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  1. Oh man, when I walked in there and there were four aisle of wall to wall tanks and huge tubs full of goldfish, small to large, orandas, ryukins, ranchus, pet fish quality up to serious collector quality, i was so stoked. FINALLY after a life time of searching, i finally found a spot that understands what goldfish collectors have been lacking in the united states. There's another spot closer to home that also specializes in fancy goldfish, only chinese bred ones. Coast Gem carries the Thai Giants, my favorites. I love the huge tails. I'm thinking about going back this weekend.
  2. Thanks ladies! I'm seriously lagging it on pics but I haven't snapped any I like. QT is not so smooth sadly, couple of the fish from the pond store developed lesions so i bagan dosing prazi pro on top of the salt i added.
  3. Great job with him! His color and pattern stayed so stable! If anything the colors just got more saturated, very cool!
  4. Is anyone here using fx4? Im planning to get fx6s but wondered if an extra fx4 wouldn't be too much flow on a 150g
  5. Tuned the lights out so they wouldn't stress. It was a 2hr car ride to get home and I had dinner with friends first. For now, check the folded piece of paper in the box, it gives you an idea of the size of the bags.
  6. Went to Coast Gem today. Nimit and his father are good people, and I had an amazing visit. I'm going to bed feeling super fortunate to have such a place within driving distance.
  7. Thank you! I was so pumped when I saw her swimming around the pond, I was hoping to find a fish exactly like her. Thanks dude! :toomuch: first Pom Pom I've ever kept, it was definitely an impulse. As I'm sitting here watching them, my eyes keep getting drawn to the brown fish lol I feel the same way. Cali's eyes are oval-ish shaped and it makes her look like a hammerhead.
  8. Wow that pairing made the matte Ryukin? That's awesome!! I know that getting the matte fish is just a matter of having the right genes in the brood stock, so I'm pretty much only going to select those types of fish. I've got plans that involve single tails too.
  9. Haha talkin bout our goldfish here I'll check the links thanks! EDIT: oh man Blimp is awesome!!! I would love to find a male like him to breed to my red matte Chu. Maybe I'll name her Zeppline
  10. The more I look at Cali the more I love her. She will probably be the only tele in my group.
  11. That's right!! Since we have the same tastes in goldfish, we should breed lol I'm looking forward to seeing your fish
  12. Yes, a few different species of anubias and J ferns. I have an image in my head ow how the hardscape will look. The hard part is finding the perfect rocks and driftwood
  13. Thank you, it definitely is, I know I have a lot to learn from you more experienced keepers.
  14. I am very particular about what I like, I looove matter scales and button eyes! Yes she is completely matte, with blushing clear gill plates. The red white is also mostly matte with a few nacreous scales in the mix. I do plan to breed them some day, and the matte scales with button eyes will be the goal.
  15. Beautiful setup, what camera are you shooting with? I just followed your IG
  16. That's some impressive growth! What do you feed your fish? I see his patterns are developing nicely too.
  17. I forgot to mention I'm on IG @Cohazard7 give me a follow and I'll follow back. ???????????? Thank you! One of the ranchu I picked out showed signs of its tail wanting to float to one side so hopefully the salt and prazi will help with that. I plan to QT for two months while I get the display tank just right. I'm no goldfish expert, I'm open to feedback, why wouldn't you? For me it's mainly aesthetics, but the air from the pump stays in contact with the water longer which should aid in oxygenating the water more. It's getting better around SoCal for goldfish keepers. We have several great spots for quality goldfish! The spot I went to is a koi/water garden shop. Thank you Dawn! Work in progress, haven't decided if I will go bare bottom or have gravel. Thank you! I like the sound of 'Cali Tele', I may just name her Cali. ???? Hopefully I can get some pictures up tonight with my DSLR.
  18. The depth is a pain for maintenance, but for viewing, I love it. Here is my current 150g tall setup for my panaque plecos
  19. Thank you! I usually don't like teles much But this one really caught my attention. They will soon be housed in a 150g tall, 4x2x2.5
  20. I haven't had a collection of goldfish in years, but it's time I fix that. Got a qt tank setup and went out looking for goldfish around SoCal today. Figured I would share with people who understand the obsession. ???? Here's the haul: Selecting and netting your own goldfish is seriously Zen like: My selections of fancies: Scored this one on Aquabid! Button eyes calico butterfly!
  21. wow very nice goldies. Calico crowned pearlies are one of my favorite breeds of goldfish.
  22. Haha yes an appliance dolly to move the tank. The hardest part was pulling it up a single step near the door. Used an old comforter to cushion beneath the tank when standing it up to put it on the dolly and leverage the weight against the truck when loading and unloading. Will use the same concept when lifting it up onto the tall stand.
  23. Hi, no problem, there are a few good spots around socal: Ck aquarium L.A. Aquarium Morning Sun Garden Hacienda Aquatics (occasionally) Eastern Nishikigoi 405 tropical Tongs tropical fish (whittier and fountain valley) And i read about a place in san diego called 'goldfish world' but i havent checked it out. What size tank will you be looking for because I'll be selling my 60g cheap.
  24. Hahaha its always nice to meet fish addicts in person, we were both familiar with the socal lfs's. I've told my gf I should get my own truck once my car is paid off lol mainly for moving fish tanks My current goldfish tank is 60g
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