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  1. my friends dog ate a whole supersized bag of gumballs besides its poop being every colour under the sun she was fine she still eats everything she can get into lol
  2. I'm always trying to contain my fish buying and rescuing big tanks can get small fast I might have to set up my 10g my hubby may not be pleased but it keeps me out of his hair and his hobby is more expensive than mine so he cant say to much.
  3. I think pickles is a great name I just got an oranda last week and named her buttons until I saw "her" breeding stars then changed it to jelly cute but not girly kinda mobster like lol
  4. hi im new here and 5 months into the hobby.I tried lettuce with my fish and nobody liked it. so far I give them bananas and they go nuts for them .I only give it to them once every few weeks ,i'm worried it might constipate them but it hasn't yet. ps Im new to this forum stuff I may be slow to reply please excuse my computer skills
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