that. Do you ever ship them?
  21. Great start so far! I think golds look great in dark colored tanks because of the contrast. I say it is, I would even say it's enough for two adult golds and a small compatible species of pleco such as rubbernose/bristlenose. Make sure you don't add a common type of pleco which will get too large and may eventually try sucking on your goldfish, hurting/killing them in the process.
  22. How about these: Mystery Unknown Fancy Wiggly Butt Fish Well that's all I can think of without a pic
  23. Definitely liking the blue plants, and of course the awesome golds. What are their names Jaime? My favorite is the red/white calico, but the googly eyes of the brown calico are unique and cool
  24. Congrats on taking in a rescue. When I free up some space, I will keep an eye out for a similar fish in need. Oranda fish, that's very cool of your big chain store. I would love to see that as a more common practice. I'll find out if the local animal shelter takes in fish on their 'pet relinquishment' days.
  25. Theyre both beautiful! Angelfish genetics has a lot of potential hidden genes, but generally speaking the black one looks like a 'double dark ghost' which means it has two copies of the gene for dark pigment. Ghost means it has no stripes. The other is called a blusher. Doesnt look like a typical 'blue blusher' could potentially have othern genes.
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