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    does anyone know if this fish has been rescued since this post happened? I went to the webpage given in orig post but do not see the sad picture.... sure hope an animal lover did something to help this poor guy! so sad and makes me MAD to see!!! no excuse for treating fish this way. and in reply to Bob the Goldfish comment about the fish not being so big, and the dimensions of the tank.... a 7 1/2" fish in a 16" long tank is not being cared for humanely!! of course he's too big for this tank.... he needs more than a tank twice his body length after all... geez....
  2. I have a number of goldies who have wens, and they have grown over their eyes. I find they are able to find food just fine, don't seem handicapped by this and have read it's completely natural, so why bother to go thru the tedius, nervewracking task of trimming this?!! I am nervous just thinking about it! I have had the anxiety of having to remove a piece of gravel our Moor and other goldfish had stuck in their mouth! I've had to do this four times in the past 3 years.. way too often for me! LOL They could not spit it out, so I had no choice really.. I used a pair of tweezers, was as careful as could be so I didn't harm their inner mouths.. it was hard, and a struggle, the gravel pieces seemed wedged in there, but I turned the gravel and pulled gently and out it came.. My hands were shaking like crazy each time, and I was a bit shook up especially the first and second times! I wouldn't trim my fish's wens, they are created this way, and they must survive just find in nature, right? I would not want to also risk damaging their eyes for cosmetic reasons.. personally. just my thoughts here.. Lynn
  3. Hey, Jen! I think your Mr. Chauncey Huffcat is beautiful! I love cats, we have four in our family... I like seeing pics of members pets, other than their fishies too! glad your tank move worked. we may have to move our tank too, but it's only a 10gallon... having foundation work done on our home! thankfully the 60 gallon is in the front part of the house, so no moving needed! I am like you, do not want to move our fishies either! we had to move our 6" Oranda to hospital tank and I stressed, we moved her gently into a large plastic bowl with a handle on it...she has scale sores, so was very red and I felt bad doing anything to her! we had to catch 2 dwarf Bristlenose Plecos! you think catching Fancy GF is hard, try these guys! talk about FAST.... so quick... we caught them the same way, as gentle as possible.. don't want to damage any fins, etc. love our animals, with or without scales! Lynn in Illinois
  4. Hi again Lucy, we are just as confused here? we have never seen this either.. nothing special has been done with the tank? it's been running for 3 yrs, with fish in it, we moved the 3 baby GF out the same time we transferred the 2 Plecos here, same water levels, temp, there are 2 caves in this tank, could having too much space used by a cave cause this to happen? I'll have to take another pic to show you, see what you think. these are Dwarf Plecos, only about 3 1/2=4" long, this is as large as they grow. did water change yesterday, and once again, I just checked and the fuzz is back in the same area, and other small amounts on gravel again..???? I may take the caves out rinse, check things again> confused and bewildered here.. thanks. Lynn
  5. Hi Lucy and Devs, The tank is 3yrs cycled, has always had fish in it, just moved 3 baby Fancies out to bring in the Plecos, they exchanged tanks really like I explained. Just tested water, haven't had any real problems, maybe low KH: KH 80ppm PH 7.1 Nitrates 20ppm Ammonia 0 Nitrites 0 wondering if the Plecos are stressed from being moved to a smaller tank? could having a large cave in a 10 gallon cause problems with fungus for some reason? we do weekly water changes, syphon well, take 30% or more depending on Nitrate levels of course. I don't understand why they aren't eating? they always have, they just sit in their caves alot? we will syphon again, water change, see how it goes.. don't get this though? we've had them for 3yrs now. I removed one clump that was on the intake tube today, it was a gel like substance, like old Jello, with brown inside? can't even break it apart, it's like glue! odd... trying to use magnifying glass to look, but it's really sealed well... and the intake has a much whiter, more solid clump compared to the more floaty clumps near the large cave side??? Lynn
  6. Hi, We recently moved our 2 dwarf Bristlenose Plecos into our 10 gallon tank from our 60 gallon tank. (had issues with an Oranda, not sure if she was being bothered for her slimecoat or not, so to be safe, moved them). SO.. this is the third day we are seeing this "clump" of furry, fuzzy ???it's cream colored, with specks of brown inside, near the large cave on the gravel, transparent too. the other clumps are on the intake tube itself, but they are much smaller, very white, look like cotton or thick dandelion seed tops before they disperse? not sure if there are specks inside these clumps too or bubbles? We have NEVER had any of this in either tank. this tank always had fancy goldfish in it, kept it changed, tested. has a good AquaClear20 filter, confused here. the one cave is large for this size tank, but we have 2 so they don't fight, they might be okay in one, not sure. we don't see alot of fighting, just chasing a few times in the past 3 years. could they be stressed out? from the move? we rinsed the caves with baking soda to clean them before placing them in this tank. we did a water change the first time we saw these furry things, but it came back the next day or two days later? the water is clear, has a heater of course, 77degrees. any tips? ideas? they don't seem to be eating their algae wafers either, and always came out to eat as soon as they were dropped in the larger tank home. they are in their caves now, on the ceilings, not showing any signs of illness so far. what could this be? I've searched for info on fungus, pictures, went to Pleco Forum, can't find info. hope someone here can help! oh----here are the three pictures at Photo Bucket, the link is below, the intake isn't as magnified as I'd like, if too hard to see, let me know, I can take a better one?: http://s68.photobucket.com/albums/i1/ElvisCat59/ Lynn
  7. I would like to hear from anyone who has used this product.?? We have been treating our Oranda, Lexi for scale problems on one side, not sure why she has it, other fish in tank do NOT.. have moved Dwarf Bristlenose Plecos out as of 2 days ago, along with their caves.. doing twice weekly water changes, she has been on Melafix for 16 days, showed improvement, but spiked today, darker red? could moving caves out stir things up? syphoned well, added salt 1TB per 5 gallons also on Monday. water chemistry: Nitrites, Ammonia 0, Nitrates 80 or more (color cards do not decipher above 80), KH 80, PH 7.2.. did water change, few hrs later levels are: Nitrates 20ppm, KH 120 (added baking soda to buffer using calculator), GH 200. Temp is 78ish. do we wait a few more days using Melafix? I know people here either love it or hate it, but want those who have used it to give input, cause we like the natural remedies.. I don't want to deal with bio filter crashes, problems if I can avoid it, heard Maracyn can cause this? what does this mean? what changes during this use? anyone use GF Connections anti-bac bath instead? Rick there has suggested this for Lexi, the Oranda. I don't understand the spike? salt shouldn't cause this? I also used Pimafix as it can be used as an aid to healing with Melafix, per AP recommendations... talked to them today, they do not see any of this as an issue.. what would you do? I know Laurie likes the Maracyn solution, I'm not sure. also, cannot remove other fish in tank, so could they all be treated safely? read about the cloudy water, smells? I"m new using these products, need encouragement and support, I'm upset about sweet Lexi. have done my best with water changes, staying on that.. how long to wait? can this spike before improving? more details on tank below with my signature,,,, thanks, fish buddies! Lynn in Illinois
  8. Hi again Laurie! thanks... we have 2 tanks in our home, and we do not have another to house the Plecos at this time, nor do we want to add a third really... that's why I posted this "situation", weighing the Plecos possibly causing Lexi's scale problem? or waiting, treating her, then moving them.. I wanted other opinions as to what you would do in the same situation. I don't want Lexi healing as she is doing, only to have the Pleco go after her.. so far, it is healing without any new redness, scale damage. I want to get them moved asap to test and see if this was really the issue. I'm still not sure, all I've read have said the Bristlenose dwarfs are safe with GF.. or we wouldn't have included them.. I know my mom had the regular species and it attacked her Comet badly she moved him out after I informed her.. the Pleco grew to be 18" long in her 60 gallon tank, and just died a few weeks ago.. he lived in a nice large tank at least! she fed him algae wafers just like we do too. I'll keep plugging along here... * so, I gather, you've never had a longrunning issue with your Nitrate levels rising and not staying stable/low??? how about your KH levels? I feel like I'm doing my best to test, monitor, keep the water changed and I am tired really.I'm going to order the Nitrazorb tonite..at least this can be controlled more easily from all I've read about that product at GF Connection. Lynn
  9. Hi Sharon, the details about the fish size, number are in my signature at end of each post, that's why I didn't include this. The babies are 2" in size. yes, tested Tap water, Nitrates are 0, PH 7.5-7.6 The Nitrates tend to stay good for 3 days, so twice a week seems to be the schedule. it has improved but.. still, I have been dealing with this issue since December, I don't want to continue this way if something like Nitrazorb pillows would help keep this balanced. we have even removed gravel, since we had it too thick,2", it is much cleaner now, did the same thing in the 60 gallon tank. the specifics for that tank community are at bottom of this post too. thanks for input. I was wonderng what effect the LOW KH reading has on this too? could this be a cause? if so, is there a good buffering agent to put into the tank to keep this higher? Lynn
  10. We adopted three babies, two Orandas and one Lionhead. We noticed signs of one Chocolate Oranda (Starbuck) floating on & off in the past 2 weeks, now, since yesterday, the Lionhead (Maximus) is also floating! We have had them for 6 weeks now. We think we are doing everything right! We have fed them less, ProGold, or an algae wafer or peas/cucumber piece. We check water chemistry twice a week, have an Aqua Clear filter for up to 20 gallon tank, seems great! They are in a 10 gallon quar tank right now.. Temperature is 76-78. water change weekly or twice weekly if necessary, depending on Nitrates... usually 50% removed. The only thing I site is Nitrate levels that have gone up around 80 or more (can't decipher the darn color chart from AP! but it's too dark red either way you go) tested water yesterday, here are current results: PH 7.0, Nitrates 40ppm, GH 200, KH 80, Ammonia, Nitrites both 0. Could the KH being too low cause this problem? We have the same issue in our 60 gallon tank, same water parameters... it has improved, since December, but... Have used baking soda as a buffer, works for awhile, then it's back again.. would Nitrazorb pillow be a better option to keep this more stable? What else can we change? we have cut back on feeding amounts and even skip a day if they bloat...???? what is the solution here please? thank you again, Lynn
  11. Hi, I bought 2 new airstones, they have been running for about 6 weeks,, all of a sudden, they stopped??? does anyone know why this happens? I have scrubbed the air stones themselves with a brush, still nothing? what do I check, and what do I do to get them going? they are just sitting in the tankwater with the tubing, adding more water circulation to the tank. I'm stumped here... checked the tubing, don't see a problem, should I unplug the tubing and reattach or would that cause an air pocket? I'm not used to the air stones, need some "expert" advice again! thanks! Lynn
  12. I'm SO sorry, we had to euthanize one of our fish not long ago.. We are happy to find the Clove Oil method.. it is humane, and fast.. still sad for us, but.. I'd wait, add some heat for her comfort, and buy more clove oil, it's not expensive.. it's worth it, the other methods are so harsh in my view.. no way! have you tried treating her? how long has she been sick? I'm sure someone on the Forums in the 911 Forum can help you! I would think the heat is a kind thing to do, and make her more comfortable personally! let us know what happens... ask the person who comes over to feed your dogs to check the heat temperature, so it stays where you want it.... we have ours at 78 degrees... good luck to you, our hearts go with you... hope she can be helped... what have you tried so far??? please share this.. maybe someone can help, and you could give her a dose or two before leaving town.... so it's started at least. Lynn
  13. <_< Hi everyone... okay, I'm not sure if this is the correct Forum for this post, but I will give it a try. We have 2 tanks in our home, 1-60 gallon, housing the fish below in my signature info, one fish, the RedCap Oranda has been treated for bacterial infection on one side, scales are much lighter now, seem to be healing from using Melafix now for 11 days, staying on this longer, since she's showing signs of improvement and after getting input from Aq. Pharm rep, Craig.. he was very helpful! Okay, in our other tank, 10 gallon, we have baby fancies, 2 1/2" in size, Lionhead, and 2 Orandas.. they have been quarantined for about 6-7 weeks now, with no signs of disease.. fed them Medigold for 2 weeks, keeping water clean, salted for a week. have AquaClear 5-20 running. We have 2 Dwarf Bristlenose Plecos in our 60 gallon tank. We are not positive but wonder if Lexi (Oranda w/bacterial issue) is being bothered by them? we want to switch tanks, putting Plecos into 10gallon, and baby fancies into 60 gallon (where we planned on housing them anyway). The water levels are fine, except a small battle with low KH (80ppm) and high Nitrates at times, but much lower than they have been in the past 2 1/2 mos I've been dealing with freq w. changes, adding bkg soda to buffer, etc. Both tanks seem to stay in the same ranges with everything: Ammonia 0, Nitrites 0, Nitrates 40-80ppm (fluctuates, not concrete, is better at this point though), PH 7.0-7.1, GH 200-250. Is it a good idea to place the babies into the tank with Melafix right now, in order to get the Plecos out into their own tank in case they are the culprit with Lexis scale problems? **one issue, with one Choc Oranda baby in 10 gallon tank, we see floating on & off, we are feeding less, fasting a day, watching water parameters closely. it is not continuous, but ???? not sure why he does this? they are eating Progold, occasional peas, algae wafer, we alternate. ** will the Plecos be okay in a tank without fish, will there be enough algae growth for them to eat, besides the algae wafers we feed them? any suggestions, I'd like to hear what others would do in this case... more details at bottom about our tank filter, in my signature area.. thanks, I hope you can advise, suggest, share your views, experience. We are eager to move the babies to the large tank of course! but if it's safe to do so, or does it matter at this point, considering the levels are so similar? Melafix is safe I know.. I may stay on it for another week and a half, A. Pharm said a month is fine too if it seems to be working with Lexi.. Lynn
  14. Hi Laurie, I rec'd an email reply notification inmy mail today, went to the Forum, and I do not see anything new from you?? hmmm Did you read my post 2 days ago, update on the Melafix usage, what I chose to do for now? please do read it, and reply if you have any other tidbits.. I have to post something else concerning my Plecos, and what to do with the baby GF in our 10gallon tank... mainly, switching tanks between the two groups? not sure, KH, Nitrate levels I'm keeping an eye on.. will retype something more detailed for everyone to read and tell me what you would do in my case here? want the best for my fancies.....I didn't get to post a newer pic of Lexi, will try later tonite, tomorrow, have had doc appts. busy... there is improvement for sure! thanks again, Lynn
  15. Hi Laurie, I called Aq Pharm, and asked their opinion on this too. A very nice man, Craig, said if there is sign of improvement, he suggested staying with Melafix for another week, maybe more, I asked how long we could stay with it for treatment? He said his fish owners have used it for a month at a time with good results.. Like I said, too, the picture that got pasted on this forum looks darker and worse actually, yes, she is missing scales, but they have lightened up alot with the week of Melafix, and Craig said now, it's just time for the complete healing, regrowth. He also said our bio filter will be messed up, and that's an issue too, if I can avoid dealing with that, I want to. We have been dealing with high Nitrates and low KH the way it is, I want to wait a bit longer.. she is looking better right now. I'm feeding her Medigold too. I like natural treatments, our family uses herbal remedies, havn't taken synthetic drugs for about 11yrs, no antibiotics, tylenol, NOTHING. and we are healthier, same for my kitties, they see a holistic vet, eat the most natural food, higher quality. I will keep you updated, and hope this solves the problem. If I have to use Maracyn, I will, but my gut says to wait a bit longer. I will try to send a more recent picture of her tonite, to show the difference in her coloring/scales... thanks for your help! I'll keep in touch! Lynn
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