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  1. Stephie, I will admit that, before I was able to read the bottle, I did once or twice supplement the Jungle with a few of the crisps, but overall Ricki got the Jungle exclusively until we went through the whole bottle. Now she is getting her crisps and some spirulina chunks as a treat. She is still looking great and going strong, not a sign of anything wrong with her. Nonetheless, I will keep her in isolation another week just to be on the safe side. --Roc
  2. Okie dokie, I'll leave her in isolation another week. Should I go ahead and salt since she is finished with her meds? Or just do the fresh water thing and let her relax for a week? --Roc
  3. Well, Ricki is still doing great! Not a single red spot in days and days. I think that after I clean the main tank tomorrow or Sunday I will move her back in with the others and do a bit of salting on the main tank. Or should Ricki remain in isolation a while longer and be salted alone? We finished the bottle of Jungle anti-bacterial food today, the directions said to feed for 5-10 days and I'm certain it's been that long. Will pick up another bottle of the food at the first opportunity, just to be on the safe side. Thanks everyone for the assistance and encouragement! --Roc
  4. Ricki is still looking good and going strong! I plan on letting her eat as much of the Jungle as she wants. Honestly, I haven't read the fine print on the bottle (even with my glasses, my eyes aren't that good, gotta get someone to read it for me), but my plan had been to keep feeding it until I either ran out or returned Ricki to the main tank. On a side note, when I stopped at the pet store on my way home from work last night (to see about maybe getting some fishie treats), I ended up with three mother-less kittens who are probably only a week old and need to be bottle fed every 3-4 hours. So I'm extra glad that Ricki doesn't require as much attention as she did a week ago, or I wouldn't be eating dinner until bedtime! Oh, I did pick up some spirulina chunks that were being sold as goldfish treats, and gave a few to Ricki this morning. She gobbled them right up then went after the Jungle. --Roc
  5. Koko, We're all overjoyed here, too. Ricki is still looking good, still perky, still eating like a little orange piggie. Will continue with the water changes and medicated food at least until the weekend, then will start salt or sulpha depending on how Ricki is doing. If she starts to get spotty again, I will start the sulpha immediately. Otherwise, I will wait til the weekend and start a salt regimen then. Thanks for everything! --Roc
  6. Ricki is still looking great and eating as much of the Jungle medicated food as I am willing to put in the water. For 24 hours, no salt or sulpha, just clean water treated with StressCoat+ (with aloe). --Roc
  7. Well, after two days of extra dosing with the Maracyns, Ricki is looking great. I did a complete tank change today before proceeding with salt or sulpha, and put the carbon back in the filter until tomorrow at which point I will begin either salt or sulpha depending on what kind of input I get here. Ricki is eating like there's no tomorrow, I gave her a little more each time she finished everything while I was cleaning out the main tank today. I think she ate continously for a good 15 minutes, if not more. I can't believe that just two days ago my husband and I were having The Talk and fully expected to have to put Ricki out of her misery this weekend. Now she looks like a show fish! There is one tiny area of faded red under her chin, but otherwise she is completely free of red spots, streaks, and white stuff. I want to make sure she gets continued treatment, and I do have two boxes of triple sulpha... what I'm looking for at this point is advice on whether I should move directly on to the sulpha or if I should salt first. --Roc
  8. Here goes the cycle again. She is looking much better today after a slight increase of the Maracyn dosages yesterday. I've already done the water change and med dosing today, and have one day of both Maracyns left. I plan on picking up the triple sulpha tomorrow during the day (i don't work on fridays but do have two doctor appointments, i'll get the sulpha between visits). I did a lot of photo-research from work today, looking into both septicemia and costia. While I do see some similarities in the costia photos, I really feel that what we are seeing is severe septicemia - unless one can be caused by the other. If I get the sulpha tomorrow, do you still recommend that I revert to salt only before I try the sulpha, or is the sulpha preferable at this point? Salt or sulpha? Ricki is eating a combination of the Jungle and her regular crisps, and she is quite lively and active without showing signs of stress or frustration. Once in a while she shivers and flicks like she might have an itch, but she doesn't go crazy and thrash about the way Luc did when the tendrils were coming out his mouth. On the shrunken sides... she is getting significantly less food than she was in the main tank since I was concerned about ammonia levels in the hospital tank; could the reduction in food intake be responsible for the sunken sides? Thanks so much for all of your help! --Roc
  9. Koko, Do I need to do a 100% water change so that the salt and the Maracyns don't conflict? Salt for how many days? --Roc
  10. Update: If anything, Ricki looks worse this evening - back like the photos I posted only with lots of white film/fuzz/speckles. Also: Losing scales (easy to spot since they're at least as big as a penny) Dark green poop of slightly mushy consistency Lower sides are even more caved in Is tilted slightly to the side However, she seems in good spirits, active and alert (but not frantic) and is still eating quite heartily. --Roc
  11. I salted the main tank for a couple of days before isolating Ricki, and I salted for the first two days of Maracyn only - but was told NOT to mix salt with meds because it was a deadly combination, so I immediately bucketed Ricki and took the hospital tank to the backyard for an extreme cleaning, then put Ricki back and started the meds over again. On a much more frustrating note, when I took the Tetracycline back today (to the store that only had expired sulpha meds) I was told they had just restocked their shelves that morning - alas, no new sulpha. So the clerk called around to a couple of other stores only to discover that they, too, had expired sulpha on their shelves. So I went to a different chain, a PET store with CO in the name, and was told that they no longer carry any antibiotics because the chain was "going blue" - people are, apparently, over medicating their dogs so this chain has decided to ban antibiotics and only carry "natural remedies". I was furious. I told the guy "Swell, but that doesn't help my fish. Thanks for reminding me why I stopped shopping here" as I stalked out of the store. I will be sending a furious letter, and returning my "pals" card, to the main office tomorrow. I can appreciate the concern of people over medicating their animals, but wouldn't it be easier and better for those animals who really do need antibiotics to just implement a limitation program like they do with certain antihistimines? Rant rant. So, until I can get my hands on some sulpha, I will increase the Maracyn dosages by one packet a day and keep my fingers crossed. Or do you think that salt is more important at this point? --Roc
  12. I have made gel food before, but it was a pain in the tush and my fish wouldn't eat it. I'll take the tetracycline back tomorrow and stop at a different store looking for the triple sulpha. Ricki does look worse again today; not just more red and white blotches, but now it looks like her sides are caving in a little just behind the... the middle fins (proper name escapes me at the moment). --Roc
  13. Trinket, The store only had six-month expired sulphas, so I bought tetracycline instead - as well as Jungle antibacterial food. The food worries me, though, because the pieces are so tiny - they are little specs like grains of sand and this is a fish who could put your thumb in her mouth. Should I go ahead and treat with the tetracycline or should I take it back and look elsewhere for triple sulpha? Any ideas about the food? --Roc
  14. Trinket, The packages say to treat for at least five days, and given the false starts that's right about now. I do have some Binox left over from Luc, but I could pick up a sulpha drug if you think that might help. I have some JumpStart food, but nothing medicated. Ricki is currently eat goldfish crisps (not flakes or pellets). I will stop at the pet store on the way home tomorrow and see what they have available. --Roc
  15. Hi Trinket! I remember you well from my trials with Luc; you were a comfort and a help (along with several others). Ricki was looking great yesterday when I did the water change and med dose; only one spot on the forehead, one on the belly, and a bit of ragged red edge on part of her tail. But this afternoon, I'm afraid she's taken a huge step backwards. She's not nearly as bad as in the pictures, but there are many more blotches and they all have the yucky white stuff on them... looks like someone dragged her over sandpaper and then threw flour on her. I did another 75% water change, and added an extra dose of the meds (glad i bought the large package). Yes, the hospital tank has been running dark. The first day I treated when Ricki was still in the main tank was a wash because I still had carbon in the filters and the light was on all day, but the hosptital tank has been carbon and light free - I only turn the light on for a few moments each morning and evening to see how Ricki is doing. I had such high hopes of being able to put her back with the others soon, now I fear a repeat of the horrors we went through with Luc; a little bit better followed by a whole lot worse, a little bit better a whole lot worse. Ricki is still strong, active, and eats when fed, so the battle isn't with her but with whatever has infected her. Yes, the pH has been holding steady at 7.6 or 7.8 and with the huge, daily water changes and treatment there isn't any fluctuation in the other readings, either. --Roc
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