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  1. that ranchu looks like a naked goldfish if there was such a thing
  2. this is not my video, just something i found on youtube i wish they would share their fish with us the one that gets me is the pom pom with pompoms so big it's sucking them into it's mouth
  3. im pretty good. That particluar day i was mad and frustrated because i had spent most the morning trying to figure out what was wrong with the filter, taking it apart cleaning it out, ect ect. i had also tried swapping it out with a spare filter but it was just as noisy because it was the same brand, and the company won't help either. since then the filter has quieted down and is tolerable, so im not in a pankied have to get it now mood. basically all i can say is stay away from aqua-tech brand, they dont last and the company wont help you even though it says it has a 2year warranty on the box. hmm interesting, because i find if i wake up early and dont sleep well it ends up being a bad day. where if i sleep in i feel basically normal.
  4. thanks for the help *takes a deep breath* my husband really helped calm me down, so i started thinking things through. basically if i wanted to get rid of my fish theres only 2 petstores that would do that , 1 just went out of buisnness and the other im scared to go into, it's old, run down and creepy. so basically that means the fish are staying. I'm definitely going to look into buying online i didnt know it was that much cheaper. if it's still worth it after shipping then i'll have to look into getting some sort of prepaid credit/debit card.
  5. ok so this is going to be a long venting rant things here are pretty sucky i don't have a job and its getting to me, i know im going into a depression but i cant afford to go to a doctor or afford the prescription, so i just have to deal with it. my goldfish hobby isn't what it used to be, tank cleaning day was my favorite day of the week now it nothing but a chore that i really have to motivate myself to do. on top of that now equipment is starting to break, one of the filters on the 55 is going and i dont have the money to get a new one. i usually buy the aquatech 30-60 because its what i can afford (35-40$)but im hesitant to do that this time because i have 3 of them and so far there nothing but noisy grinding and break within a year. AC's are expensive from the store and i cant afford one. im seriously considering taking the tank down but i dont know what to do with the fish. my husband brought up a point that even if i took the tank down i'll probably want fish in 6mths to a year, which is probably true. i know i cant run the tank on one filter but i dont think i can ignor the grinding comming from one of them either. sigh, really frustrated and don't know what to do. part of me wants to keep going because ive had my fish for so long and its unfair to them to just dump them at a pet store and not know there fate. And the other part doesn't want to keep dumping money into it when we don't have money to spend.
  6. ooh coffee filters? how long do the coffee filters last before they fall apart? one a day type thing?
  7. you mean the stuff that looks like quilt batting? if so could i buy a big bag of that instead?
  8. i have a 55 gallon tank and recently went back to pool filter sand from gravel. i had pfs in the tank before and i really like the look of the sand but im beginning to remember why i went back to gravel last time. basically my water is chronically "dusty" with tiny particals floating around all the time and it makes the water look dirty. basically my question is, is there any type of filter material i can add to my filters to catch the particles so the water so it doesn't look so dirty all the time?
  9. oh i agree with you, but i have the 2 filter intakes in the way so i only have certain spots i can put decor. but ive rearranged the tank since then so it doesn't look like that anymore.
  10. really love the look of your tank, your fish will grow up to be gorgeous as well.
  11. thank you , all the driftwood in my tanks was found at the river next to my house, i tried doing live plants with it but the goldfish won't let me keep any, not even anubias.
  12. i went with my husband to pick up crickets for his lizards. when we were checking out i went over to look at the parakeets and saw one that was hanging upside down from a bird toy. the poor thing was dangling from the band on it's leg and couldn't free itself. i told the cashier and she called someone over.
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