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  1. Thanks everyone, new tank excitement has the best of me and i cant sleep. The guy said he was upgrading to a 400g if you can believe that. I would love to know the dimensions. The stand is almost 40" tall. Tank will be filtered by two fx5s and possibly a sump eventually.
  2. So I found a sweet deal on a 'used' 220g tank. The previous owner had it for three months then decided to sell it to upgrade. The tank is 72"x30"x24", thick glass, super reinforced center brace. Even though the tank weighs a ton, my cousin and I moved it very easily. The killer part is waiting for the carpet to be removed and floors be put in before I can set up the tank. Looking at roughly two weeks before the tank sees water again. Here it is on the truck: I have a lot of layouts shifting around in my mind.... hope i can find the right decor when the time cones. The stand needs to be stripped and re stained, and I love the height!
  3. Beautiful setup, look at all that space! Hope they grow fast for you.
  4. Today is the day. Will be pucking up the tank around 2pm. Sadly, the appointment for the floors to get done was delayed, and the aquarium stand was not as nice as I had hoped, so I will have to re paint. So the tank wont be set up until a week or two from now, depending on the floors. All fine by me, I will take my time on the stand.
  5. I just found a killer deal on a used glass tank. Three month old 225g, 6x2.5x2, comes with stand and canopy, two fx5 filters, and 4ft jebo light. All for $600! I cant wait to setup this tank! Already contacted the seller and secured it as mine.
  6. Thank you Tithra. I just need to find a stand that can support a massive tank.
  7. Looking at the cost of two 150g tanks, it makes more sense to just get my dream tank, a 300g. Aquarium Masters (local tank fabricator) offers two sizes: 96x24"x30, or a 360g 96"x30"x30" Ive kept aquariums for years including a 180g, im very comfortable with the ammount of maintenance required. I also am familiar with managing goldfish waste, however this setup is most likely going to have substrate. Crazy I know, but bi weekly thurough gravel vacs, and weekly 80% water changes are well worth the awe of a large community of goldfish monsters IMHO. Whether I go with dual 150's or a single 300 - 360 behemoth, this tank will be my masterpiece.
  8. I found a goood deal on a 150g, 48"x30"x24", so i will be getting that tank and possibly a 2nd 150 if o can find the right dimensions
  9. Tank looks clean! The black shows off the fish a lot. Now go get you some pearls from Nishikigoi lol
  10. Or a Walken fish... I would name him Christopher, or C-walk for short
  11. Gorgeous shots! I love your fish too really nice red pattern.
  12. I love the stock of that lfs! Can you see your two ranchu in the pic you took? Lol
  13. Funny, I was gonna say the same thing! The swoosh of the streak and the lighting really complement each other in the shot and it looks really artistic lol. You make it look easy -_-
  14. I know that feel! Saw a gorgeous white head red/white oranda at petsmart the other night. Beautiful tail shape. No room
  15. Those are beautiful shots too, i would like to see more but clean the glass first lol I am going to try some shots like this in a photo tank. What kind of flash did your bf get and what camera(s) are you shooting with?
  16. Cute little fish, i like her tankmates color too. Your shots with the bottom flash came out awesome!
  17. Adding driftwood caused septicemia? Ill have to soak and bake the wood then to be safe. What kind of wood did you use koko? I plan on malaysian driftwood.
  18. There will be plenty of those I cant wait to pick out a nice large centerpiece driftwood. Even if i have to smooth out the rough edges.
  19. Thats true. I do weekly 80% water changes on all my tanks by habit anyways, but don't mind doing biweekly for the fish either. Also plan to use carbon to remove impurities.
  20. Thanks for the help guys. I will definitely be within the 10-20g per fish rule of thumb. I am planning to keep the large tank in my bedroom and still debating with my gf what size tank we can fit in the living room. Originally I wanted 110g in the living room, but we might be restricted to 65g. I want the fish to grow huge but I want the tank to look full too. I will be monitoring water quality tightly especially as they grow and increase water changes accordingly.
  21. Getting a new large tank soon, and from what I've read, general consensus is 20g per fish. I feed sparingly twice a day to avoid water quality issues, what would the recommended stock levels be for these tanks: 120g 150g 225g 240g Those are my options,im leaning towards the largest tank.
  22. Hahaha yes they are cute, youve never seen a ranchu?!?! Hooevyou do soon. The adorableness of a fancy goldfish's swimming style is augmented in ranchu. So like umm... wheres the burmese python? LOL Hahaha nice catch
  23. Stopped by Pet Center in Monterey Park CA. Another good spot to check out in the socal area for goldfish lovers. They carry aquarium masters brand aquariums too. I love their company logo, a red cap oranda . They are a socal aquarium fabrication company and use black silicone on their tanks. Looks awesome. Large Orandas, $20 each: Ranchu, $30 each i think. Neat butterfly: Short tail ryukins: Pearlscales, some with developing crowns: Pond comets/commons outside:
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