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I was introduced to Koko's by my friend ThoughtsOfJoy. At the time, we were dating (I'm single at present wink.gif ). I'm one of the lucky people who started keeping fish AFTER reading everything on Koko's (and while dating a goldfish addict). However, I'm one of the unlucky people who started fishkeeping with a budget of $5.I'm an engineering geek. I am studying Materials Science & Engineering at WSU in Pullman, WA. I like to fix things and make things. I recently added an electric motor to my bicycle, which I ride to school and work almost every day. My dream is to build space habitats.I've made several successful filters for my tanks, partly because I'm on a student's budget, and partly for the fun of it: my canister filter holds 1.5 gallons. Someday, I will have the most ridiculously amazing and unique goldfish aquarium that anybody has ever seen. Meanwhile, I am confined to a 50 gallon tank on an inexpensive homemade stand.I enjoy the outdoors: walking, running, bicycling, hiking, backpacking, and mountaineering. In the winter, I love snowboarding; my preferred ski resort is Alpental. I've summited Mt. Rainier and Mt. Baker in Washington State, and I have hiked through 72 miles of mountain wilderness in 5 days.I enjoy cooking and baking. I've cooked in restaurants a total of 5 years, and now I'm a manager at the restaurant I work at. My favorite drink is the gin & tonic, and I like both beer and wine.My preferred computer game style is real-time strategy, and my favorite console game styles are side-scrolling action/adventures (Mario, etc), racing games, and puzzle games. I love physics-based videogame puzzles. I am a semi-active player in the open-source Spring RTS community (as A_Penguin).

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