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  1. Congratulations on getting the koi into the pond so quickly! I am happy to hear the chocolate oranda is doing well now also -- sure is a pretty fish! You may want to treat your koi in the pond with the Prazi -- apprently flukes are common in ponds and I think I read that they are carried by birds, but anyway most people treat their ponds twice a year for flukes as a preventative measure. I read that somewhere when thinking about building a pond.
  2. Koko, I tryed for most of 3 hours to get a picture of the Oranda's eyes to no avail. A friend of mine who works at the DNR hatchery happened to stop by to drop off more of the stuff we use to treat the water for the fish -- he looked at the tank and told me that the fish (most in the tank) are suffering from a form of infection! I really thought my tank was healthy He advised me to order the MetroMeds (after looking at them online) or he could get me the stuff they use in the hatchery but that is in big chunks that slowly get eaten by the young fingerlings and he wouldn't know the dosage for a small tank. He said that it is an exterior bacterial infection that is uncommon but the hatchery has experienced it a couple times this year in different holding tanks and all fish show different signs ........... Long story short ....... he did some scapes and slides and called this morning and told me that the fish are still in the treatable stage and all they need is a good antibiotic, the tests show that it hasn't progressed to internal infection yet but the best course of treatment is to get them on the MM and treat the water with salt. The oranda does NOT have popeye...... this bacteria will irritate delecate skin and apparently my oranda has delicate facial skin so it is just swelled and it will return to normal when treated with MM/salt. I know I had posted about this same issue with this oranda X acouple of times but it would seem to clear up and come back then clear up........ Apparently this bacteria will flurrish and then almost all die out then flurrish again causing his irritation (swelled cheeks) to come and go. I just wanted to thank you for the offer of help and let you know what I have found out. (I wish I could get a picture of him for your reference) but I will go ahead and treat the whole bunch with MM and have my friend check on them regularly since he is the one who knows what he is looking at. If I can, I will have my friend write up the description of this infection and the pictures he can get on his microscope and send them to you koko and you can post it or do with it what you will. Thanks again for your help. PS The best news was since he did a scrape he could tell me if they have flukes or any other fishy nasty and NONE of them do. Just this one issue and when it is gone it really will be a healthy tank!
  3. Should a fish with popeye caused by a bacterial infection also have stringy poo? (other signs I have seen associated with bacterial infoections) He does NOT. Really he seems perfectly healthy other than the fat face and ringlets on the eyes. Well either way I will try to get a picture of him tonight and get it posted. Thanks again for all of your help Koko. By the way and WAY off topic....... what do you do for a living (or education) that you know SO-O-O-O-O-O much about fish? Just wondering.
  4. Yes I have a Rubbermaid I could use as a QT if that is what you are thinking. But isn't popeye usually caused by a bacterial infection? And wouldn't the rest of my fish have been exposed? Shouldn't I be treating all of them then? Oh, you asked about Epson salt, yes I have that also. Are you thinking dropsy? He shows no sings of pineconing, though.
  5. My tank temps are usually in the mid 70 range. Somedays alittle warmer dependant on the weather, but normally about 72-76. I haven't started them on the MediGold I just happen to have it in the cabinet. I did email Rick to see what he thought -- I will wait with the order until I get a response from him. I guess I need to know the difference in the meds so I know what they are good for prior to feeding them to the kids (fish). I will try to get a picture of the eyes tonight. Thanks Koko for all of your help. I appreciate it.
  6. MetroMeds vs MediGold What is the difference? Would MediGold work as well? (I have some of that on hand) I am going to place an order while online, just curious if MediGold would be as effective. I read that MetroMeds is for dropsy or thin fish and there is no sign of pineconeing and if this fish is "thin" I don't think he would fit in A tank if he were "filled out"!
  7. Koko, I assume Dede's normal colloring around the eye was orange? Was her's both eyes or just one? Seems as both Spike's eyes have the same look as the other but neither of them look like that. I have tryed many times to get a picture but it never shows up on the photo. I will see what I can do for the white ring.......... as far as the Pearlscale's blister, it has totally dissapeared now. I have been keeping an eye on her and if this blister like thing were to reappear I will try to get a shot then. Thanks Koko, for the offer of help. How long does MetroMed's last on the shelf? I am thinking about getting some just to have on hand for "just in case" if this isn't something to treat with meds.
  8. [*]Test Results for the Following: Ammonia Level? 0 Nitrite Level? 0 Nitrate level? always < 20 Ph Level, (If possible,KH and GH and chloramines)? 7.6-7.8 Ph Level (KH/GH) out of the Tap? 7.6-7.8 Brand of test-kit used? (strips or drops?) Marine Enterprises Fresh Water Tests (Drops) [*]Tank size (How many Gals) and How long has it been running? 55 Gallons since May [*]What is the name and size of the filter/s? Emporer 350 & another filter I don't remember the brand of but it filters 300 galons per hour [*]How often do you change the water and how much? Weekly 25-50% [*]How many fish in the tank and their size? 6 Goldfish ( 1 ~ 4 Inches Oranda Cross, 1 Moore, 1 Oranda, 2 Ryukins ~ 2.5 inches, 1 Perlscale ~ 2.5 - 3 fat inches) [*]What kind of water additives or conditioners? Specialty stuff from local DNR [*]Any medications added to the tank? no [*]Add any new fish to the tank? no [*]What do you feed your fish? Omega One sinking pellets [*]Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt", bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? Really fat face, white fleshy rings around the eyes on the Oranda X, the Pearlscale had a blister at the Y of the tail [*]Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating,ect..? NO, always active, never lethargic, fins always erect and happy Above are the answers to the questions from the top of the page. My questions are: 1.) What is popeye? Is that when the EYE itself is protruding or when the flesh around the eye looks swelled or larger or thicker than it used to be. 2.) What could cause a blister like thing at the Y junction of the tail? It has "popped" or healed now but am currious as to what causes the blister. My largest fish is an orange Oranda X and for the past month or so has been developing more wen (not dramatically but it has gotten alittle thicker) and face fatness. S/he appears to have white rings under his eyes but they seem to be the face flesh that has been getting thicker that I am seeing. He HAS deffinately developed more jowels than he used to have. His EYES themselves are not protruding at all, in fact it looks as if his/her eyes are more sunken than they used to be. So would this be considered Pop-Eye or is this something that is related to his genetics of being an Oranda X? I am considering purchasing MetroMeds to have on hand, but not sure it this is Pop-Eye. I have looked for pictures of Pop-eye but they usually show an eye that looks like a Moores eye, the whole eye and socket protruding and that is much more severe than ANYTHING I am seeing in my tank. My Pearlscale also had what looked like a blister at the Y-junction of her tail about a week or so ago. It was really hard to see and could only be noticed when her tail was in just the right possition. She is a calico and I wasn't quite sure if there was something there or if it was colloring, but now that it has since dissapeared I am assuming it had been a blister that has now popped and healed. I am wondering if this is something that will reaccur if it has to do with my tank or a sign of a hidden illness. She is also a very active fish, never sitting still and her fins are always held errect and never been clamped. I will appreciate all of the help/advise you guys can offer.
  9. Hey Hi-D! Those are the cutest most hyper-active fish I have ever seen! I hope they grow up big and strong but at the rate they swim they will burn off any callories you feed! Love the names too! and as for: My parents used to just say, :2 adults and 2 students ----- granted my sister was in college and I was a senior but my parents got the cheaper tickets!! That always just killed me.........Them teaching us not to lie and be honest (they did not "lie" we were students), but they also taught us not to spend more than we had to!
  10. That video was horribly sad......... the man was annoying as he commentated about the poor mourning fish..... (I turned the speakers off) so I could watch the entire thing. I have to credit the guy for caring about his fish and giving it a burial in the yard...and wanting the redcap to have a friend.... but then he goes to Pet Co buys 2 new fish and floats them for an hour and releases them and the Pet Co. water into his tank! No QTing them at all........ I just hope his redcap and the new fish don't end up dying of something that he could have easily prevented by keeping the new fish in Quarenteen for awhile.
  11. Here is a picture of my Pearlscale......... I had better pictures but they won't upload off the camera......... had to use the other digital and the picture wasn't so great but hopefully you can see the spot on her. Here is the same photo with some brightness adjustment and the "spot is circled. I personally think it is looking pretty good now and given a little more time and clean water with salt I think it looks like it will heal up on it's own. If any of you disagree PLEASE tell me, I don't want to be guessing and guess wrong. Thanks OH, I caught her on video also, it may be kinda long but I think there are a few good shots of her right side that you may be able to see the spot better. She is kinda camera shy.
  12. Hey me! I am sorry to hear about your unfortunate luck with your poor little fishes. But if anyone can help you figure it out it will be the people on these boards. You were wondering about buying more biospira........ well here is my personal experience with BioSpira (so no offense to anyone - this is just what I noticed in my experience with using it) I wouldn't bother with it. When you put bioSpira in a new tank with very small fish or a very lightly stocked tank (as yours is) it seems that the poor little fishes can't produce enough amonia to feed the Bacteria that we dump in the tank in the form of BioSpira, and it all dies off fairly quickly. As it did in my first tank when the fish were little. Then I had some real issues with nitrates but I don't know if that was the fault of the BioSpira or not. Now when I set up a larger tank and my fish were much larger and my filters were already "alive" (per se) I added BioSpira because the new tank had a new filter and I was getting some amonia spikes due to the increased tank size and my "living" filter was undersized for it, but it helped tremendousely to keep the amonia at a manageable amount and nitrites didn't spike "bad" again until the new filter was well colonized. I would say with 2 small fish in almost 30 gallons of water they aren't producing enough waste to "feed" the BioSpira - so I wouldn't buy it again - At least not until you figure out the ph issues you are possibly experiencing. I assume a ph crash will kill off your bacteria too so it would be just an added expense that you could use for something else right now. Hope my experience and opinion was helpful....... if anyone else has a different opinion I am willing to listen.... maybe I just had odd experiences with the BioSpira, I don't know. Well me!, I wish you the best of luck with your fish! I will keepmy fingers crossed and my fish will keep their fins crossed for you and yours.
  13. Hello staryeyed, I am really sorry about your poor goldfish. I am so not knowlegeable enough to offer you advise as to what may be wrong with your fish. But I am wondering, because this monitor sucks and I can't see in your pictures clearly, the white stuff on the fish ---- does it look slimy or fuzzy (like little hairs or mold)? Like I said I am not qualified to give advise but I wish you luck in helping your little (ha) finned friend. By the way........ you originally bought him for food for your oscar? Do you still have the oscar too??
  14. Sorry about that...... my ph tests 7.8 not 6.8 The water tested just as good as it has for a long time...... nothing has changed. Still without computer so I am jumping on at the coffee shop during lunch..... so this will be short. I looked at the fish this morning and they are all doing fine! Dorsals all raised and looking like sailboats! My pearlscale's spot is dark in the center but all swelling has gone away. I corralled her in a container to get a better look since if you get close to the tank she decides to swim in the back or will only show you her good side, she can actually swim backward! Anyway I was told it could be the hatching of an anchor worm and to keep watching to see if I can see it hanging off the fish........ well there is no sign of anything hanging off of her and the only thing I can see is: the scale is missing on this spot, the center looks like a little scab that is darker in the middle and lighter toward the outside, there is no longer any swelling in the area, and lastly I think she has increased her size by 1/3 since she was originally put in this tank (just grown, not dropsied or anything, just to clarify). I think she just had an abrassion due to running into the filter tube, like a skinned knee, that got irritated by the algae debre' in the water, possibly a slight infection. I have done 1 mid-week water change due to the looks of the tank and am keeping the water salted at about 0.15-0.2 (or is it 0.015-0.02 55 gallons x 1.5 +/-teaspoons salt). I am also feeding MediGold due to that she had stingy white poo and so did a couple of the other fish. I did notice that my large Ornada X HAD what looked like white rings under his eyes, like his lower eyelid was swelled out away from his face, but since they have all been eating MediGold for almost a week whatever was causing that also cleared up. It could have been the algae in the water irritating his eyes, but you would think lake fish would always have that issue and you don't see it on them, so I am thinking it was the beginnings of pop eye possibly. I am going to continue the MediGold for the full 14 days or possibly extend it to the 30 days of treatment just to make sure that what they have is gone for good. Was planning on talking to Rick @ goldfish connection to make sure it is safe to feed that long and give him all the details, because I hadn't planned on mentioning it here but now I have so if you guys have any input on how long I shoudl feed the MediGold I would appreciate your advise. So in a nutshell: the 6 fish are eating MediGold 55 gallons tank treated with 82.5 teaspoons of salt lump on Pearlscale clearing up (almost completely gone) white puffiness under Oranda X's eyes cleared Water parameters all pistine (NO ph swings!) Thank you for reading and offering your knowlege and help! Hopefully I will have computer at home again soon and can post a picture of what the Pearlscale's spot looked like, I will keep an eye on it just in case. Thanks again!
  15. I am sorry I haven't gotten back to this thread to post........ I am currently without computer........ posting from the library.............. My little pearlscale's spot has a very dark red spot on the middle now but looks as if the inflamation is all gone (like a zit that has popped) Hopefully I can post some pictures soon......... the spot doesn't seem to be affecting the pearlscale's behavior or appatite (actually ALL of the fish eat better when being fed MediGold -- is that normal??). Her dorsal is up and there are no marks in her tail or fins. I cleaned water again last night (gettng rid of the floating brown sludge) and my water tested at(before the test): pH 6.8 Amonia 0 NitrIte: 0 NitrAte: Between the lowest 2 numbers on the card 0.025 and0.5. Hopefully I can get photos up tomorrow!
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