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  1. Ok sweetie....you have the filter covered...with a nylon or somthing like a sock...this is good! Double check the levels out of the tap and tank! I know you know this but make sure u r doing the whole 5 mins worth! Truly sounds like ammonia! Perhaps a water change is worth it.......maybe levels are off or you had a bump! If nothing else a sick fish loves fresh water....I had popeye and infection in wen and clean water did wonders! Pop me a note here or on FB......you got my number love!!!!
  2. I am sorry about your fish and I am sorry I have been in the hospital and couldn't answer you! You were given great advice....except it sounds like fish lice on top of everything. There was nothing you could have done different in the meantime. So pat yourself on the back for your efforts. Salt to .3% or.4% could have dealt with ick! Prazi with flukes......fish lice are difficult! You and everyone else did a good job. Tons of vacuuming or getting rid of gravel.....who knows.... and big hugs!!!!!!!
  3. Yes I am very late coming into this discussion....sorry I have been in hospital with no computer. First you need to check your parameters out of your tap as well as your tank. You could have bad levels comeing from tap that we need to address! If at all possible, keep your Nitrates around 5=10...it is much easier to deal with....my nitrates out of tap are crazy so I don't have a choice, I deal with tons of water changes. If the water is warmer, keep the level of tank water down a bit and create more of a splash with your bubblers. Goldies need lots of oxygen especially when it is warmer. The splash will help. Remember...fancies 10 gall per fish and 20 gall per single tails. When they are little you can cheat a bit, but always remember they get bigger and you WILL have to get bigger tanks. Sorry about your fishies, it always hurts to lose one! Always, always need to be aware of ammonia. Levels are very important! Oh and don't ever remove all gravel at once...it will cause a huge cycle bump since you most likely will have tons of BBs living there. You can remove a bit at a time, just keep it in a stocking (nylon) for a few weeks till tank evens out. Any questions, please ask! Once again, I apologize....I have been MIA and hospitals suck!
  4. Hmmmmmmm.....what r your levels now? You should have some nitrates if you are cycled! Are you waiting the entire 5 minutes and doing all the shake, shake shaking? Please let me know. Looks can be deceiving with cycle bumps and I just want to be sure. Glad things are looking up. In the future...I really think your danios and goldies would be better off in seperate tanks........only so much as goldies are so poopy and need the water changed 50-75% per week and tons of filtration and bubbles! Post back please!
  5. I am soooo sorry! swim free little guy
  6. Hi and First, you have been given some good advice. Second, if you don't have test kits and it hasn't been at least 2 months personally i would do daily water changes to keep ammonia down. You really don't need gravel since goldfish are very messy and poop a lot....it is easier to take care of them with a barebottom tank. Daily vacuum cleans in a non cycled tank can be exhausting! White poop is caused by many things....stress, infection, eggs......so without water parameters.......Serious 50% water changes daily for at least two months or until u can get drop tests. For now if you could at least get PH, Ammonia, and Nitrites that would be great. Keep us informed and good luck with your fishies!
  7. Hi! White poo can be many things....reabosorbed eggs, stress, infection.... If they are all pooping white i would suggest a treatment of Metro Meds...However if it has ceased, keep doing what u are doing. Water changes are very important until you cycle is good! There is a link or a few to figure out exactly what that means! I would suggest feeding two times a day, preferrable with a healthy gel food till they get back on track! I would really like to know all your water parameters. If u do not have the specific tests u can take it to LFS and have them test it, just have them write down the specific parameters, not it is fine or ok....we want numbers please!!!! Good luck and let me know on those params please!
  8. Definitey keep an eye on her. Moving fish back and forth can be pretty stressful....granted if you need to you need to! Just watch her for a couple days and see how she does. Keep an eye on the ammonia level. Good luck and let us know!
  9. I am sorry Jules!! Sometimes fish just go in their own time and their own way.... not much help to you now! Sorry! Swim free Joe!
  10. Any chance you can get us the exact levels please?
  11. Granted, I hand feed! However, the only suggestion I would live by....is NO single tails with fancies! They are fine when they are little, but when they get bigger.......not so good! I do have two single tails with a fantail, they are all boys though.....and I hand feed! So I think it depends on your situation!
  12. UGh! I just read the entire thread! So sorry but you have had some great advice from Catie! Good job! The heat is a pain in the backside, i know I live in the desert! I am with Trinket on the removal of castles....are they hollow by chance? Anything hollow is bad! One thing i can add, in summer when it is hot and trying to do temp matched water changes...I have to get help from ice and and extra tub! My water from the tap is literally hot comeing from cold side. You can also let sit out overnight. Cheap method is rubbermaid tub. I am glad she is getting better and I am sorry I wasn't able to be here sooner!
  13. Hi! Sorry you are having issues! Personally if you have any meds in the tank...take them out! What have you used? Do water changes until 100% of meds gone. Then I would salt. Aquarium, Pickling, Kosher....there is a link in my signature with more options...but I would salt to .2% for a few weeks. Should heal up nicely!! Just make sure all meds are out of water prior.
  14. sometimes it takes a bit......you have been given great advice so far!!!! Daryl is the best!! try feeding her peas...if the male were to leave her alone...does she seem to be hanging out at the top of the tank?
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