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  1. If you contact them and tell them what you're looking for, they have great customer service.
  2. Wow I had no idea! I thought all Fx6 were the same. For my stacks I used the bio foam on the first red basket, and the foam pads from my xp3 filters in the second level, second tray has established matrix in the red basket, and lava rock on the bottom level, third tray I only used the carbon foam pad because I wasn't sure if I wanted to add more bio or use the filter bags for purigen and chemi pure. I'll probably look into getting an extra set of the red trays so that I can split the last level and do both bio and chemical/polishing. The bio foam confuses me because it seems to be the same coarseness as the white pre filter sponges, so it's not really keeping much crap out from the bio, unless pairs with a polishing pad which would decrease the time between filter maintenance. I still used it because the one thing I didn't like about my Fx5's was the bio getting dirty on the top layer. If I were you, I would return the Fx6 gen 1 and ask for the 2nd gen or maybe contact fluval and tell them about your experience, I'm willing to bet they'll hook you up with the gen 2 baskets with red trays.
  3. Yup it's got those labels on top and theblittle red baskets. That threw me off because I owned Fx5's before and it used to be just three big baskets. I guess one last prefilter can't hurt before the water hits the bio.
  4. I don't know about all that but yeah there were vouchers inside with a code to redeem for the vacs you just have to pay shipping.
  5. I honestly don't know if it'll make it easier but I'm anxious to try it out.I like that I can do spot cleaning without changing water if I feel like it or if they make a mess. I'm curious how the suction will compare to using the faucet siphone and gravity.
  6. @muffluvin did you order the fluval gravel vac for the Fx6? I just got shipping notifications not sure why I wasn't expecting it this soon
  7. I had no idea goldfish lovers were such gangsters! Now I gotta prepare for a home invasion over my goldfish hahah Yes they did have one tub of Ryukin with some size on them about 4-5" body, not many though. Oh that lil guy? He is a RainGarden fish. Steve is awesome by the way. Since you're in SoCal I think you'll have dibs on anything I decide to sell to make room. Thank you it's a 150g tall, so 4x2x2.5 Ah man I feel for her, I have to really think it over.
  8. Thank you Dawn! So far the tall tank is working out, hopefully I stays that way.
  9. Here are some pics of my new fish from Coast Gem! Nimit and his father are awesome! They were super inviting and helpful and man walking in there is overwhelming. So many beautiful fish big and small. Lucked out and got the Black Friday special 20% off. Anyways, here are all the fish
  10. So how was your filter swap adventure. Hope everything went well. You still.owe us pictures of your fish from Nimit Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N900A using Tapatalk Everything went smooth thanks, rinsed everything out and got the new tank filled and running late Friday night. Yesterday I moved all the fish out of the QT tank and moved the rest of the media from the filters running on that tank into the FX6s. I do owe you guys pics I've been posting everything to my IG. New thread coming up in the photo lounge
  11. We started calling that oranda Marilyn because of her platinum curls and the beauty mark on her cheek.
  12. Couple pictures of that Pom Pom y'all liked
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