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    Just like mine only longer finiage. Very nice!
  2. It isn't common for a tetra to spawn in an aquarium but it is possible. If it starts to strugle try feeding small pieces of krill to it in case it's stopped up and it acts as a laxative to them.
  3. Yes I know a lot about them. I have knowlege in my mind on many fish I will never have a chance to find. They can obtain an length from 6-8". they like 76-80 F water. They are much like the elephant nose and ghost knifes if im not mistaken on that they use an electrical organ to find food. They need a shaded area and will find themselves a cave or crevis and claim it as theres. Luckly he chose one where I have a clear view of him.
  4. Well atleast I don't. I got a baby whale the other day. HEre is a pic for the ppl who don't know what they are....
  5. Yup I sure do. She is a Peppered Cory.
  6. Yea I am a tad southeren but I sing terrible LOL!! I am from Arkansas so that may be why I have that accent.
  7. http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v242/tes...nt=DSCF1156.flv
  8. http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v242/tes...nt=DSCF1154.flv
  9. Possible but no time soon.
  10. Thats a 30g. Hex tanks are not really good for Africans as they need a distance to swim. Long tanks are ideal and If you can trade that hex for like a 55g (should be able to as hex are worth a lot) then I would and use that.
  11. Thanks a lot!! I think you are talking about the peacocks.
  12. Lol thanks, I am trying to get javamoss to grow on it.
  13. Female Home Male Home Both homes
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