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  1. hahah yup, I didn't know how to say 'aquarium' so 'pool' had to do. you for got "je suis francophonie" it means "I am a french speaker".

    Poisson rouge translated literally means 'red fish' but that's how the French refer to goldfish hahah

  2. more pictures coming soonnnnnnnnnn...er. eventually :blink: ...after i study for my french exam...

    I'll help you with a crash course: "J'ai un poisson rouge dans ma piscine, il est tres petite! Je suis francophonie!" :fishtank

    Now go take more pics of your cool trio! :D

  3. I love goldies they seem to me that they truly return your affection and they are more of a people fish ..before goldies I was going to get a few Oscars but I learned they need LOTS of space and would out grow a 55 and some become so restless that they will smack at the glass constantly I even read a story that one kept breaking it's own tank ..,hitting it so hard the glass would crack ..so even though I love oscars and their quirky bad a$ personalities I couldn't afford possible damage and upgrading the tank all the time .. :)

    Exactly! Goldfish are super peaceful, graceful (well... most species hahah, not sure how 'graceful' a bubble eye is hahah), and I really love the way their traits can be mixed and matched to whatever you're looking for (I saw a telescope with a wen in the photo gallery here!! that's crazy~!)

    I was surprised that the recommended minimum is 10g per fancy. I thought they all got to 12+" but that was a noob misconception.

  4. Looks like you've got quite a handsome gang there. Nice tank setup too.

    Welcome! biggrin.gif

    Thank you for the kind words BeancurdTurtle! :) Especially for the welcome. :D

    WOW !!! I would die for a tank that big !!!!! I have a 55 and a 29 ..your goldies will love it !!!!!!! (sigh ) ..sorry I'm dreaming ..lol

    Dream big, live big! I needed a biiig tank for the tropicals, but I kept trading fish, changing setups and getting restless. Goldfish have always been itching in the back of my mind, but Im really really into polypterus, and they would shred goldies apart.

    I've recently sold most of my polypterus because I moved and thought I'd have to get rid of the tank, but last minute my aunt said she would love to watch over the tank for me. So, now that I have very few polypterus left (only my super favs) they are manageable in a smaller tank, I just have to find a home for my RTGG sadly :(

    welcometo.jpg You have really nice fish

    Thank you Andy! :D

    good to hear that a red and white tele (and a redcap) is/are gonna be given a life of luxury :D

    good luck w/ your new fishies!

    180 GALLONS?!

    i think.

    if i was one of my goldfish.

    i'd be jelous.

    of your goldfish.

    or something.




    Well, there's tooo many cool strains of goldfish out there, I may even have to setup a second one! :krazy:

    Oh, I picked up the tele and the red cap! It's hard to get good pics of them, but I'll keep trying. :newfish

    I told myself I would 'ease into' keeping goldfish again, but looks like I dived into the deep end with full scuba gear :fishtank: :alc

  5. Beautiful fish treat them well and they will treat you well lol bounce.gif

    I look forward to updating when they've put on a few inches! :D

    Awwwwwww..... Daddy!!! The are so cute!

    haha glad to see koko's got some fellow night owls!! :D I only name my goldfish, the tropicals get traded and I have too many to name them :D

    180g tank? Those are some lucky goldies!!

    Can't wait to see pics when it's up and running.

    It's running right now haha just not with the goldfish. It still has my bichirs in it, but they're getting bumped to a 75g, and I have to sell or give away my cichlids. Here's a pic of what the goldfish will soon inherit:

    6' X 2' X 2' :D


  6. Must.... fight... temptation.... ah22 give in!!!

    Or to temporarily satisfy the itch, buy a small 5g or something and setup a betta tank! :D

    Though... I suppose you would still have to be cautious and not trip into the world of super high-end betta strains. Some of the halfmoons out there are simply awe-inspiring!!

  7. your black moor is wicked!

    haha that's exactly what I was thinking when I saw him! I've never seen a moor like him, so I couldn't leave him behind. He'll probably end up fading to all red though.

    Your fish are beautiful! You are very good with the camera, too! (I'm jealous!! biggrin.gif )

    What is the substrate in your tank? I like how it goes from bare bottom to the substrate - sort of a beach effect, but the pieces look small. Be careful of that! Goldfish are little piglets that will try to eat anything! exactly.gif

    Good luck with your fish! And welcome to Koko's! smile.gif


    Thank you for the welcome and words of wisdom Fishy! I'm not that great with a camera, but I try haha! The substrate is eco complete because that tank used to be a planted tank, but now it's a QT tank for the goldfish. I was worried about keeping them over it, so I only used a thin layer. I left that side of the tank bare so that when I do water changes, I wont kick up the gravel and possibly get any of the finer particles in their eyes. I've been debating whether or not I should just go bare bottom?

    oh cute fishies! Pretty tank too how big is it? They all look lovely

    Thank you, the first pics with the island background were a 6g I was using to photograph them. The second set of pics (where you can see the eheim filter intake) are in a 20g long QT tank.

    All the kids will eventually go into my 180g tank that's being converted from tropicals, to goldfish only :D

    great little fish. I love those dark little button eyes!! (on the last one) :heart

    THank you Chickey! That would be lil Cambria, she only hasthe dark buttom eye on her left side, just like Elisina. The other side is dark with silver outline. :D

    btw, that's an awesome celestial in your avatar!! How big is it? Looks huuuge! :)

  8. :welcome Beautiful fish! I love Miranda! :wub:

    Thanks for the welcome Luv! :D Miranda sends you a wink! :)


    so cute :D


    and a BIG :welcome to you :)

    Thanks Callie! I looove your telescope!!! I'm going to stop by an LFS in a few minutes to pick up a red/white one I saw yesterday. Not as nice as yours, but they're not too common around here. Think I'll swoop up a red cap while I'm at it :D

    Again, thanks for the welcome and nice comments ladies :D

  9. very nice fish ...I :heart sid he is going through a very interesting colour change

    Thanks Heidi! Yeah, his color change is very cool. His siblings at the LFS didn't show any of the color change that he is, and I was going to take one of them home too, but I'm waiting till I can find a butterfly tail, or veil tail moor.

    I've seen pics of others moors that were 'peeling', but Sid's seems different. We'll see as time goes on what happens :D

  10. Hii everyone, I'm new to the board! My first fish was a goldfish in a candy dish that my grandmother gave me. I loved fancy goldfish and seeing my older cousins setup with huuuuge fancy's made me want some, but in my teens I got sidetracked by tropicals and haven't had any goldfish since.

    I'm 22 now and I've finally decided to start up with goldfish again. :D

    Here are my kids:

    This is Miranda: She's a sweetheart, not timid, but seems to not be into rough housing with the boys.


    This is Elisina: I love red based calicos, and lil Ellie never lets the boys push her around when it's feedign time.


    The orange one is Claudio, the red and white one is Tetsuo. They mischievous and usually work as a team trying to pester Miranda. Claudio is a bit of a follower, while Tetsuo doesn't mind wandering off doing his own thing.



    Yesterday I picked up three new lil ones.

    First up is Brother Milo. He's a little bit bigger than all the others, with a wider and longer tail. He looks like their big brother, so thus his name is Brother Milo.


    This is Sid. He's a bit of a loner, and doesn't care to hang out in a group like the others do. He's usually on the opposite side of the tank, and every now and then Miranda will act as his shadow. I'm expecting him to lose all his black pigment, but I hope he keeps some of it :D



    Last but not least is lil Cambria. She's the smallest of the bunch, and looks even smaller when she swims next to Brother Milo. Her tail is going to look cooool when she's full grown :)


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