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  1. very cool tellies! How much were they if you don't mind me asking? They are definitely a lucky find, I couldn't resist either if I saw them
  2. ooooh shell bell I love your white demekins! They are so cool, and unique.
  3. Lupin, I'm going through pic withdrawls, give me a fix yeah?
  4. Thank you, one of my goals was to make it a peaceful tank to watch, and when I saw Apollo at the store, he stuck out because he was the only white ranchu in the tank, and the others were gold. There was a matte white/red ranchu in there that I wanted but I didn't get it. Apollo finally gets his/her due appreciation lol
  5. Very cool pics! I love the twins they look like exactly like my Pearl, buth with wider bodies
  6. Ronin has put on a lot of size, hard to tell in the pics because his pattern hasn't changed much. I gotta get better pics of Shinobi but and you'll see how that little bit of black in her dorsal fin is fading just as I had hoped when I got her. Thank you, I'm debating adding another plant into the tank, but I like the open swimming space they have, especially since the tank is small. You are correct my bubble eye was killed, and really it's my fault. She had been doing great but one day I came home and found her stuck to the powerhead. I should've gone with two lower power ones rather than one higher powered one. Lesson learned, sadly with a heavy price. Hi Anielynn! Please don't fishnap them I love them! lol Pearl was about half her current size when I got her, and she looked exactly the same, just that her fins were a bit smaller (ratio to body size). I like that her fins are growing out large and 'showy'. And I was thinking your tank looked like a 55 gallon and not the 100 gallon 10 goldfish require. lol Funny how pictures can be destroted like that. Keep an eye out on Pearl I may come fishnap her. Thanks Hidr, the tank is actually 60g's, so yeah of course not all these fish will be in there long term. Especially the shubunkins, they're just growing out and will be going to a pond. I still have time to setup another 60g, if I do I will just move over a couple of the fancies, but if I don't, I will give the orange oranda (nameless) and the red/white ryukin to the same friend who is taking the shubunkins. The pic isn't really distorted, they're just young goldfish Thank you, I really wanted to keep it simple and easy to keep clean, and maximize my water volume. I'm running an xp3 on this tank for filtration so the water stays pristine. haha those button-eyes are my faves! Thank you glad you like it, I've posted a video here if you're interested. Thank you Nah it's only 60g, and eventually only 6 fancies will be living there (including Pearl). I wish I knew of a local show, I would enter her if there was one. She's not perfect though, has some minor fin imperfections, but she's a definitely my favorite Thank you! I'll try for better pics soon, these were just kinda hurried and out of focus. Thank you Kristi, you know, Pearl always steals the show and I've always felt that Apollo never gets the attention she/he deserves. Apollo is almost exactly like Pearl only a ranchu instead of a ryukin.
  7. I finally got a chance to get some new pics of the fish, well, was talking to my gf on the phone while I was taking them lol so I guess I'm better at multi-tasking then I thought Anyways, I'm really happy with how these turned out, check em' out All that space and they crowd in this corner to beg for food: I have to back away from the tank or sit on the other end for them to spread out again: This is Beret my red cap male, he will not be in this tank much longer because it is for females only (Shinobi is the orange ornada girl behind him): This is Cleo, a crowned calico pearlscale (the wiggliest butt of them all): Elisina is a calico ryukin, I love her broken red/white pattern: Apollo is a (calico?) ranchu, with blue dorsal pattern: Here's a better shot of his back: Pearl is the oldest/biggest of the group, she's always stunning in my eyes: Pearl and Apollo are best friends, aaaalways hanging out together: Last but not least is Ronin: You can tell I looooove black eye goldfish. I didn't get shots of all of them, but will work on another update soon Thanks for checking out my fish
  8. yeah I doubt any LFS's would carry it, I've only heard of the stuff online. I like the idea of making your own food because I would do what you've done, by including the peas into the mix to keep their bellies clear of blockages and gas lol, and you can control the nutrition percentages going in and decrease the protein for older goldfish. I'll have to try making my own some time, your recipie has a great mix.
  9. Nice save Lupin! Looking foward to the update, such a cool gold and great name
  10. love the shade of orange on this pearl very good lookin'
  11. oh okay lol that's why I asked, it's a brand of gel food I've read about, never tried it though. What brand are you using or are you making your own? Sorry for all the Q's, just curious about the stuff.
  12. Cool lookin' fish! Inigo's color is so vibrant right now, are you feeding mazuri gel food?
  13. Thank you whitner I'll be posting a new thread tonight with the rest of my golds
  14. very cute pearls! they compliment each other very well, and I agree with Whitner, I love black eyes on a goldfish
  15. I think Pearl would be my most photogenic, she just poses when the camera is out lol:
  16. the tank looks great! love the stone in the middle that is partically buried.
  17. sweet tank! and I love the fish choice they look great together.
  18. I've never heard of multiradiatus, my fish is Datnioides undecimradiatus. Don't know why it was so scared in that pic, this is what is normally looks like:
  19. Bichirs: Polypterus: senegalus, delhezi, teugelsi, mokelembembe, lapradei. Plecs: L47, L134, albino gibbiceps, and soon to add more L134 and a clown, and flahs plecos. Thanks for the nice compliments
  20. Thanks Shellie, Bling is not the name of the fish lol it's a joke about the cost of that fish. It's a leucistic Polypterus senegalus. Normally brown/grey color, these are shiny white. The tank is 120 gallons, 4'x2'x2', I'll get a video up soon, my cam sucks at taking video of this tank, can't handle the light.
  21. the plants look great and that angel is perfect!
  22. I upgraded the lighting to a double strip Hagen GLO t5 HO and it's really making my plants grow faster. No co2 on this setup. Side view: BLING BLUE angelfish:
  23. Beautiful setup! So clean and clear. Very well done You do have two non-aquatic plants in there though, that will eventually rot away and spoil the water. The pointy ones with large leaves on the sides of your driftwood.
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