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  1. Hi there! I'll leave the salt as it is. I never have been 100% sure on the ich even now. The tilting seems to be almost totally gone, even though Phoenix is very asleep right now (it's before sunrise here); I hope it doesn't come back just as I say that! It didn't seem to particularly be towards light, as much as just having a hard time keeping balanced. Phoenix's fins are not permanently clamped now; most of the time they seem to oartly clamp when I'm vacuuming the gravel or pouring in new (temp/pH-matched) water in; a while after the water settles, his fins go back to normal. The big ulcer is almost 100% gone now; it's healed really well. He still has one near the gill and some red streaking in his tail fin though. I only could do a 1/3rd water change yesterday so I'm going to change most all of it today.
  2. Still about the same this morning; that tilting worries me. The ulcer has grown yet smaller though. What does anyone think about bringing the salt up to .2 again? As a discouragement to the ich parasites (on the chance he has them, I mean)?
  3. Thanks! His ulcers continue to heal, very slowly but it is definitely happening. I am very glad about that. I think not over-medicating was good advice. Those Medi-Gold pellets easily get lost in the gravel though, and they dissolve I tried putting in a little tupperware cup and putting the pellets in that, but it floated around and dumped them. So, I have put them in a bare part of the tank away from any gravel, and Phoenix has an easier time finding them that way. I'm feeding him Medi-Gold 3 times a day as much as I can get him to eat. My mom accidentally gave him Omega One flakes like she did before but I've hidden them so it won't happen again. I noticed a little more swimming activity tonight just now. Unfortunately he tilts when he sleeps, and it is hard coaxing him to come to the top. I'm keeping the salt at .1%, and alternating daily between 50% and 90% water changes.
  4. Changed almost all the water; will do another w/c tomorrow too. That ulcer seems a little better (fingers crossed).
  5. Thanks; I have def. decided not to use the melafix for now. I'm going to do a 90% water change today and add back .1 salt (what I have in there now). The temp in the tank is 76 with no heater so I'll have to warm up the tap water in a pan to get it matched. Phoenix is eating and his poo is the same color as the food he is being fed. But will not swim up to the top, only around the bottom and waits for the food to sink where he can eat it.
  6. Thanks Debbie. I'll hold off on the Melafix for now. I am second-guessing as to whether Phoenix has ich. I wish I knew for sure; I feel silly for second-guessing and flip-flopping as to whether I think he has it or not. But the specks now look more like crystals of salt or sugar. I took some pics but they are all useless; this one sort of shows some of the red spots he has, but none of the white. I think maybe I will try the method daryl recommends; it is so frustrating to not be able to get a picture.
  7. I love your new avatar The Neosporin is only the regular kind for people. I didn't even know there was one for fish. That is neat to know though. I've heard the Melafix can be helpful even with daily w/c's; I read somewhere (wish I remembered where) that it breaks down and loses its healing properties within a short time anyway. I am more wondering if it is likely to cause any kinds of complications or interact in an unhealthy way with the Medi-Gold; I have some on hand and I just feel the urge to do something extra about that ulcer. I noticed there are still some smaller red spots too. I had good results treating Phoenix's fin and tail rot a long time ago with it too.
  8. I think I may actually wait on the Neosporin and see how the antibiotic does. Does anyone think Melafix could be of use? On Koivet I read an article that said it helped heal ulcers.
  9. The Medi-Gold is here! When I feed it tonight, should I feed as much as Phoenix will eat? I still have that Neosporin that I'm wanting to know about using on that ulcer too, if anyone has any experience with it.
  10. Thanks daryl. I should have specified, but I'm using a medicated gel food with Tetracycline instead of Kanamycin. I am keeping a real close eye on that seachem ammonia alert now and so far it still says safe, fortunately. I have a gut feeling though that I shouldn't try moving Phoenix; I know it could be helpful if he does have ich, but now whether he even had it has come into doubt; I think it might be a straight up severe bacterial infection based on what a few other posters have said. The white spots *do* look a little too big to be ich, and he improved more with the medicated food than the salting (which will now be maintained at .1%) and heat. I think he may not have even had ich at all. I think too that moving him around could be too stressful or push him over the edge.
  11. I'm almost done with the water change; his red patch on his belly looks pretty bad; does anyone know if Neosporin is safe to use on it?
  12. I do have gravel; right now it is sparse though and has a lot of bare patches. I took out about 1/2 my gravel (I originally had 1/4" covering the tank floor) so food would not get caught in it. Unfortunately I think I may have taken out some good bacteria too. Thank you for the encouragement.
  13. Thanks for the help; I'm doing another big w/c today (well 50%) to lower the salt concentration. Phoenix is *acting* better, but has developed a severe redness on his belly! I'll be able to take a pic; I hope it heals.
  14. Hey, I was wondering if anyone could help me with another question; I have been using Prime as the only dechlor. in Phoenix's tank, to safeguard against ammonia. I have the Seachem Ammonia Alert and the API ammonia test kits, and testing today with the API kit showed ammonia of .25! But the Seachem Ammonia Alert reads "safe". Plus I've been doing water changes every day and not overfeeding at all. Does the API kit give false positives for ammonia with Prime, like I've heard Nessler kits do?
  15. It figures that my heater starts working *perfectly* now that I'm about to take it out, whereas before I was waking up in the middle of every night to go check up on it and had to readjust it every three or four hours (still better than my last heater). Phoenix seems to be doing very slightly better. He is swimming crooked, but not as bad as before (antijinx). I keep trying to photograph him but my camera really doesn't work well for it and my pics are usually so blurry. He seems like he likes the light on during the day, and also seems like he's responding better to .2 salt instead of .3 (less stress signs I think). And, I think that medicated gel food is helping him too. I have been feeding him as much as he will eat twice a day, but last night he wouldn't eat very much so I had to keep encouraging him by wiggling it around, which worked.
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