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  1. It's spring and nice here. Just come and visit me in the big apple. I will assure you worth the trip.
  2. I couldn't find any shipping curriers to help me ship alive fish. None of the UPS or Fedex store ship alive fish in my area. Anyway, here are some updated pics that I took today. They are currently 2.5 month old and 2-2.5" in size. Color and head growth/wen growth is very much visible. The ones in the pics are smaller ones in the batch. But I think they are very fat and cute already.
  3. These are lionchus meaning they will have a huge Wen of lion heads and with a smooth curvey back of a ranchu. I'm glad you guys like them. Does anyone here keep lionchus?
  4. I haven't had a chance to make a video for these guys. However, I did post video in my other thread which I posted a few weeks ago. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/90098-lionchu-frys-at-7-weeks/
  5. I'm on Northern Blvd and Main Street in Flushing. One hour driving is not far at all. I can even probably deliver for a small fee if you order 5+ fish.
  6. <TEXT>Hi guys,I have about 8 baby lionchus for sale due to lack of space. They are currently 1.25" - 1.50" and two months old. I got them when they were less than 0.5". Color change will start between 3-4 months old and they will be in full red or red/white. Parents pics available upon request. I'm asking $30 each and local pick up in Flushing Queens (11354).I have been doing 100% w/c daily and two 100% w/c on weekends. Food: live baby brine shrimps, frozen blood worms, brine shrimp, Hikari Saki purple pellets, blue fry pellets are being fed 6-8 times a day.Just a side note, you would not be able to find these Thai bloodline lionchus in your local fish store unless your LFS do import them from Thailand. Majority of ranchus or lionheads that you have seen in the store were from China. I would have kept all my fish if I have enough room to set up more tanks. These are really my gems and hopefully I can find a good home for them. I"m just selling some of my fish to make room for my other ones. Thanks for looking
  7. I took those pics two days ago and I wish they can grow from 1" to 5" in two days. LOL..
  8. They will start changing color at 3-4 months old and they won't keep the gold color because their parents are red and white. So some of the frys will turn into either full red or red/white.
  9. I hope they will turn out to be show quality. BTW, they are Thai bloodline lionchu and their parents look awesome.
  10. Thanks guys. Here are two close shot of the babies.
  11. I have 22 frys currently in a 31" x 22" x 7" tub. 100% w/c daily. Two 100% w/c per day on weekends. Diet: live baby brine shrimps, hiakari frozen blood worms and blue pack Saki pellets for frys - feed 6+ times a day.
  12. I plan to buy an auto fish food feeder that will dispense food at least 4 times a day (within 12 hrs). Can anyone recommend any? Thanks
  13. The fish store in flushing.. I dont remember the store name. by flushing hospital
  14. Thanks guys. I really hope they will grow to two handers. I've heard Rynukins could grow to 8". Feeding them can also be abit of tricky (avoid of overfeeding, SBD since they are so round).
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