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  1. I have never had a ph crash ...is the water where you are now a little different ???..I test my tap ph as much as my tank ..incase somthing is wrong at the towns end of things
  2. here I found that thread http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/...4&hl=Velvet hope it will help
  3. I would keep him in the Q for a little while longer to watch closely...are you sure nip is not a nippette??
  4. beautiful!!! we need to see more !!!!..I want a new camera!!!!..you must have the kind that make goldfish hold still
  5. nice Oranda !!!! cant wait to see more pics !!..I agree hold off on the melifix ..ragged fins can be a sign of flukes too ..I think the prazi and salt will help ....plus your excellent care.
  6. so cute Kathy!!!!...Do you think your little fry will look Phaedra???...(the tele/oranda)
  7. that is what I learned about aggresive fish that by nature eat other fish ...they may not touch your other fish ...but if one day your other fish start disapearing ....don't be shocked lucky is what I call it too ...I hear so many stories on the puffer forum about one day after 4 years of having a happy community tank with a puffer in it ..and one day they have woken up to an empty tank ..and one fat smiling puffer ..it's just what is nautral to them
  8. I hope thing d settle soon for you Trinket !! moving at all is always a bummer ..but with tanks it is a whole other story!!!
  9. beauties!!!I LOVE oscars!!...I wish I had room for some !! there is a few at the lfs about the size of dinner plates for 20$ ..good job on the rescue !!! Poor thing in a vase ...how sad ..The guy who owns the lfs says he has lots of people bringing in they're oscars..as they are tank vandals ..and people don't realize how big they get and how fast ....I would love to see a video
  10. I guess eyes have been doing him good !!!...thats crazy !!! he is the size of a whale !!!
  11. it looks like George has a few choice words for you in his first pic
  12. I put fish net stockings over my vac and hoses and hold them on with elastics ...works good
  13. Welcome to koko's ...you have a very nicw set up indeed ..What size ias your tank ?? ..the rule of thumb is 10 gallons per fancy goldfish and 20 gallons per common goldfish ...looks like you have a lot of fish and are very overstocked ..we only tell you this to help you not to be mean ..we want your goldfish experience to be a good one ..and help you steer away from the dangers of the misrepresentations that goldfish have from local fish stores that only care about making money and don't have youand your new pets interest at heart ....We have all came here with the same setups ..so don't feel bad ..that is why koko's is here and I hope you read lots and learn aas much as you can
  14. EXACTLY!!! ...or have gone to a goldfish society!!...where goldfish are at ones interest!!!...
  15. Love it - Koko's is definitly oestrogen friendly.... not that I mind that of course before handbags come flying at my face! River stones are more probable (easier to throw) we need an emoto with a swinging hand bag just for you
  16. ..."And what do you expect to get a FISH for Christmas FOOD!!
  17. anything above 7...mine is 8.4 and my fish do fine ..the thing that you have to worry about is if you ph is not stable ..it is far more stressful for your fish having ph swinging all over the place .they would constantly have to adjust to that ....and a low ph could be a sign of a ph crash ..which can kill your fish if the ph dips to low.. if you find your ph dropping you need to check the kh of your water anything below 100 I belive won't keep ph stable
  18. I will tell you this to make you feel better ....I have little christmas stockings for my fish ...well I need more now
  19. ....she is taking over the world!!...she must have evil plans
  20. I got feeder guppies when I got my puffer .....do you think I had the heart to do it ...but I had to cause I was trying to train the puffer to eat dead food ...thank god he trained well ...now the neighbour boy is setting up a tank and taking the guppies for pets ...they are turning into nice looking fish ..I'm glad the puffer forum are against feeder fish too
  21. How could I not Quote that! !! I can totally Picture you saying that!!!!..Glen and I always tease eachother ..besides Goldfish and building bikes I think that is our #1 hobby.. ..oh and you can tell Shane I have baggage...lots of it
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