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  1. okay thanks i'm putting the salt in gradually i figured it might sting less haha i've taken all the ornaments out too, thanks for all your help
  2. okay thanks i've already got some aquarium salt so i'll do that now
  3. okay thanks i'l pick up some other stuff when i'm next at the pet shop then
  4. i'll ask about a kit, i don't think i'll be able to get one but i might be able to persuade them to get be some strips which seem to be alot cheaper, they might make do for a while, if not i'll definitely have some money by next monday but that is quite a while away, i'll just have to hope it's just a scratch until then and keep doing water changes. I've tried over the years different types of food, i have some pellets but he won't eat anything but the flakes and peas.
  5. okay thanks, i'll start doing more frequent water changes, i do feed him peas too but only every few days. I really won't be able to take any water to a pet shop to get tested any time soon, i'm still in school and there's no way i can get there during the week, i may be able to go next Saturday at the earliest, but even then i wont be able to buy a kit because i don't have the money at the moment, if i do water changes every day will this sort the water levels out? i'll get a kit as soon as possible but it wont be within the next few days So the time time being is there anything you recommend i do? do you think salt would help? thanks
  6. okay thankyou, i've given him a water change already and i'll continue to do one very day until he gets better then. I'll get a water testing kit when i can, i haven't really thought about it before because he's only been ill a couple of times about eight years ago and it was easily treatable. [*]Tank size (how many gals.) and how long has it been running? 31 gallons, about four years approximately [*]What is the name and size of the filter(s)? Fluval 4plus [*]How often do you change the water and how much? about 25% every couple of weeks [*]How many fish in the tank and their size? one fish, sammy is a comet about 5 inches long not including tail [*]What kind of water additives or conditioners? Tetra Aquasafe [*]What do you feed your fish and how often? Aquarian goldfish flakes every day [*]Any new fish added to the tank? no [*]Any medications added to the tank? no
  7. I'm sorry i'm not going to give much information here, i don't have a water testing kit and i don't know the answer to most of the questions i'm supposed to provide. Basically, I noticed this morning that some of Sammy's scales appear to be bleeding, it does seem to be irritating him as he darts around the tank and twitches every now and then but apart from that he's still swimming normally and eating. So far i've done a water changed cleaned the tank a bit, i really don't know what to do next, i was thinking about putting salt in the tank? but is it alright to do that? or should i put salt in a bucket and add him to it, if possible i'd much rather do the former as he's quite big now and i haven't moved him from the tank in about five years and i don't know what to move him with i haven't got any nets or anything. The only medicine i have is Methylene Blue and Fungus and fin rot control, i won't be able to get any more for quite a while, any suggestions on what i should do? If i should put salt in the tank how much do i put in? and do i just add it straight to the tank or dissolve it in water? and if it won't dissolve is it going to be okay just sitting in the tank without me removing it, or are water changes going to get rid of it eventually? There's no gravel, sand or rocks in the tank only plastic plants and ornaments, i used to have two other goldfish in the tank with him but both died within a few months of each other a little while ago, one from a wound a bit like sammy's but much bigger (i never found out where that came from so i think maybe it may have been an ulcer?), and the other from white spot, quarantined them both whilst they were ill and the last one died a couple of weeks ago so there's no chance of sammy catching that i wouldn't of thought, the tank has been set up for about four years but i've had him about eleven. I would really love help with this ASAP as my last fish who had a wound was dead within a few hours and it all happened very fast. I'm really quite clueless as to what to do, thanks. Here's a picture of the wound. it looks worse in reality that what it does here but i couldn't manage to get a better picture, sorry you can't really see it properly.
  8. i dont think that can be it, my other fantail eats fine and i watch all fish eat and she swims up to the food, easily has a chance to eat it and takes a tiny bite and nothing else! She was like this when she was in quarantine aswell, sammy is also a slow eater and i think the fantails are probebly faster to get there than him! lol, she's one of the first to get to the food she just wont eat it :/ plus sammy tends to stay away from the fantails when he's eating, i put food down both ends of the tank and he takes one they take the other lol, i dont think he's very fussed on them haha thanks for all the help
  9. i have been feeding her aquarian flakes and sometimes pellets, occasional peas, i will be starting on gell food soon. The tank is much to small for my comet and 2 fantails (i thought i would have my new tank by the time they were out of quarantine so i have to wait a few weeks to get them in my bigger tank) it's 15uk gallon. But i dont understand why she wouldnt eat much and not grow as much as my other fish? thanks
  10. 've had her 2 months now and out of my baby fish she was the biggest now she's the smallest by far, she hardly eats anything and never has really..what do you think is wrong with her? she cant be ill as she seems fine and has been with me 2 months with no problems other than this, she's a fantail and very skinny too. I wouldnt have thought she is stunted as she is only a baby. She's about an inch long Noah an inch and a half maybe? thanks =]
  11. ive got new carbon and the white one how do i change them without the tank re-cycling? can i do them both at the same time? thanks =]
  12. its very small 15uk / 18us it's very temporary though and it's a better tank than they were in before..i thought by the time they were out of quarantine i'd have a bigger tank but i still can't afford it and they've been in quarantine a few weeks longer so i've decided just to put them in there as they're very small anyway and it's bigger than the other tank. it'll only be a week or two
  13. thankyou..i wouldnt be able to put a divider in this tank as it's too small, but i'm getting a new tank soon within a few weeks which i could maybe do that for.. since i posted this it's been alot better, sammy doesn't seem frightened more and is going back to his normal buisness i think he's just a little annoyed that this little thing is following him all over the tank, i will probebly try and put kamikaz back in later as everything seems all right so far.. thanks
  14. haha i tend to think everyone automatically knows everything about my life ive had sammy for 9 years all of that time he's been living on his own..i recently bought 2 baby fantail goldfish (kamikaze & Noah ) and after quarantine tried to introduc them..sammy chased round kamikaze, she was very frightened and i took her out, today it's been the other way around! lol, do u think sammy will get used to them soon? would tomorrow be to early to put kamikaz back in? thanks
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