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  1. thanks trinket, just buried him in the backyard under a nice flower tanks so empty without him, no one to keep me company when im on my computer now, when i look over its empty, is weird feeling
  2. he jsut died, id like to thank you all for your help, but i just think he was too old in the end, hes lived a good long life in a tank that was like a mansion compared to those drinking glasses ppl keep him in.... cya buddy
  3. thanks chloe, he seems to be suffering a bit now, but he has his usual bursts of energy to the watertop still, hes still got kick in him, but im not confident now.
  4. Yeah, yeah, i can do that its making a ripple in the tank on the waterlevel now... just did waterchange 100% + cleaned filter in old water + added right amount of water ager. Ive thought about it now and I really think hes pretty close to being 4 years old at least, so is this just his age? thats alot for a fighter isnt it? i want to help him out as much as i can still, hes been a great fish thanks again.
  5. hi chloe, no its not the traditional style, but it runs off a air pump and does push water out at water level in a fountain effect, so it does actually move the water around. its only a very very small tank id say 4 odd litres ?? is an extra air stone neccessary also? thanks
  6. Trinket, what do you mean by splash, hes loosing his redness now and scales going whiter ? im doing a full water change as we speak
  7. Hello again all, Ok he seemed to be getting a bit better now hes hit a wall, he has found a very strange spot in my tank where he sits until I touch him to encourage him to move. this is hard to explaiin but ive got a filter powered by an air tank and he puts himself intentionally so he is laying sideways on top of it. its very weird he seems to be exposing his left gill out of the water to breath, it looks like hes dead from a distance but then you touch him and he shoots off swimming around like a maniac.... hes definately not out of energy, but this is very weird, he also has seem to lost his balance and when swimming sits to the side and sits with his mouth facing the water top ?? his scales seems to be poking out a bit also? any help
  8. Thanks viki, since i put the filter in yesterday, ive got to say he looks a lot more like hes gone back to his old self, not 100% but say at least 50%, but it hasnt even been 24hrs, so im going to do feeds once a day from now on , and ill let you know how hes doing soon, fingers crossed, hes kept me company at my computer for the last 2 odd years......
  9. Hey trinket, im good thanks, good to hear from you again, hope your doing well... His living in his first night of freshly cleaned filtered water now, so fingers crossed... im going to cut back the feeding but exactly how much are these guys supposed to eat and how many times a day, ive heard theyll just eat themselves to death if they get the chance.
  10. thanks viki, im putting a filter in as we speak due to your advice any other help for him?
  11. also feed him twice a day morning and night sometimes in between only like 3 or so very small pellets, was thinking he may be overfed, ive given him a salt bath a few times seems to brighten him up a bit? hes floating slightly on side head always pointing in air towards the surface?
  12. Hi all, youve helped me quite a few times so i thought it was the best spot to try, I have a fighting fish hes around 2 yrs old, which is alot more than i expected from him, hes in a small tank that is unfiltered around 20cm x 20cm x20cm, alot bigger than most fighters homes, hes by himself, hes got large rocks in bottom and a artificial plant, I have no readings as ive never gone that far, I was told they live in puddles in the mud, so they are very tough. I do water change 100% every 3 weeks or so and feed him wardleys betta food for fighters, He is still very colourful fins healthy and full, solid. His cond is sitting at the bottom, sort of huddling in corner or under things, he was a bit off centre floating this morning, and he shoots to the top for air every once and a while, he seems to be breathing slower, and hes definately much more lathargic, ive become pretty attached to him, so would like to help him if i can, but im in Australia so meds are not very common, hes been like this maybe 2 odd weeks but gotten worse last few days, i dont know if hes just getting old. thanks in advance
  13. they are tablets, ive just ground them up and added to water and given him his first dose
  14. ohh and that info about their lifespan is amazing, ive never known of a fish to live anywhere close to that, a gold fish that age must grow to quite a size, sorry for my lack of knowledge if i came across like that, i wasnt trying to.. and desiree, i cannot give an exact nitrate and nitrite reading as i only have ammonia test kit and ph tes kit, the way im guaging nitrates. nittrites etc is from a drop sheet that you put in water for one second and it changes colour to suit chart, it seems very close to 0???
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