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  1. would that be of the vegetable type or the swimmy type?
  2. okay, seriously??? THRILLIST Nation Thursday July 20, 2006 Fish n' Flush $450 at FishNFlush.com You love your pet fish, but constantly neglect them, leaving them to feast on each other's soft cadavers like a Uruguayan rugby team. Instead, integrate them into a mandatory part of your life with Fish n' Flush: a fully-functioning aquarium/toilet tank. [Thrillist - Fish n' Flush] Developed by California-based Aqua One Technologies, the FnF is a filtered acrylic aquarium wrapped around an integrated flush-tank core. The aquarium exists independently of the toilet's reservoir, so you won't annihilate your buddies after every urination. But, to keep things interesting, the flush valve does launch a jet stream into the tank that swirls the fish for a few seconds of exhilirating tidal joy. Wee. Warning: make sure you have a two-piece toilet and are familiar with basic plumbing, or risk a poo geyser in your bathroom. Once installed, your only additional purchases are freshwater fish and one of those stupid bubbling treasure chests. Then you can unzip, enjoy, and never forget to feed your fish again. that part about sending a stream into the fish tank, isn't that untreated water from a contaminated source???
  3. so, where does the water for the toilet come in from? Doesn't that need a filter? and seriously, we all know we have to lift the lid to sit if you're a girl and a lift the seat if you're a guy, i bet all that clanging against the tank isn't good for the little guys not to mention the flushing vibrations and such. seriously, it's a cool little novelty, but who would actually have this???
  4. that is just so cool to me. it's strange, you don't really think of fish as cuddly or tame but here they are!
  5. I'll try to get some pictures tomorrow, but i don't know how good they will be if i'm taking them myself. Maybe i can get my fiance to help, he seemed eager to vid it earlier! i guess this all started about a week ago. I don't know why he does it, but, he does. it's hard getting him to get the sinking food though, he is always so focused on the top of the water. i have to wait until he is near the middle or bottom of the tank then drop it in through the flow of the over the top filter. once he sees it he goes after it like he hasn't eaten in days! i try to get him to go lower, but he is practically jumping out of the water every time he gets hungry! it's just so crazy!
  6. I am not sure how i came about finding this out, but this seems to be his favorite way to eat now. He comes up to the top and sticks his face out of the water about half an inch and just nibbles the food off my fingers. I try to get him to eat the sinking food in the tank underwater most of the time, because i don't want him to swallow too much air and get floaty sick. Even so every time the little guy is hungry he goes to the top of the water, sticks his head out, and just starts opening and closing his mouth sucking for food. it has got to be the cutest thing i have ever seen a fish do. i showed my fiance and he was in awe. he said he had never seen that before. i haven't either but i assume that is what people mean when they say their fishy eats out of their hand we have a video of it, but i can't upload it for some reason maybe we'll get a good picture and i can post that for you guys Anyone else's goldies do that?
  7. okay, that might be why my readings are getting a little weird in the 14 now. ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrate 10 ppm i've had the new filter running for about 24 hours now, and the goldfish aren't bottom sitting but are swimming and staying near the bottom. the larger one keeps hiding by a big plant and the smallish one is staying near the back by some smaller plants. could it be all the extra water flow or the change in the cycle? there is now a hydrosponge 1 and a aquatech 20 to 40 gallon filter in there. is that overkill???? have i just royally screwed up or is it something they are just adjusting to?
  8. they work pretty well. if the color of the water is not spot on with the colors on the charts, find which one it is closest to (the colors it falls between) and that gives you a pretty good idea.btw my answer was for the api masterkit
  9. just rechecked the levels in the 10 gallon. nitrites are down to 1 ppm and nitrates are down to 10 MUCH BETTER than last night. i'm switching out the filters anyway, definitely can't hurt. the goldies need more filtration.
  10. the tap is negative for both bacteria the ph is 7.4 no ammonia the test kit isn't off, it reads everything else normally. it is just that tank. the lfs guy told me to use water from the other tank when doing the water change today, and not the tap. he said the fish may not be reacting to the high levels because they became used to them when they were slowly climbing. i don't know. i am going to put the 5 to 15 filter from the 14 gallon on the 10. i know that will help kick off the cycle because that filter is in the cycled tank. i bought a 10 to 20 filter for the 14 gallon because i have 2 goldies in there. i figured even though the space is smallish 12x filtration can only help there. my question is this. after putting in the new filter, will that tank have to cycle all over again, or will there be enough in the substrate to maintain it as a fully cycled tank?
  11. the last water change was a week ago. that is when i got it set up with the fish in it. it was 75% new water, and 25% cycled water from the old tank. the tank had originally been started a week before that because i thought i was going to have danio fry. at that point all it had was an air stone and a little bit of water in it. about 2 gallons i think. i bought the master kit about a month and a half ago. i know it isn't the kit. it has been very good so far, i even cross checked it with a friend's kit. the 14 tanks readings were the same when i tested it. there is no doubt about it. the 14 is cycled and good, and the 10 has off the charts toxic levels of bacteria. i am doing another water change tomorrow. should i go ahead and dump all the water, clean the gravel and plants, and start over from scratch??? like i said i'm getting an over the top filter and putting the sponge filter ( after i clean it ) into the 14 with the 2 goldies. added filtration can't hurt there. i just don't understand how my levels are so toxic after such a short time and that the fish don't appear to be having any problems.
  12. my 10 gallon trop tank is having a problem. ammonia is almost nonexistent but the nitrites and nitrates are off the charts! i just did an 80percent water change and there is no real apparent change in the levels. 5 danios 1 black skirt tetra before water change ph 7.9 ammonia less than .25 nitrite reading 5.0 ( i believe higher still reading 5.0 after water change) nitrate reading 80 ppm after water change 40 don't yell at me but i'm running a hydrosponge 1 i asked about it and people told me i could try it out for so few fish, i'm going to get an over the top filter tomorrow. How did the levels get sooo high? i used some of the old water from my 14 gallon to try and jmp start the cycling of the new tank. all the water parems were good when i used it. i am going to do another water change tomorrow, but how do i lower these crzy toxic levels???? please help don't want my fishies to die. they haven't shown any signs of stress. no bottom sitting, still swimming around like nothing is wrong. no gasping. no clamped fins. what is the deal? i know it isn't the kit i used because i used it on the other tank just before this one.
  13. hi, i know you are really stressed out worrying about Jona, but doing too much all at once can be more hazardous than daily changes. a lot of local fish places and even wally word sell regular 10 gallon acrylic aquariums for about 10 to 12 dollars after tax. this is just your basic tank, no hood, filter, heater anything, but it is a much better option than trying to change out all of the water in a 3 gallon every day, with more room the tank can have smaller amounts of changes like say 25 to 50 percent. The less you move around an already stressed fish, the better for it. watching it sit listlessly on the bottom can be very discomforting, but with a few affordable changes you will see a marked improvement. you can get an air pump (5to 10$) air stone(.50 to 1$), tubing (2 to 5 depending on amount bought), 10 gallon tank (10 to 15), water conditioner (4 to 8$), and a filter (anywhere from 15 to 30 depending on brand and size) for about 40 dollars going middle of the road prices with all. also if you can get a filter ranged higher than the recommended. if it says for a 10 gallon, get one for a 20 gallon anyway. like everyone said, goldfish are really messy fish. they eat a lot. they poop a lot. a higher capacity filter will work wonders for your little fishy. Now all the stuff listed above is BARE minimum for what goes into fishkeeping, but it will do until you can upgrade to a larger tank and better equipment. try not to worry too much, fish can be hardy little guys. just do the best you can to get a decent start then slowly work your way up as you can to make him a fishy heaven he will love.
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