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  1. Wow looks cool! You need brighter lighting heheh but I'm digging how beautiful the goldies look swimming around the anacharis!
  2. compact flourescents would work perfect. You wouldn't want one that's the full length of your tank, something smaller because there is such a thing as too much light, if you're only trying to grow green algae on surface in the tank, rather than green water.
  3. Cool, thanks for the help Heidi! Usually brown algae just means your light isn't bright enough. Try using high powered lights 10-12 hrs a day. Dose some flourish excel and flourish, and you should get the green water in no time hahah After I had the huuuge change of heart in wanting to sell my RTGG, and deciding that separating the strains of goldfish I keep would be best for them, my new plan is to have 2 maybe 3 60g tanks.
  4. I agree with the others. Bad idea.
  5. I have a 20g long that I've been using as a QT/grow out tank. Since I have goldfish fever (all thanks to you and your awesome fish!) I'm curious to whether or not I could keep one fancy long term in a 20g long? I have also given thought to using it as a 'pea soup' conditioning tank, and using a power compact light to grow pea soup and keep a goldfish or two a month at a time in there to enjoy the pea soup. I forgot where I read it, but I read goldfish are best kept in 'pea soup' conditions because it increases tehir color and improves their form? Any thoughts? Thank you.
  6. The best thing you can do is get as much light as possible over your tank. If you can't do that, put Odin the badass into a smaller tank (5-10g) that is used as your 'photo tank' outside in the sun. Not only will it's colors be their best, but you will clear crystal clear, razor sharp pics! HTH
  7. Depending on the fin type, that can make a considerable difference in a goldfish's total length. I believe most fancies get to about the same stocky size.
  8. I agree with 13vi, sometimes they just hassle new additions. Perhaps they are excited to see a new face? whatever the case is, if it persists more than a couple days, definitely start putting other plans into action. Moving the fantail to the pond temporarily could work, then try re-introducing once the oranda is established and used to your routine (few weeks perhaps?)
  9. Wow that's some crazy algae growth! Does their tank get direct sunlight? I only seem to get the brown slime stuff in my tanks, but I keep them dimly lit I wonder if I can cultivate some green algae in a container outside without attracting the most-quit-toes. I can picture spending my mornings scraping algae out of plastic containers to feed to the goldies It should have the affect of keeping the goldies in green water, without actually keeping them in green water?
  10. Little did you know Finch, Heidi here is a vent pic feind! I found this on Le google (which is french for: 'the google' ), I hope it helps some: How to Sex Goldfish
  11. Thank you TOJ! Dooo it! What's an extra 29g tank? I can't believe she's symetrical! Sooo cool. Why not?
  12. Awesome!!! I've got one very similar looking to yours in the second pic. I could tell he already has some yellow on his lower cheeks so I'll be joining the lemon head oranda scene pretty soon hahah
  13. I agree with the others... go slow and pick what you really really want! Congrats and best of luck with finding that Ryukin!
  14. Niiiice! Those would be my favs too! They compliment each other very well
  15. Where's Leonard!?!? hahah I'm also part of the Buckets' fan club
  16. Wow that's awesome! They look sooo beautiful!
  17. I know i hate myself for committing THE worst forum taboo: posting stories without pics But I will be moving this weekend to a new apartment, so I will have the fish and the pics in 2 weeks at most. I've decided to keep my tropicals in the 180g (I don't want to sell my RTGG, I love him too much, he's a badass hahah ) so instead I'm pulling my 90g out of storage, I got a free 40g from my friend (which is what the juvies are in now), and I'm planning to buy either a 120g, or a couple 75 gallons for the goldfish. I decided multiple goldfish setups would be best so that I can keep the bubble eyes seperate, and the telescops and ranchu/lionheads in another, and the ryukin and oranda in their own. Heidi, wait till you see the sky blue/white lionheads you're going to freak!
  18. THank you MrBumbleBee! Just now, I thought, "dern, 'pearl' would've been a great name!!" too late now hahah
  19. Wow Kinji is awesome!! I have to study shipping I want to send out some goldfish too!
  20. wow they're awesome for being unintentional!!
  21. Pearlscales are new to me. I've always been an oranda, telescope, and bubble eye kinda guy hahah Thank you for the compliment, she appreciate it
  22. hahah it's taking every ounce of my will and self control to not go and buy all the fish I want before the 180g is ready. I'm already pushing it with all the juvies in the 40g (especially with the ones I haven't taken pics of yet! ). For now I'll dream about the list I will buy: Veiltail red/white ryukin Butterfly tail demekin 1 gold, 1 white/gold black bubble eye red/white bubble eye red based calico oranda black ranchu a couple sky blue/white calico lionheads..... ahhhhh
  23. I'll take pics next time I go... argh I can't wait!!! hahah
  24. Well you should've seen how bad I was drooling hahah My friend Joe was the only voice of sanity (you know, you could always come back, you have to setup the 40g tonight) and I thought, yeah but the filter is already cycled.... But it's a cash only place and I had my debit card and three bucks in my pocket Once I get the bichirs moved out of the 180g, I'll be going back and getting 10+ goldies
  25. Thank you Chrissy! Since I can't tell the gender yet, I just name them based on the impression I get from each fish. Thank you Chickey she is sooo precious! I've yet to come across another goldie like her! hahah soo true! Helooo Heidi! Dude, I wanted to tell you about this place I found yesterday but I can't PM yet. They had a tank with a bunch of tiny lemon heads!!! I just wish I could send you one but I don't really know anything about shipping.
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