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  1. Sorry, I don't even have a camera and at that size I don't even know how good the pictures would be if I did have one. I asked the guy at the lfs if it was an anemone and he said 'no' but you can't always trust what the employee say, now can we? At that size it could pass as either. It's mostly tan but just a fraction below the tip of the arms is a lighter area. When I saw it in the lfs it was just near the edge of the rock, on the backside but to me it appear like it was stretched out like on a neck. Once I got it home I didn't observe that behavior so I don't know if I imagined it or if it's just choosing not to stretch out. I just find another polyp on the way backside where it would be in the dark in my tank. So I shaved it off with part of the rock. I was surprised at how easy I was able to do that. I don't have it glued to anything but it is resting on top of another rock in the tank. I've seen no activity from it yet.
  2. They did bag it with water from the tank it was in. I do have another question for you. Do poylps move? Because my lfs told me that one of the items on the rock was a polyp. I looked on liveaquaria.com and it sort of looks like a long polyp leather and it's smaller then a dime. But this thing has moved twice? The second time it was within a couple of hours. I'm not kidding. I thought you had to shave them off with a rasor blade to move them to another spot? So is it something else?
  3. Oh, crap! I just remembered something. When I started my saltwater hobbie I bought multi-pack of Sally's saltwater frozen food. The marine fish didn't seem to take to it so since I spent quite a few bucks on it I figured I'd feed it to the goldfish. I only did it twice but I bet that's all it took to introduce Moo Shu to some bad food. Now what do I do? I think after this I'm not trusting frozen foods anymore. I know Hikari(unfortunately, the lfs don't sell it)is suppose to be the best and I've heard people say they've had few problems with it but I'm thinking the only way I can ensure that my fish aren't getting intestinal parasites from there food is to make sure I know EXACTLY what they're eating. I think I'm going homemade gel food all the way. I get attached to these frakking fish and it's pissing me off that I may have screwed up with Moo Shu.
  4. The tank is a cycled tank. It has been up and running since July 4th, 2008. Yes, I ment .3%(3tsp/gallon). I am talking about mass. He is the second largest fish in the tank(I have five)and his belly, when not fed yet, is concaved. Unlike his tank mates, no matter the size, whose bellies are thick when not fed yet. Moo Shu is about 4/5 inches long including the tail and he'll muscle his way in to get food.
  5. Do goldfish get a wasting away disease? I've got a shubunkin(Moo Shu)that was quite the chubby and frankly, he still eats like a pig but suddenly now he started to get thin. I didn't notice until today because I've been so focused on my new hobby of saltwater fish that I've taken little notice of Moo Shu and his tankmates. His tankmates are in good shape and eating well. I do weekly water changes of about 25%. I haven't tested recently but I'm sure some of the parameters are slightly high(amnonia,nitrates,nitrites). I use the API drop kit and usually those readings are at the second from the bottom range and that's why I do frequent water changes and have three aquaclear filters running. Two are for a 70 gallon tank and one is for a 50 gallon. Yes, the tank is overstocked. Please, don't lecture me on something I know I'm not suppose to be doing. The tempature is at 74. A month back, I did a prazi treatment for 7-10 days but discontinued after that. I understand that you're suppose to do treatment for alot longer because flukes can be tough buggers and not easily killed. So my question is, is Moo Shu thinness due to the prazi treatment, return of the flukes(he wasn't thin before treatment)or is this an unrelated problem. I've had Moo Shu for almost a year and there has been no new introductions of fish since the prazi treatment that could of brought in something. I did introduce a new tank ornament within the last two weeks but I washed it with fresh water, bleached it, washed it again, let it dry, put it a bucket of water with prime and a charcoal bag for a day and then placed in tank. So I'm hoping that didn't do it. There is no other outward appearance of disease except the thinness and she/he swims fine, eats well and is very active. I feed mainly homemade gel food made with veggies, cocktail shrimp, cooked salmon, multi-vitamin(mens with no iron), some baby food, paprika, garlic(extra garlic for internal parasites). I do supplement with frozen foods like shrimp, blood worms, krill, planketon and spirulina flakes and Pro-Gold pellets. I know some people think Hikari frozen food is the best but I can't get it here. We only get Sally's(?) So any ideas? Also, I add salt to the water at about 3% per gallon of water. I use Prime exclusively. The equipment I use(python,scrubber, net, buckets)are for that tank and that tank only. So no cross contamination.
  6. Love those pics. I'm so jealous. I did get adventurous and buy my own rock with live stuff on it from the lfs. I've got green stuff(algae I assume since the blenny is eating it), six mushroom corals, a poylp and some pinkist/purple growth that could be coral. I didn't ask alot of question concerning what was on it. All I knew is that I like it, it was only $20 and I didn't need a bucket to get it home. Right now everything seems to be doing well. Although, I discovered a second poylp underneath the rock and I'm trying to figure out how to remove it without hurting it or the rest of the rock. The rock is only about six/seven inches long and a couple inches thick at it's thickest point. If anyone has a suggestion I'd be grateful.
  7. I hate to admit it but I probably have gotten a little carried away with the fish buying and probably have made poor choses with my fish, i.e. the damsels. I'm getting rid of them. They stressed out my royal gramma basslet so much it died. They were even terriorizing the firefish a little and for awhile I didn't see it and thought maybe they had killed it but after removing both damsels it has reappeared. Although, it is a little skittish now. What currently remains are three clowns and the firefish and the cleaner crew(4 blue/red leg crabs, a margarita snail & a red banded coral shrimp). I'd like to get another basslet one day or maybe a citrinis clown goby or a couple of blue/green chromis since I read that they are all peaceful fish and don't get very big. But I think that will be a few months down the line. I want to wait and see how the four I have do instead of rushing things. I'm going to try and learn from my current mistakes and not repeat them. Thanks for your suggestions and advice Scywica and Fishguy. It's greatly appreciated.
  8. Thanks for the info. I'm glad I mentioned it before buying it and wasting my money. I do have a question about marine food. My fish seem very picky about what they eat. They eat Hikari Marine -S- pellet food but won't eat any frozen brine shrimp, krill or plankton. I've got homemade gel food for my goldfish that has alot of veggies and has salmon and cocktail shrimp and they won't eat that either. My puffers love it though and of course so do the goldfish. I bought Sally's Saltwater Multi-Pack for saltwater fish but they don't like any of that either. I want to broaden their food intake. Any suggestions.
  9. Thanks, for the advice Fishguy. The clowns I purchased had two bubble anemones in with them at the pet store and the anemones were being completely ignored but I understand sometimes it takes time for them to host an anemone. I've been warned about my four stripped/black tail damsel getting ugly. He does display in front of some of the fish and does the little side wiggle with the clowns but they just respond back. He's chased the yellow tailed damsel a couple of times but nothing serious. The yellow tailed damsel seems pretty passive with everyone so far. The thing I like about him is his dark blue color with the splash of yellow. If I could find another small fish that looked similar and was very peaceful I'd find another home for my damsels. I'd love to get some of that purple algae growing on my rocks and I believe I've seen bottles at the pet store that will grow it. The thing that I find hard is the holding back on getting certain things. I know you can't rush introducing certain items,corals, inverts to the tank but when you see other peoples established tanks(like yours)it's easy to get carried away. LOL I got to remind myself to take baby steps.
  10. Thank you for your response. I don't think I intend to get any kind of big fish either. What you stated size wise is all I'm going for. I'd love to have a yellow tang but I doubt that will ever happen. Currently, I'm happy with what I got for fish but the more I look at reef aquariums as opposed to fish only tanks the more I get an itch to do that. I viewed your tank on photobucket and am impressed. I love all the coral and the marine life you have in there and now I want that myself. Was that an anemone you had in there? I'd love to get an anemone for my clowns but I'd want to get one that won't sting my other fish. Any suggestions? Also, if you could recommend any hardy, beginners type marine life(non-fish)I'd greatly appreciate it. If I go reef I want to start very slow and only a few at a time.
  11. Thank you. I was beginning to think I had gotten in over my head if I had to haul jugs of water home from the store. LOL
  12. I've already got a 29 gallon tank setup with clowns, damsels, a dartfish and a royal gamma basslet. Plus a clean up crew. I was thinking maybe somewhere along the same size and temperament but in a 20 gallon instead.
  13. For babies in South Dakota they're $15. Or $12 if I go to my mom and pop fish store.
  14. Do you really need RO water for a fish only tank?? I've been using tap and conditioning it with Prime.
  15. Hey, everyone. I've just begun getting into the idea of marine fish. I'm starting small. Fish only tanks with maybe some cleaner crew to help with debre. The size of the fish will also remain small. None will be any larger then 3-4 inches. Their temperments would all be peaceful. If going with the rule of thumb of one gallon of water per inch of fish and at three inches a peice. I should safely be able to have at least six fish in a 20 gallon or am I wrong? Please advise. Thank you.
  16. I have a 29 gallon tank. At the time, I had purchased the first clown(the aggressive one)at another pet store and that was the only one they had at the time. Then decided I wanted two in there instead and went to a totally different pet store to get clown fish Number 2 to put in with the first one. I spoke alot about this in my topic "Clown Identification". But the first one didn't like the second one and started bullying it to the point where the damsels joined in. So that's when I removed her and put her in with the puffers and went back to the pet store that I got the second clown(the bullied one)and bought three of his former tank mates. They're getting along perfectly. There's a little displaying to one one another but nothing harsh like the first one and the damsels aren't picking on any one particular clown. Nobody gets singled out. I do know that there will be a hierarchy with a dominant female and dominent male with the other clowns either remaining juvenile or gender-neutral or maybe pairing off themselves and stacking claim to the opposite side of the tank. I have done some research on the subject so I'm expecting some aggressive behavior. I just felt the first one was being uber aggressive because they hadn't been purchase together. I love my clowns and my damsels especally the yellow tailed damsel that I've named 'Dory'. The four stripped/black tailed damsel is 'Auggie'. The first clown I bought was named 'Nemo' and the second one was 'Coral' but now that I've got three other clowns in with Coral I can't pick her out anymore. With the exception of one they all look the same. I know a 29 gallon isn't very big for what I all have in it but I already had it on hand and I didn't have to invest in a new tank/stand or equipment. I've always dreamed of having a SW tank but was to afraid to try. I'm probably making some serious newbie mistakes but that's how I learned when I started out with goldfish. I was also careful to purchase the hardiest SW fish possible and ones with reasonable price tags. I figured if I found out I sucked at SW at least my cost would be small. I don't want that to sound like I don't care about the fish it's just I realize that no matter how much you try your best bads things will happen. We've all lost goldfish at no fault to ourselves....Right?? As for Nemo and the puffers(sounds a little like a rock group)I don't know what to do. I'm surprised that the puffers are intimidated by Nemo. Especally Pixie, she/he is twice the size of Nemo and if Pixie sees Nemo coming Pixie drops the food and runs. I'm going to start asking around. See if there is someone who has a marine tank large enough to take Nemo.
  17. So my two clowns never bonded and in fact the first one I purchased has become highly aggressive and started attacking the second one. This caused my two damsels to join in on the chasing and attacking. So I made a decision to go back to the store where I purchased the second one and got three more making a total of five. Thought that would settle anyone from being singled out but the first one I purchased had none of it. Everyone was a threat. So I moved her/him to the juvenile green spotted puffers tank(I've got the GSP at marine level now and they seem to love it)thinking that they were to tough to be intimidated by the clown. Nope. Now the clown is chasing the puffers and stressing them!!! I don't know what to do with her anymore. The store won't take her back and I have no room to set up another SW tank. On a positive note, the four clowns I got from the same pet store are doing wonderfully. They're schooling together and defending their territory together. I think they still remember each other as tankmates and have accepted one another back and there is very little if any fighting. No one is stressing. It's a beautiful, peaceful tank just as I imagined it to be. Now what to do with the other clown. Anyone want a free clown??
  18. Thanks. The little bugger is doing just fine, defending his territory and eating well. I think he got lucky. He landed on some plastic baggies on the floor rather then the carpeting so that may have saved his slime coat from rubbing off and he was probably out for about thirty seconds. This will be a fish only tank. I've love to do corals but that involves more work and money then I can afford right now. I first want to find out if I'm good at keeping these guys alive before going advanced. Should I try to develop a healthy growth of algae in the tank? Not that brown crud you see show up in FW tanks but purple and I'm not sure what the other color is. I do have live rock and I hear algae lives on those and wouldn't this be good for like the crabs? What's your opinion on ZooPlex?
  19. The tank is a 29 gallon. I know that that isn't big enough for the number of fish I have in it but I already had this tank at home before I decided to go marine and I didn't want to invest in another tank before I found out if I'd be good at saltwater fish. I know they have alot different requirements then goldfish and possible even a little harder to take care of then goldfish but I felt up to the challenge. I just wanted to start small and with the hardiest and cheapest fish possible. Oh, and one thing I discovered while trying to test my water for salinity is that clownfish can fly. I dipped the hydrometer into the tank and something came flying out at me and to my horror is was one of the clowns!! I got him back into the tank quick enough and I'm watching him swim at the bottom of tank. I turned the tank light off to reduce stress. Poor little guy. I didn't even see him near the surface when I opened the tank lid. I really hope he makes it.
  20. OMG! How beautiful! How rare and wonderful!! But I'm really worried about it's welfare. Out in the wild, it'll be easy pickings for predators plus not to mention man who would love to capture it and sell it as an oddity. Wish I had the money to make sure it was well protected and could live out it's life in peace and safty.
  21. Thanks, everyone for trying to help me. Again, I apologize for not having a camera so I could share pictures. I realize this would make id so much easier. I do notice that one clown has thinner black strips then the other and has clear edges to fins while the other does not. Fin shape differ a little too. The more vibrant, orange one that has the notched top fin also has more pointed bottom front fins(Sorry, I keep forgetting the names of the different fins on fish ) If price determines whether a fish is WC or CB then these must be WC. I paid $12.95 for the more vibrant, orange one at my locally(non-chained)owned pet store and the other I purchased at a big named(P****)chained store and paid $15. I know some may be upset by my purchasing of WC fish and frankly so am I. I would much rather buy CB fish instead but I guess the only thing I have in my defense is stupidity and being to niave and trustful that what I was purchase was breed in captivity. I'm so use to buying goldfish that sometimes I forget that not all fish are raised by hand.
  22. Thanks for the link. I have been to that site before coming here and it wasn't much help. Clown #1 looks like the Ocellaris/Percula(frankly I can't tell the difference between the two)and so does Clown #2 except for the subtle differences I mentioned in my first post. I notice that they're very protective of their rocks. They even come after me when I get near it and try to move it. LOL I'll stop moving things around and see if that doesn't settle things down for them. But I was mislead by my local pet store. They said clowns were peaceful and damsels were little holy terrors so I named my four stripped/black tailed damsel Damein. The clowns seem to be more of a terror then the damsel.
  23. Hey, everyone. I'm new to clowns and to saltwater fish in general. I have a question about clown identification. I tried posting this on a marine/saltwater forum but no one replied so since I'm a member here already I thought I'd see if my luck improves here. Here goes....... Currently, I have two clowns in my tank which I purchased at two different LFS within days of each other. Stupid me didn't pay enough attention to their markings because they both look like the 'Nemo' type clowns. I'm assuming false percula's??? Forgive me for not having a camera to post pictures with but I am noticing some sublte differences now that they are together. The one clown(#1) that I have looks very much like pictures of false percula's I've seen but the second one(#2) is a much more vibrant, deep orange by comparison. The white/black band around the head of the second one(more vibrant #2)doesn't circle under the chin like on the other one(#1)which I would describ as more of a yellowish orange then deep orange. The white at the base of the tail(#2) is more like a horseshoe then completely circling it like clown number #1. Also, the top fin on number #2 is notched. I don't know if these are wild caught or captive raised fish but the vibrant, deep orange one(#2)that I brought home first is more territorial but not excessively so. At one point, I thought the two of them were bonding because they swam side by side and defended their territory from Damion the Damsel fish. That is until I started messing with the lay out of the tank and moved some things around and now it appears I've broke the bond. Now the second fish(#2)refuses to let the other clown(#1)near it's rock/territory. I will add that Clown number #1 is less aggressive but doesn't coward to the number #2 clown. I know it's harder without the pictures but can someone help me determine if I have two different species of clowns. Both are the same size and both are juveniles(1 1/2 inches). Thankyou
  24. I haven't been here in awhile but obviously someone here is a Star Trek fan. We're are the Borg. Resistance is futile....
  25. Thank you. I was hoping someone would say that.
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