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  1. i would grow it in fish water from water changes, but from what i hear, it would be hard NOT to grow it it's extremely hardy and is notorious for taking over lakes and ponds
  2. 13vi

    Need Betta Advice

    1 gallon? bettas are much happier in 5+ gallon heated, filtered tanks
  3. sexing is different for different species for help with IDing and sexing, you could go to crayfishmates.com my guess is a marbled crayfish, but i'm far from being an expert
  4. the cray might hassle and chase the koi, or the koi might eat him when his shell is soft after moulting i would get him his own tank, but some people house them with fish
  5. i mostly feed my crayfish little peices of algae wafers and sinking wafers, and the occasinal goldfish crisp or a shred of blanched spinach leaf they can eat almost anything, but don't put huge peices of food that will lend up fouling the tank housing them with other crays can lead to too much fighting unless the tank is very large with lots of hiding places they need a cave or something to hide in, and they will claim it and use it as a little home, perhaps even building a defensive wall of gravel around it they are great climbers and escape artists, so make sure there aren't any ways out of the tank (like up an air hose or a filter intake) they don't really need a heater, but they do need a filter to clean and areate the water they are fun and have lots of personality for invertabrates, and you can even hand feed them if they are very small (a large cray can hurt you if you aren't careful) they mosly walk at the bottom, but they can flip their tails and "swim" rapidly backwards if frightened don't be alarmed if they refuse to come out of their cave for a few days, they might be moulting
  6. he might stop after a day or two, sometimes they pick on the "new guy" but if you feel like it's really endangering your fish, you can seperate them
  7. well, more water will dilute the waste, but you really need to get him into a filtered tank EDIT: i saw in your other thread you have a filter for him what kind of container is it?
  8. wait, i thought you were waiting for a big tank to put a pleco in of course, with a pleco, you shouldn't put goldies in there
  9. it's best not to house comets with fantails, comets are a little faster and tougher and they'll compete for food
  10. looks like black moors and dragoneyes
  11. uh oh, i think "critter" is a girl! she needs a new name i'm thinking "princess" because she has a castle in her tank
  12. glofish? don't like them, don't like the company that's selling them they claimed the fish go through a process to sterilize them, and yet fishkeepers all over are succesfully breeding them (which is technically illegal, because they are patented) wouldn't be caught dead with them in my tanks regular zebra danios are prettier anyway
  13. some pretty girls in there
  14. is he "flashing"? like freaking out? to create a siphon, simply fill the vaccum with water, either by immersing it in the tank or sort of scooping water into it and letting the air bubble out once it is full of water, take the little end and point it into a bucket (it must be lower than the water level in the tank) with the large end still in the tank if you did it right, water should flow into the bucket if you think the water is really harming him you need to do water changes repeatedly untill he stops flashing hope he is ok
  15. i did a forum search but i didn't see anything
  16. one of my wife's goldfish is missing about 3 scales do they grow back? is there anything i can do? i'm planning on keeping an eye on the tank to see if it is being bullied
  17. that rule isn't really very good goldfish produce a lot of waste, and coldwater, tropical, and saltwater all have different levels of bioload they can handle also, goldfish get BIG ten gallons per goldfish is a better rule of thumb, but even that isn't so accurate a common goldfish can get over a foot long; WAY too big for a ten gallon tank
  18. i would just wait till you have the 50+
  19. i would try some aquarium salt at about a tablespoon per 5-10 gallons my son's black moor had the same thing going on, i think it's their skin producing extra mucus in reaction to something aquarium salt cleared it right up EDIT: wow, didn't see how overstocked you are, forget aquarium salt, you need a bigger tank
  20. i hope the rubbernose is nice to his cellmates
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