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  1. I took those pics two days ago and I wish they can grow from 1" to 5" in two days. LOL..
  2. They will start changing color at 3-4 months old and they won't keep the gold color because their parents are red and white. So some of the frys will turn into either full red or red/white.
  3. I hope they will turn out to be show quality. BTW, they are Thai bloodline lionchu and their parents look awesome.
  4. Thanks guys. Here are two close shot of the babies.
  5. I have 22 frys currently in a 31" x 22" x 7" tub. 100% w/c daily. Two 100% w/c per day on weekends. Diet: live baby brine shrimps, hiakari frozen blood worms and blue pack Saki pellets for frys - feed 6+ times a day.
  6. I plan to buy an auto fish food feeder that will dispense food at least 4 times a day (within 12 hrs). Can anyone recommend any? Thanks
  7. The fish store in flushing.. I dont remember the store name. by flushing hospital
  8. Thanks guys. I really hope they will grow to two handers. I've heard Rynukins could grow to 8". Feeding them can also be abit of tricky (avoid of overfeeding, SBD since they are so round).
  9. Well, there are still eggs laying around at the buttom of the tank. I guess they are too busy chasing each other around. and checking out their new temp home.
  10. Guys, How would I know these eggs are going to hatch? Currently they are look whitish and abit of in gray. The male is continue chasing the female, but not as much as before the egg laid.
  11. Hi all, I've like to share some pics with you all. These two about 4" Ryukins I picked up from my LFS today. They look very healthy and beautiful.And I'm so excited that there are eggs all over the tank. I suspect these two are a pair. The one (I'm assuming the male) keep chasing the smaller one (the female). I'm new to Ryukin and I appreciate for any advice/comments on what are their special needs in terms of water quality and feeding routines.
  12. My nitrate was at 13 PPM before a w/c. I'm cutting down feeding from twice a day to once a day. The fish just gulping at the surface once the time, but he goes down look for food too. So that tells me he is able to sink down. Other time when he is not looking for food, he would just belling up float at the surface. He looks like in sleep. I'm afraid he is getting used to this belly up floating posture.
  13. I dumping the pellets into the tank while they are gulping at the surface. They do that whenever I approach to the tank. I've done it for a while now. I tried to drop the food at a different spot away from the fish, so the food can sink to the buttom. But they still come up to the surface look for more once they are finished all the food at the buttom of the tank. I only feed pro-gold and peas. But I did feed them frozen bloodworms once a while. The fish look fine when they are not been fed for a day. I feed them twice a day with small amount of progold in the morning and some green peas at night. Nitrate is always low since I do 80% w/c twice a week, but I haven't checked nitrate level lately. Thanks for your reply.
  14. Hi All, One of my lionhead started to stay at top of the water surface with belly up. He does that after a meal, and I believe the main reason causing this problem is he gulps air try to find food at the surface of the water. All my fish come to the surface during feeding time, so they are kinda used to searching food at surface which it is a bad habit since they are gulping down air. I feed them green peas and pro-gold pellets and I predict soon the other two lionhead will have the same problem if they started come to surface look for food very often. Is there anything I can do to fix this problem?
  15. My Betta is in a 20G heavily planted community tank. Oh boy, he just couldn't stop swimming around and exploring the tank. He is also very gentle towards other fish in the tank, he behaves like he is the only fish in the tank. I highly recommend getting at least a 5g tank for your betta. From what I read Betta can only live couple weeks in a cup or bowel, but their average life span is 3 years or more depend on how much care they have been receiving. I lost several bettas my self by putting them in those plastic boxes with vents in a 10g, they need space to swim and exercise to be healthy.
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