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  1. hahah awesome pics! I love the 'red panda' look of buckets, and Leonerds biiig eyes! Very cool fish Callie!
  2. Thanks Heidi! Yeah, his color change is very cool. His siblings at the LFS didn't show any of the color change that he is, and I was going to take one of them home too, but I'm waiting till I can find a butterfly tail, or veil tail moor. I've seen pics of others moors that were 'peeling', but Sid's seems different. We'll see as time goes on what happens
  3. Hii everyone, I'm new to the board! My first fish was a goldfish in a candy dish that my grandmother gave me. I loved fancy goldfish and seeing my older cousins setup with huuuuge fancy's made me want some, but in my teens I got sidetracked by tropicals and haven't had any goldfish since. I'm 22 now and I've finally decided to start up with goldfish again. Here are my kids: This is Miranda: She's a sweetheart, not timid, but seems to not be into rough housing with the boys. This is Elisina: I love red based calicos, and lil Ellie never lets the boys push her around when it's feedign time. The orange one is Claudio, the red and white one is Tetsuo. They mischievous and usually work as a team trying to pester Miranda. Claudio is a bit of a follower, while Tetsuo doesn't mind wandering off doing his own thing. Yesterday I picked up three new lil ones. First up is Brother Milo. He's a little bit bigger than all the others, with a wider and longer tail. He looks like their big brother, so thus his name is Brother Milo. This is Sid. He's a bit of a loner, and doesn't care to hang out in a group like the others do. He's usually on the opposite side of the tank, and every now and then Miranda will act as his shadow. I'm expecting him to lose all his black pigment, but I hope he keeps some of it Last but not least is lil Cambria. She's the smallest of the bunch, and looks even smaller when she swims next to Brother Milo. Her tail is going to look cooool when she's full grown
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