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  1. wow huuge gold tank, I like the setup! Is the baby oranda in the 3rd pic missing an eye or is it albino?
  2. great mix of color on both of them is that a species of anubias in their tank?
  3. most of them look huuuge! love your golds, especially your black/orange ranchu
  4. nice little fish room, mine is my bedroom I guess lol Can you post pics of your golds please? They look awesome.
  5. he looks great! I love his broad tail, that's my fav fin type. My no-name orange ordanda that is larger than the red/white has a smaller wen lol I have been feeding three types of hikari food: Hikari Lionhead, Saki-Hikari Fancy Goldfish (color enhancing type), and Hikari Oranda Gold. I have definitely noticed wen growth in the smaller oranda, and some in the larger one, so food alone won't do the trick, if the genetics aren't there, they're not there.
  6. I was looking for one with large bubbles and saw this one in a tank of blacks. Wish I woulda gotten a black too lol I know what you mean, I wanted to do this to my 120g but the thought of setting up holding tanks for all the polypterus and angels etc... and then moving the tank around... ugh I'll stick to the way it is lol Thank you, she owns my heart, though the pearlscale is coming up in rank lol I'll post a photo thread with individual pics if I can mange them
  7. The nice thing about this video is that the color is true, except the background, it's brighter in person. It was easy to do, I didnt even use painters tape, I used clear scotch tape and news paper to protect the plastic molding, and the opening of the tank, then spray painted two coats of burgandy on the back and bottom, then painted two coats of black on top of that, then used black electrical tape along the back pane to protect the paint from scratches. Thank you Kymie I hope to see more videos of peoples fish. I love pics but I like seeing what you get to see, their gracefulness, goofyness, etc... She is, Pearl can't help it since she's bigger than the rest lol I can still remember seeing her in the tank and I knew I couldn't leave without her. I setup this tank for her and only added other goldies because I had space lol lol is there such a thing as too Zen? lol
  8. It's a fake plant shellbell and glad you like it
  9. haha it's true, I usually end up asleep, not because the tank is boring but from relaxing too much lol So far no problems, but these are not permanent inhabitants. The single tails will be going to a pond of my friend, and so far the bubble eye and the ranchu are able to compete very well for food.
  10. I love these little ones. My 120g is like a crazy busy city and I always have to make sure everyone in that tank gets along and is getting their fair share of food, etc... but my goldfish are always able to inspire peace with me, I feel like I can really relax when I'm on my bed watching them.
  11. Thank you Pearl is very special to me, I still remember when I found her. I just randomly wanted to go to that fish store that has a lot of goldfish, I think I was getting an air line or something, and when I was looking at all their goldfish outside, I see a perfectly white ryukin happy as can be in a tank full of reds and red/whites. she was the only one with the solid black eyes and blushing cheeks. I couldn't flag down help fast enough!
  12. love your ranchus and cocktail is my favorite of the bunch
  13. Martha, you can't have it! I'll try to shoot some video tonight though.
  14. They look great! Really dig the gold and black moor/demekin/telescope
  15. cool that's good to hear! One of my room mates said it was 'cute'. Not exactly what I was going for but ehhh lol Thank you, the color is my favorite part, mainly because I surprised myself that I didn't manage to make any big mistakes lol I've seen a lot of tanks where the bottom was painted, but they always always use black paint. It looks very nice with golds, but I wanted a unique theme. yeah I have too many! Havent decided which 5 will stay in this tank, and which will go to the next 60g. The little shubs are in there for grow-out then they're off a family members pond.
  16. Thank you very much! Yes it is very soothing to watch, I've fallen asleep twice lol Thank you very much, I dont' like bare bottom either that's why I added the stones
  17. Thank you! Most painted tanks I've seen are painted black. Looks nice, but I wanted somethign unique. Thank you Shell The plant is a 'giant fancy plants: bamboo' I believe. I wedged the base of it behind the spray bar to hold it in place, and it does a great job of hiding the spray bar of the xp3 and it also hides the koralia 2 I have that keeps the bottom clear of debris. Thank you Mrs. Mohr haha thank you, I can't wait to see what she looks like later one, has nice pattern. Thanks
  18. Thank you very much, it's nice to have the approval of fellow goldfish lovers lol over at the other site I haunt, not many fans of goldfish lol Whuts up bud! yeah this is THE place for a goldfish lover to be at and share their fish. Not much love for them on our other place Thank you for clarifying about the setup for Kymie
  19. Hi, I'm sort of new to the forum, I've posted here before but I had to part with my goldfish after a move and only kept my tropicals. Ever since I have been planning a goldfish tank in the back of my mind and here it is finally realized. This tank is my Zen, it is in my bedroom at the foot of my bed. I still can't believe how perfectly it matches the images I had in my head when planning it. Goldfish Zen: Some of my golds: This is Pearl my matte white Ryukin, no pigment at all: This is her little bud Apollo a matte white ranchu with blue splotch on his back: Elisina (recycled the name from my last collection of goldies ) my favorite type of calico because their pattern resembles a japanese water color painting: No name yet red ryukin:
  20. Wow very nice find! I've had my eye out for a calico oranda just like this, solid black eyes, blushing gills, and blue color, love it! Congrats on the little one
  21. wow that pic of melissa is awesome!!! I love your blue color scheme in the tank, sooo relaxing!
  22. I second that notion, and inject increased emphasis on clean water.
  23. It's one thing to have your goldfish's trust and it lets you hold it, it's another thing to hold it out of water. A suffocating goldfish will flop and squirm no matter how much it trusts you I saw a surgery on a goldfish where the vet used a new technique of using tubing to pump medicated water into the fishes mouth (and over the gills) so that there was no worry of having to place the fish back into a container of water to remain anesthetized, and no fear of the fish getting dry or flopping around. I saw it on tv, don't remember the program name though. It was neat!
  24. Hi, welcome to the forum JI (even though I'm a noob here too hahah) I agree with the others that peas are a great addition to your goldies diet. It prevents constipation, and can help solve problems the goldies may have already (like swim bladder). Look for some hikari food, ranchu (sinking) type. It's japanese made, but living in Korea I'm not sure what's available to you. Are you in North or South Korea? I'm guessing south since we are talking A lot of people don't use prepared foods at all, so yes you can feed fresh veggies, fruits, and shrimp daily without worrying. HTH, best of luck with your new goldfish! they can be skittish when new, but they will warm up to you if you care for them well
  25. I love the names! Very complimenting trio!
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