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  1. you could also move the maneater to the 20 and move your nice fish to the 55 also (does that work )..game of musical tanks
  2. ok then ...I would leave them in the 20 ...unless you have a rubbermaid larger than a 20 until you get your new tank ...if you keep them in the 20 just do a VERY large wc and do not feed them while you are away ..I think they should be ok
  3. I have had an extra fish from time to time ...is it possible to move one of the uninjured fish to the 55 ???...depending on size of the fish 3 in a 20 can be done as long as the work is being done ...but water issues concern me the more ammonia output the aciddic the water will be and you may risk a crash if the water source is unstable ....you could put one of the others in the 55 or devide the 55 and put the oranda back in....It is hard to say why your ph dropped ...kh is a reason ..feeding to much (making more waste)...(I'm just throwing Ideas)..possibly the water source you use has changed ..I would be testing that as well
  4. It will help kill any bacteria that may be there ..be sure to only swab the area do not get any in his eyes gills or mouth .I have done this to many sores that I have battled in the past ..and salt and keep water pristine ..it should help ...I use Q tips it help to keep the peroxide on the area only
  5. sometimes other fish just find it appealing ...sometimes they keep at it and sometimes they don't ...do you think this could be breeding behaviour ..I have a male that dosnt care what end he picks at ...as long as he is pestering he is happy ...plus once a sore becomes open it will be more appealing to the other fish ...if you find it a constant problem you could devide the 55 but for now ..keep him seperate until he is healed ..now that you have started the medigild be sure that is all you are feeding him and finish the treatment ...I think he will be ok just ...I would even get peroxide and swab the area, just once
  6. It looks sore ...but to me and I could be wrong, that it looks like a surface wound like it has been picked at ...how do the others look after the crash ??
  7. a ph crash can peel off the slime coat on a fish ..but it would effect all fish ...have you seen the others pick on the Oranda ..??..what have you done about the dropping ph ?? baking soda is a temporary fix but kh should be checked as it helps stabilizes ph ..anything under 100 should be adressed using crushed coral will bring up kh ...as for the Oranda ..salt up to 0.3 % slowly 12 hours between each session (1 teaspoon per gallon x 3)..get pics if you can ..feed lots of high vitamin C foods like kiwi and keep water pristine you will have to watch ph very closely a crash can happen soooo fast hope I have helped a bit
  8. Having a preditor fish myself ..it's not only mean ..you really risk giving your preditor fish many illnesses by feeding "feeder" fish of any kind , on other forums like the puffer forum it is against feeding your fish live food ..I had to train my puffer to eat dead food by moving it around on a string ,he finally came around ..he finally got hungry enough
  9. yep looks like uneaten food with fungus ..maybe cut back on the feeding that will help
  10. Take it from chrissy ..George has a bAAAAAADDDDD rap ..he could probably make a barricuda pee his pants
  11. oh man ..I always have a whim of bad luck too..when it rains it pours...so sorry
  12. I'm picturing this ..too funny ..kinda like those over active kids in the playground that chase everyone while screaming ..He may be overexcited ...I would give it a bit ..if you feel that he is causing harm put a devider in (I have done this due to an aggresive Oranda) and let him see the other fish and gradually remove the devider ..also when I introduce a new fish ..I introduce a very good meal at the same time ..they seem to be more concerend with eating than bugging one another
  13. I would just use the salt and turn up the heat to 78-80 ..using meds with a out of whack reading on your water paremeters will only do more harm ..remember do not cross contaminate after WC wash up vac in bleach and water rinse rinse rinse and than let it soak in a bucket of water with prime before using each time ...I hope you will kick the ich once and for all ..I have used the salt remedy and it works good ..just remember the salt will also keep secondary infections at bay ..so deal with the ich tahn the finrot ..but salt and wc's will help that as well ...also feed high vitamin C foods like kiwi..to boost immunity
  14. I agree with sue 100%!!! ...you are in good hands ...I just wanted to ask about the "ammonia remover" ...what is it called ..even though these things remove ammonia some of these products also starve the cycle which means there is no "food "for the benifical bacteria to grow and the tank remains unestablished..
  15. ..he is the little ..well big guy wearing the little hat in my sig..
  16. THOSE PICS ARE GREAT!!!!! ...can we say POTW!!!!!!!
  17. AAAWWWWW!!!...thanks JC!!!!...I'm going to fishnap that fish FIRST!!!!!!..but jeez I totally missed everything !!!!..I'm probably tp late ...ConGrats Lynda..that face will be indestructable on fasting days..how could you not feed that chubby face!! ...I agree ..shipping can take a toll on a fish ..yuo will have him in good perfect health in no time
  18. ahem....have you posted pics of your new fish yet??...and I mean the whole new fish !!not it's butt with full description of it's poo coming out of it ... ..I think it's just poo with a bubble in it (the formenting kind ) ..it's hard to say I'm no poo expert ...but seriously ...PICS..(unless I missed them)
  19. So sorry for your loss hun ...I lost Jelly my Oranda this way ..it's one thing to lose a fish that is ill but unexpected is a real shock ..I guess they have more important business in the big pond ..and it was time to go home ..I find Orandas are my hardest fish to keep ..I have not got another one since Jelly ...even though I look and long for one
  20. Hun I looked on the disease part of the forum here is a link on velvet ..It has a list of other meds you could try looking for http://www.kokosgoldfish.com/Velvet.html
  21. goldfish enemas!! ..they sure need somthing
  22. hmmmm...I would say leave it in for while you are fasting him ..it may be helping ..then after you are done change it out ..but I would keep him in Q for a bit longer ....and watch what you are feeding ..I would stay away from gassy veggies like broccili and such ..
  23. ORANDA!!!!!!! ...she looks like a little old gramma with her makeup ready to go shopping ...all she needs is a purse
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