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  1. great news so far two eggs are hatching, i can see at the tips of the pointy egde on the eggs, a little bit of black is popping out. and ive just noticed a few hours ago that their are (i just cant explain it , hard to describe)what looks like 2 fry(2 baby goldfish)stuck on a leaf of a tree that have two main parts(i think, if it is fry, or just dirt)1. part(head), is yellowish white that i think is the head, because i can see a bit of black on it(maybe eyes, maybe dirt)2.part(body, cant see any tail), is clear that looks very short but longer than the head, and the body is very skinny. remember it may just be dirt but ive seen the fry(possibly)move all around the leave over time, but very slowly. im soo excited & happy after all the wait ...................................3 weeks(i think) its finally paid off, i cant believe i was going to give up on them, but i knew they would eventially hatch, even if these fry are dirt, i can see black popping out of the other eggs
  2. 2 weeks with cold water, 3 days with a heater and still no improvement btw the male did not spray his milt on the eggs and the father is still chasing the mother plus the mother has been doing white zig zag poo, that means she is reabsorbing her eggs im clueless
  3. how long can the eggs stay without hatching?
  4. theyre not sticky at all(they dont stick on the floor much or the base). oh and also i had cold water so may that be the reason? and the eggs are small so would that contribute to it taking so long? (theyre getting a little tiny bit bigger)
  5. to be honest no. i can see some eggs that are pointy on the top and side, all of them a have black dot in the inside, and i chucked out all fungus and so far the remaining eggs arent white, there transparent.(in the inside of some eggs, they look a little clearer than the outside but no trace of inside movement, and for some i can see a little tiny bit of yellow in the inside.) what does this mean? its been over 2 weeks and they havent hatched?(i only bought a heater yesterday) some eggs are looking a little bit bigger(surprisingly) sometimes when i come home from school, some eggs have moved from one place to another, short difference(this is rare) but is this a sign of anything? sorry i took a while to reply. ps: thank you so much for your help trinket, but i dont know that much about goldfish eggs, and there is alot to learn
  6. thanx, btw r u allowed to use a heater when the eggs hatch?
  7. so today i bought a heater(i couldent buy it earlier, busy)and i put it 26 degrees, 72 degrees celcius and i was just wondering if thats ok , if its not the right temperature please inform me if i should put it higher or lower.
  8. reba's a cutie and not to mention ruby. that rhymed
  9. lovely little fish youve got there
  10. Red / White Ryukin and the red/white lionhead look stunning
  11. i think its a one time joke-thats a dumb joke
  12. Not really sure coz i dont have a thermometer but how would keeping it under the heater do coz i've been doing it ever since they went in the tank? (Please say it should be fine), if it's not good enough i'll buy a heater for the tank however i heard they "cook" fry.
  13. today is the sixth day and all i can see on the eggs are black dots in the inside (one black dot in each egg, eyes), and i can see a little tiny lump on two of them(btw ive chucked away the fungus)but why havent the hatched by now?
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