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  1. are you kidding I can't wait for school!!! my kids are going everyday this year ...so my summer is just beginning
  2. Shane said this guy was checking me out and I jokingly said "where??!!! Maybe HE likes fish Poor shane !!! you must have that guy on his toes all day long !!! ...You sound like me !!!! your fish are Amazing ..they look like two peas in a pod ...let us know when they spawn
  3. mine slow down when they reabsorb and tend to bottom sit with a slight tilt ..I would feed her peas and fast her for a day or 2 ..never try handspawning chances of rupturing ovaries is pretty high when this is done ...
  4. I use a large garbage pail with wheels to empty out my 55 it makes it easy
  5. OMG!!! I LOVE the last pic !!!!!! that is soooo cute !!!!! hehehehe!!! now all you need is fish babies like Kathy
  6. ....I cannot wait !!!!!!!! I'm sooo excited for you !!!!! the lower ph is what spares the fish from the high ammonia ..if the ph were higher your fish would most likly be more stressed
  7. IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!!!!......can't wait to see a post from you Sue!!!!!!!
  8. Congrats Sue !!!! I cannot wait till friday too!!!!!..one day away!!! I wish someone would take a video when the the carrier arrives I can seee you giving him a big hug and smooch
  9. yep nothing.... plecos can eat the slimcoat of goldies and are NOT compatible and need lots of space themselves and even snails need at least 2.5 gallons each for themselves
  10. sounds sooo much fun !!! CAn't wait to see pics !!!!! Good luck .!!!!!!
  11. BV is now in with the other Oranda's in the 75 gallon and spawned again a couple of days ago. I did not save any eggs this time tho'.
  12. have you ever used photobucket ..I'm really not the one to ask on exactly how to do it as I'm a complete dork when it comes to computers but you download it to photobucket then link it to koko's ..I don't know the terms so hopefully someone will be exact ...or by miracle you know what the heck I'm talking about
  13. ummm can the fish pick at it ???.I would worry about it being a choke hazard and the metal rusting if it's in the water ..can you get a pic of your tank ?? or maybe a short video of the clam in action..
  14. I wouldn't worry about it too much ,unless you see the fish being stressed by it ..the only thing I worry about air deco things is that they do not create enough of a constant disturbance to create enough 02 for the fish
  15. I have never workrd with those clams or any airation decos before when the clam closes it probably holds a lot of air and opens to release an explosion of it right????..
  16. hi ..I got the pm ..when you say disturbs the top ..you mean the bubbles from the clam ??? water that disrupts at the surface is good ..it makes oxogen in the water for your fish ...and when the tank water gets warmer from warmer weather the more oxogen you will need ..also your filters that break the surface of the water creates 02 as well ...just be sure your fish have a resting area in the tank from flow from filters and bubbles so they can rest ...your fish will tell you if there is to much flow by sitting staying in a calm spot to much ......I have to filters on my 55 gallon I have them both at each end and a bubble wall at the back it give the center of the tank as a rest area ..be sure you do not set your airstone etc near the filter intake as the filter will take in air ..which is bad ...plants ,ornaments can also used to break up flow ...if your 15 gallon does not look like a wave pool I would not worry about it ..just watch your fish they will tell you .but I don't think an air pump will cause to much disturbance for your fish ...mine play in it ..yours might to
  17. do you know how really terrible it is to sit on the otherside of the border and know I cannot have any..and to see 75 beauties is going to really hurt..
  18. my nitrites took ages!!!...it was well over 4 weeks I know that..don't get discouraged
  19. where are you located ....if it gets cold you will need to bring them in ...they cannot handle the cold like commons, I would worry if the temp at night dips below 68
  20. have you ever considered deviding the tank with a tank devider..?? I agree with spiderman
  21. ..open mouth insert food ain't that the truth!! yes Pipsqeek is getting really fat!!!!she might be my first goldfish on a diet!!!
  22. fish!!!!!! ...really I need another like a hole in the head!!
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