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  1. Thanks for the replies. I'll check out the pinned thread.... Unfortunately I haven't been quarantining the newbies... I haven't room for the Quarantine tank.... well I have but only in the cellar.... it's unfeasible, really cold down there!!! I'll get on the case, and buy a Quarantine tank too.... hopefully I can put an end to it this week....!
  2. Hi, I haven't posted for a while as everythings been settled and going according to plan.... or rather that WAS the case. About 6 months ago I lost my Lemonhead Oranda "Pearl" to dropsy.... I'd taken her to the local Aquarian Vets to be certain and she prescribed a course of meds.. (???) and she picked up then a couple of weeks after died. Now every 6 weeks to 2 months I have had a fish die from Dropsy. Obviously I have got an endemic situation and I don't know what I should do to solve the issue. Readings as done this morning are. Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 0.5? ph 7.5 ph tap 7.5 Drop test kit, (though I'm told they aren't very reliable!) temp72 tank size 190lt Fluval tank with as bought filters. 50% watre change weekly 5 fish at present all under three inches I use Amquel + Been feeding Hikari, frozen Brine Shrimp, Daphnia, Bloodworms, Peas No new fish since 8 weeks ago Melafix added to treat little 'pimple' on another Behaviour.... Dropsied fish has been sluggish and is now bottom sitting... not looking happy as have others when they've got to this stage I asked my local Fish shop, who are excellent and he says I should empty the tank, clean every thing and start the set up from scratch. He's offered me a tank in the store to keep my fish in in the meantime. He's really good like that! What do I do .... is it neccessary to sterilize the tank? How do I go about that... i is there anything I could be doing to prevent the recurrence of the Dropsy. I feel terrible buying new fish only for them to get diseases and die
  3. I've just watched them all pooping.... Coco had stringy clearish the earleir in the week..hence me fasting them all, but now I am monitoring them and three have pale, raggedy poop, "breaking up" rather than the usual falling off and settling... when it is broken away it seems filamentous and stringy. Are they all suffering from an intestinal infection perhaps...I'm clutching at straws here?!!?!?!?!??! Dean who is usually most boisterous, his fins are clamped as are the other sufferers but they look as if coarser, the radials are darker than normal and I imagine when opened might be ragged... Stumped, well and truly stumped!
  4. Othello's mainly biting at her sides... not vent. I never meant "Bin the fish" btw... I am just doing everything I possibly can and don't know what else I can do... Behaviour. three are bottom sitting, and when disturbed do swim away, though they predominantly just bottom sit. Occasionally they might have a brief flit about the tank, but nothing more than that. Coco, the worst affected is barely moving her gill covers for me to see... there doesn't sem to be any sites of infection externally, in fact all the fish LOOK perfectly healthy... I had initially thought they were constipated... but I have fasted them for a couple of days also and it hasn't made any difference, as for breathing, they seem to be breathing slower and shallower, if that makes sense, does this indicate gill damage... I was assuming the infestation was the root of the problem... as for physical symptoms there aren't any... they look great, just listless. They are eating...no change there Water quality, since you said I have changed about 30 gallons + a day making sure the Nitirites aren't allowed over 0.25...they are closer to 0 at the time of change every day so I don't think water quality has been such a recent factor... it might have been but isn't now. The salt bath was for barely a minute, and all fish swam in the higher solution, none seemed disturbed by the treament. It hasn't had any affect either. the tank is still salted to 0.3%.. and it has been for 1 wk 2days... I spoke with P.A.H(pets at home) about the interpet "Anti-Crustacean" treatment.... they've withdrawn it from sale... to harsh and toxic a chemical for their customers.They recommended continuing with the salt... They recommended Methylene Blue...but that's probably going to be really harsh on my babies... and knock the BB's for 6 isn't it... My partner suggests a Methylene dip-bath for each of the fish and then see what that achieves... but I'm not dealing with the cause then am I... an infestation of Lice. THey look so pitiful, I really dont think they will pull through, is it likely???I don't get if it is the water quality that's caused the initial problem why ALL aren't affected and why two seem completely oblivious to the problems the others cannot handle...
  5. IS that it... am I done with, can nobody suggest something I can do to alleviate my fish's condition? Should I just bin these fish and start again? Can nobody help?
  6. Update... water params Ammo 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrates 10 pH 7.2 Havent seen any lice since last posting. Though all the fish are looking pretty miserable, the largest are bottom sitting and the smallies are listless... on the advice of Pets at Home people have just given each fish a salt bath (0.6 solution) for a couple of minutes.... Are my fish going to die? What can I do? Apart from occasional bursts of energy they all look pretty pathetic.
  7. Today, Amm 0 NitI 0.25 NitA 20 Coco the fish I found the louse on has been bottom sitting for the past couple of days, she ( I presume) looks real glum! Why is it that I am only finding lice on her??? No-one else seems affected in any way, all the rest (4) are happy-go-eaty... being perky and chirpy, but Coco's not happy... (it doesn't help that Othello is working through a bity phase, or at least it better be a phase or he's out of here!) The cycle's obviously moving along...at last, but can they put up with the occasional louse till the cycles done? I have my finals at Uni at present and can do without the extra stress.... arghghghghghghh!
  8. Sorry to go on...I'm curious...whre can these lice have come from? I only just remembered that I have also given them the frozen food, "Tropical Quintet" Bloodworm, Daphnia, Mollusc, and two others, I thought that they'd be better than the live alternatives as they could contain contaminants... Are fish lice able to live through the freezer??? There's no other way I can think of getting the lice in!
  9. No I didn't swab them... I haven't any HP or Neosporin I have written down all the calculations I've needed and they are in my regular readings pad... One day I'll plot the graph just cos I am that nerdy and let you all see; cos I know some of you are funny like that! So, I'm going to the lfs and then will change the water, 50% twice... I haven't enough buckets for 100%...and I'mgoing to get a small hospital tank too. It's something that I have think I might be best getting now rather than when it's absolutley neccessary! I know I am making progress, I know, it's jsut the fish look so happy, and the tests seem so encouraging and then something like this strikes and I feel I am back to square one ...and mis-treating the fish into the bargain! Stress; worry, whine, moan, gripe, whimper, sob!
  10. I'm terrible at this aren't I...Nitrate is 0+( as in not 0 but not the box above yet)=, NitrIte is about 4... I'm STILL cycling, (since mid Feb) Filling buckets now! I have removed the lice, the fish were very patient, the lice, they're gross. I'll pop to the store and see what I can get for them. Can I medicate whilst I've salt in the tank? THe salt is at 0.3% solution, will that be enough to keep any advantageous illnesses at bay? When will this d*** tank settle and I can begin to "enjoy" the fis, rather than have continual and persisitent stress!!!!!!
  11. So, test results are Amm, 0 Nitrite, 4 Nitrite 0+ ph 7.2 kh and gh? Drop test uses. 50 gall Fluval 205 changing 25% every 2-3 days 5 fish 2-3" Amquel, Stress zyme Meds, melafix No new additions Fed Hikari Oranda Salting at present, wide outbreak of Ich, now finding small grey discs singly on fish, 3-4mm across, fuzzy looking No unusual behaviour, in fact much better with the salting, everyone seems happy happy happy... Please tell me they aren't fish lice!
  12. Now, I've been salting the tank and gravel cleaning now for three days, they all look pretty well clear of the ich, except one...,my fave, Gorby! How long does salting take to work, and if the case is pernicious with one fish is there anything else I can do specifically for that fish... I gather a solution of 0.3% and above will start to cause more problems? BB's etc??? thanks, and (sorry for jumping on someone elses thread) mt
  13. sorry... your right and thanks for the info, and your right and I am doing what I am supposed to, 1 teaspoon per gallon. *must re-read posts before hitting the button*
  14. I've recently learned just how effective simple salt can be. I had tried Interpet treatments for their "ease" of use and because I wasn't confident of the amounts of salt to add. I have followed the salting pages here to the letter and in 24 hours my fish are 90% better, active, and healthy looking whereas three days ago I was assuming the worse and thinking my li'l fishy friends were going to the big bowl in the sky! A tablespoon per gallon, takes the level to a 0.1% solution, repeat that three times, remembering to add into the second and third amounts the "removed" salt that you have taken out of the tank to fit in the next addition...does that make sense, I added 50 tablespoons for my 50 gallon, then when I added the next dose, I had to remove a bucketful, which held the diluted equivalent of three tablespoons, so to the next bucket I added 53, then to the third bucket, I removed again three diluted tablespoons of salt so added those to the new bucket that contained 56 tablespoons. It looks a scary amount of salt... IT WORKS! My fish looked as if they had the worst case of dandruff... only dandruff don't kill you right! Today 13 hours after adding the final dose they have hardly ANY whitespots, , are more active than I have seen them in days, and full of natural vigour! They all looked "crest-fallen" sluggish and drifted on the current very unhappy looking fishies; today they are like dynamoes!!! You won't go far wrong if you listen to these people here! I was wrong to ever doubt the effectiveness of salt and can affirm in it's good, useful and less damaging abilities than the Copper based chemicals which are pretty lousy all round, and in my experience, DON'T WORK! One question I do have? Cycling and salt? Will it stop my cycle or just slow it? I was just getting past the ammonia, and into the Nitrite rising phase... please don't tell me I've set myself back all that way!!!!!
  15. Here's to cycling! Stress, anxiety, endless hard work and now embarrasing odour problems... At least my cycles developing I suppose... oh for the day when there isn't a bucket or five sitting out waiting to be emptied/refilled/emptied/refilled
  16. I have recently started using Amquel+ and have noticed a *ahem* "whiff"... a "brown" smell, (tries his best to not offend) is this normal....? It's only been noticeable since using the Amquel+ and it's emanating from the filter, not the tank... anyone else ever experience this and if so does it last... to add, the filter is housed in the stand so the small "cupboard" is a small enclosed space so the pong is really bad to smell it in the room generally. I have stood the filter on blocks so that there is air-flow around the unit, but gee whizz! It's putting me off sitting here typing this!!! Please help, my housemates think I'm leaving food to rot in here!
  17. Thanks very much, it is interesting to know, and I wonder now why they don't make more of a point about it, I naturally assumed that it was some liquid zeeolite and would indeed inhibit the cycling process.... though wouldn't you know it, in the meantime I have sourced Amquel+ in the UK (good Ol' Ebay!) Thank you Pixiefish...persistance pays off!
  18. Thank you from myself and Gorby...I only hope his head DOES begin to swell! Not that he should get too big for his fins though! (and no Maceo; I'm afraid I don't get the connection between a blue oranda and Hamlet....(now I feel like a real thickie!...I'll blame it on a busy day!))
  19. Couldn't think of anything else that fit.... Splodge the only other name I could think of I thought didn't suit... I think though thaat I'd like to theme their names... I read someone here names her goldfish with the letter R...I thought that was a good idea, but can't think which letter suits them, and then to find 5 names that apply to their character stumps me! I thought about naming them after jewels but that sounded a bit naff... (I am a Jewellery Designer/Maker) (edited for typos)
  20. Dean...my red oranda, who I think is a she after all; so perhaps Deanna suits better is a grump...after feeding time, because "she hasn't had enough(ie ALL of it) she throws her weight around and pushes everyone else out of the way. I think she's four parts Oranda and six parts Hoover! Pearl...my Lemonhead, sulks at the first sign of any disturbance, and usually hides in a corner for about three days after the tank get cleaned, if I so much as take some kitchen roll to the outside glass, she's off, cowering and wimpering in the back, like a softy. Othello, my Black Moor (geddit!) is no bother, really, but Gorby is the star ...and thanks for the low-down. So I can expect a big baby face on Gorby in the not too distant future. Peas and Brocolli help I read, is that true?
  21. Gorby is my favourite fish at the moment.... he's such a peaceable character and no bother... just happily bimbles around, entertaining me with his comical wiggly swim, and pleasant manner...not like some others I can mention! But what is he???? Sorry it's not too sharp but you can get a clear idea of shape and proportion,the shop where I got him had some others in the same tank but they didn't look like hi either and I don't think he has the smooth back line of a Ranchu, but then he is so small, that maybe he's "underdeveloped", and will blossom any day now. Ragardless I think he's great!, but would love to know what you all thought. Thanks
  22. So a further update... I bought a KH/GH test kit, and looky here....no instructions, but after a little searching managed to find a pdf to assist. To that end I am unsure whether I have read the results right. (When it says yellow, does it mean bright canary yellow, or no longer blue but *yellow*???) If I read it as the drop that made a yellow colour, it took 3 drops, which equates to 53.7 for the KH and for the GH, read similarly so that the drop which changed the tester to green, was 5 equalling 89.5 This is after a week of having crushed coral in the mid section filter-basket.
  23. The coral, (rinsed and put into a mesh bag) went into the filter, in a mid section last Sunday...there isn't much room in the compartment... It is a strip test I have used, and I am massively colourblind, so I ask my housemates and partner to double check the result...in good light to the nearest approximate colour match. I had read strips aren't good, I'll check my LFS this weekend. Whilst we're talking about filter medium, I have a Fluval 205... and in it I have, Sponge, one one side and then in the baskets, starting from the top, Ceramic tubes (noodles?) Coral, then in the lower basket floss...the guide book that came with the tank said to add the supplied Carbonn to the lowest basket, but some here recommended not using Carbon at all hence the floss... Is that a good combination... is the arrangement suitable, I'm just going off what I have been told at the LFS and in the guidebooks...
  24. THis morning the readings are KH 0! pH 7.2+ Amm 0.25 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 0 I appreciate your advice, I suppose reading all these articles about peoples problems make me think mine is "drastic". I'm looking forward to the day I get this bucket surgically detached from my right hand... Our water meters getting a bit giddy, and I dread the bill! I added Coral in a mesh bag to the filter shouldn't that have had an effect on the KH at all; it seems to have bolstered the pH which is great, will the BB grow in low KH if the pH is mid sevens... If I've got this right the KH "protects" the fish from fluctuations in pH, which seems to have quite stable since adding the coral RIght I'm off to fill some buckets.... Oh joy; oh rapture!!!
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